A Full Guide to Asian Handicap with Betting Tips and Examples

by GemBet

Ready to level the playing field for your next bet? It’s time for you to be introduced to Asian handicap – an increasingly popular form of sports betting often used for football matches. While similar to the European handicap, it eliminates the chance of a tie, presenting bettors with two likely outcomes and evening the odds of both teams’ ultimate triumph. 

Read this in-depth guide to learn how Asian handicap betting works, what positive and negative handicaps entail, and which types of bets are there. Grasp the tested methods that will keep you on the winning side & join our legit online casino in Singapore to showcase your new insights and shoot for whopping cash-ins. Take full advantage of the 250% Welcome Bonus and get up to SGD 1,000 in bonuses on your first deposits. 


The Basic Concept of Asian Handicap in Sports Betting

As its name suggests, Asian handicap betting came from Asia, taking the world by storm and becoming the most prominent handicap betting system in the world. Its basic concept relies on one team’s virtual advantage over its opponent. 

The favorite team has a handicap disadvantage, presented by adding a minus (-) symbol. The team with lower chances of triumphing is known as the underdog, and the system awards them a handicap advantage. This advantage is shown by a plus symbol given to the weaker party. The goal handicap ranges from a quarter of a goal to multiple goals. That way, Asian handicaps grant both teams an equal chance of winning, disregarding their strengths and weaknesses. 

Despite many bettors limiting these bets to football matches, they can apply to any sport with a similar scoring system expressed in goals or points. 


How Asian Handicap Betting Works

While similar to traditional spread betting, Asian handicaps have a few key differences. Once you start using this famous betting system, you will spot several handicap betting options called “lines”. In spread betting, there is a straightforward win-or-lose outcome. With an Asian handicap bet, it’s possible to win, lose, lose/win a half, and get your stake refunded

A traditional spread bet offers options such as:

  • -/+ 0.5
  • -/+ 1.5
  • -/+ 2.5

An Asian handicap bet provides options such as:

  • -/+ 0.25
  • -/+ 0.50
  • -/+ 0.75
  • -/+ 1.00

Types of Asian Handicaps

Asian handicaps are designed to award the underdog an upper hand while the favorite gets a handicap. The terms you’ll encounter include whole ball handicaps, half ball handicaps, and quarter ball handicaps. 

A half ball handicap (0.5) balances the two competitors, reducing the potential outcomes of an event to two, while the whole ball (+1/-1) points to a minor difference in the teams’ strengths and abilities. Betting with a -1 handicap requires your team’s victory by two or more goals for your bet to win. If your team wins by one goal, you’ll get the stake back. If they lose and the match ends in a draw, then you lose your stake. A +1 handicap prompts your team to win or tie the match for your bet to bring cash-ins. If they lose by two or more goals, your whole stake will be gone. 

Asian handicap 0.25 is known as the quarter ball, allowing you to win the bet if your team prevails regardless of whether it was a positive or negative handicap. However, if they draw, you could lose half of your stake if you bet -0.25, and retain half of it if the bet was +0.25. 


Handicap Betting Boosts Your Odds of Winning

Many professional bettors choose Asian handicap as their preferred market. These bets tend to offer them more security and value. The betting margins are lower since there’s no option of a tie, giving you better betting odds and higher chances of making extra money and remaining on the lucky side of the coin. 

In spread betting, the underdog has long odds as a less likely candidate to carry the day. In handicap betting, however, the underdog gets a fairer prospect of triumphing, ultimately making the clash more thrilling.

Finally, Asian handicap grants bettors the most extensive range of betting options, with the market allowing you to split the stake on a team over two handicaps and a 50% chance of success.


Asian Handicap Betting Example (A Step-By-Step Breakdown)

We’re positive you’ve watched the UEFA Champions League semi-finals this year – and had a blast! If you expected Manchester City to beat Real Madrid by a single goal but worried it could have ended in a draw, you’d bet the Citizens on the “+” markets. And if you trusted that their star performers would repeat the Premier League success and steal the crown from Los Blancos effortlessly, you’d opt for a different outcome. If your bet was on Man City to triumph comfortably by several goals, you should have gone for the “-“ markets


0.0 Handicap

A 0.0 bet is also known as a level ball, essentially covering you for a draw. In our scenario, if you bet on Man City and they win, you’d collect the earnings, and if they lose, so will you. However, if the match ends in a tie, you’d get 100% of your initial stake back. 

Man City at 0.00

  • Man City wins = winning bet
  • Man City draws = stake refunded
  • Man City loses = losing bet


0.25 Handicap

Imagine that the game starts with a 0.25 handicap either way. So, if the bet is Man City +0.25, it means that the Citizens start the game with a quarter of a goal.

If they lose 0-1, you won’t walk out as a winner either, as the final score would technically be 0.25 to 1. If it’s a draw, you’ll get half of your stake back, while the other half is settled as a win. Finally, if Manchester City triumphs, you win the bet.

Man City at +0.25

  • Man City wins = winning bet
  • Man City draws = half returned, other half wins
  • Man City loses = losing bet

Man City at -0.25

  • Man City wins = winning bet
  • Man City draws = half returned, other half loses
  • Man City loses = losing bet 

The winning and losing outcomes apply equally to both positive and negative handicaps, affecting your profits in the same manner. If the showdown ends in a tie, you’ll get half of your stake back either way, but the negative handicap will have you losing the other half. 


0.5 Handicap

The 0.5 Asian handicap bet is a little more straightforward than the 0.25. If you bet on +0.5 for Man City, you only drop the prize if they lose the game. If you bet on -0.5, the Citizens must win for the bet to be successful. 

Man City at +0.50

  • Man City wins = winning bet
  • Man City draws = winning bet
  • Man City loses = losing bet

Man City at -0.50

  • Man City wins = winning bet
  • Man City draws = losing bet
  • Man City loses = losing bet 

Here, positive and negative handicaps make all the difference. If the team you’re rooting for ties the match or strikes out, you’ll end up empty-handed if you opted for the (-) market. 


0.75 Handicap

The 0.75 market has a few different outcomes. On a +0.75 bet, you win if your chosen team wins or draws. However, if the other team wins by 1, you lose half of your stake, and the other half is returned. 

Man City at +0.75

  • Man City wins = winning bet
  • Man City draws = winning bet
  • Man City loses by 1 = half of stake is returned
  • Man City loses by 2 or more = losing bet

Man City at -0.75

  • Man City wins by 2 or more = winning bet
  • Man City wins by 1 = half your bet wins, the other half is returned
  • Man City draws = losing bet
  • Man City loses = losing bet


-1 & +1 Handicap

With the -/+ 1 Asian handicap, your chosen team starts with a one-goal deficit (-1) or a one-goal lead (+1). There are refunds if the handicap is canceled out, such as when you bet on +1 and lose by one goal or bet on -1 and win by one goal. 

Man City at +1

  • Man City wins = winning bet
  • Man City draws = winning bet
  • Man City loses by 1 = stake returned
  • Man City loses by 2 or more = losing bet

Man City at -1

  • Man City wins by 2 or more = winning bet
  • Man City wins by 1 = stake returned
  • Man City draws = losing bet
  • Man City loses = losing bet


-1.5 & +1.5 Handicap

The 1.5 market is the same as the standard spread. The minus team must win by two or more, and the plus team needs to avoid losing by two or more.

Man City at +1.5

  • Man City wins = winning bet
  • Man City draws = winning bet
  • Man City loses by 1 = winning bet
  • Man City loses by 2 or more = losing bet

Man City at -1.5

  • Man City wins by 2 or more = winning bet
  • Man City wins by 1 = losing bet
  • Man City draws = losing bet
  • Man City loses = losing bet


Proven Asian Handicap Betting Strategies That Work Like Magic

Asian handicap betting entails some ground rules you’d be bound to follow for placing any successful bet in an online casino, regardless of the sports, market, odds, or any specific system and circumstances. The first principle to go by is proper bankroll management. According to experts, you shouldn’t stake more than 5% of your budget on any bet to cut down potential losses and increase likely earnings. 

Unlike slots and similar casino games that rely on one’s luck, sports betting goes much further, requiring some legwork. You must research the market and look into the teams’ and players’ stats, averages, and home and away performances. Analyze their forms and head-to-head record and keep track of winning and losing streaks for both teams before backing them with a goal handicap. Follow sudden changes in betting markets (or chase markets, if you will) to turn insider tips to your favor. 

If you want to play it safe, 0.0 market may be your best chance of dodging losses. If both teams’ standings and performance are similar, +/- 0 bet is a more accurate choice. The level ball gives you the entire stake back if the game ends in a tie as an effective way of covering the draw. The quarter ball is another valuable tacting for handicap betting, as you may predict who’s about to triumph more easily, especially if you opt for a positive handicap. 

Lastly, you must bet responsibly. Take regular breaks, don’t turn sports betting into your source of income, and always remain well-informed about the best tools and tactics to stay level-headed. Choose the most reliable online platform that promotes fairness and offers generous prizes and cashbacks. Take a peek at our GemRebates, offering weekly, daily, and instant rebates to  keep your balance topped up even if your luck runs out. 


Use Your Asian Handicap Betting Knowledge to Bet & Win in Our Legit Online Casino in Singapore

Asian handicap betting keeps growing its fan base because of its huge coverage. It grants bettors a safety net in case of a drawn handicap outcome, letting them collect their stakes and restock their balance. 

If you haven’t tried this system before, go for Asian handicap betting! You can boost your sports betting experience and quickly increase your chances of winning. Most people link this type of betting to football, but it can apply to any sport where the score is based on points or goals. 

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