How to Play Baccarat Like a Pro: Best Strategies

by GemBet

Players in the US and Europe are all about poker and blackjack. But in Asia, online baccarat games reign supreme. Unlike poker, where you have to learn hand values before mastering the rules of your chosen variant, baccarat’s concept is simple. It offers fast-paced rounds and one of the lowest house edges in every casino! 

Simply put, baccarat is a guessing card game with two hands and three possible betting outcomes – the player bet, the banker bet, and the tie. The bettors aim to predict which will be the winning hand by holding a total closest to nine. 

While many rely on pure luck to triumph in this game, learning how to play baccarat by using tested tactics works like a charm! Read this guide and pick up on a few baccarat tips and tricks that will secure you a victorious outcome. Find out about other popular live casino games and step into GemBet to give them a try! 


The Basic Rules of Baccarat Game

Baccarat games entered the annals of history. Some claim they date from the 1400s, while others tie their origins to Etruscan folklore. And today, players worldwide enjoy baccarat’s numerous versions launched by the top providers. The most popular types of this exciting game include Punto Banco, Chemin De Fer, and Baccarat Banque. In addition, you can discover other live dealer games with similar premises, like the famous Dragon Tiger by Evolution Gaming, encompassing baccarat’s profit-yielding nature, and promoting its simplicity further. 

But before developing a fail-proof baccarat strategy and playing its countless variations and alternatives, you must grasp the basic rules to kickstart your winning spree! Start by memorizing the card values and learn more about the three winning outcomes to bet on. 

Learn Baccarat Card Values 

Here’s the great news – all modern variants of this game involve the same card values, with the numbered cards carrying the values marked on them and aces counting as one point. The face cards and tens won’t boost a hand by adding points, and Jokers aren’t used at all.

Nine is the maximum permitted hand value, and bettors place their wagers on an option most likely to reach it. The game starts with the dealer handing out two cards to each hand and their values combining and adding to the total. 

Choose Between the Three Betting Outcomes

Blackjack, roulette, and baccarat are the most popular live casino games, each with different bet types to explore. You could place a wager on multiple outcomes if you played roulette and other live casino games. Here, only the player or the banker hand wins. Alternatively, bettors can place their wagers on a tie.

The tie pays the most, but it also has the lowest odds. And its odds-to-payout ratio doesn’t come close to the other two bets. That’s why most experienced real-life and online baccarat players advise against the tie bet.

Between the player bets and the banker option, the second is usually the best. Technically, that means you should always bet on the banker. While it may seem strange to bet on the same outcome, it’s vital to remember that each bet occurs independently of the one that went before and the one that comes after. In other words, just because there were four banker wins in a row doesn’t mean there is less chance of it happening again.


Simple Baccarat Strategies That Work Like Magic 

The rules we mentioned and the tested ways to win at baccarat apply to the traditional real-world variant and many modern live casino game variants. Still, while similar, you’ll spot quite a few minor differences between the real-life and live casino baccarat, requiring a slightly modified approach to master them. 

Firstly, RNG baccarat has an advantage over its traditional counterpart, as it gives more control to bettors over the game’s dynamic. It’s entirely up to the player when they’ll bet, deal, or finish the round. That way, you’ll use any of the tricks and tactics easily. 

Also, playing baccarat in land-based casinos seeks high rollers and pushes the table limit further. So, if you use one of the tactics we’ll explain in this article, be extra careful with your bankroll if betting in a brick-and-mortar casino. 

Finally, before picking a tactic to win at baccarat, think statistically. The banker is the typical betting option, while those who bet on a tie win only 9.6% of the time. So, choosing to bet on the banker leaves you with two top strategies – Martingale and Paroli. And picking high-odds alternatives like the tie or player bets works when you use the Fibonacci system. 

The Most Famous Baccarat Strategy: Martingale System

The Martingale system is effective in table and live dealer games with a 50/50 or near 50/50 chance, such as roulette. This method also works perfectly as a baccarat strategy when placing the banker bet.

The idea behind Martingale is quite simple. You should start by establishing a “unit.” So, if your usual bet is SGD 10, a “unit” might be SGD 10. Still, it’s generally advisable to determine a unit of approximately 1% of your bankroll. 

From there, you’d wager one unit on a bet, and if you lose, you’ll double it. You would keep doubling your bet like this until you win, at which point you’d return to your original bet of one unit.

Martingale in a Nutshell

This calculation is based on a 50/50 chance and payout. Still, that’s not always the case, but as long as you’re playing low-house edge games, the result should be the same. The principal idea is that you will always win your money back, though it’s always possible to hit a table limit and lose out. 

So keep the potential negative outcome in mind to dodge this system’s main disadvantage and explore another proven baccarat strategy to keep your options open. 

The Most Successful Tactic for Safe Bets: The Paroli System

The Paroli system isn’t tailored exclusively for winning a baccarat game in a breeze. If you enjoy roulette, this tactic can help you collect a massive cash prize. Its concept is similar to the Martingale strategy, but with one key difference: you increase your bet when you win

So, if you start with one unit and win two games in a row, you will be betting four units in the next round. If you win again, you will increase to eight units. 

The Paroli System in Brief

If you bet on the banker with an SGD 10 stake and win, the next round will entail an SGD 20 bet. And if you triumph again, your third wager should be SGD 40. Once you hit the road to a bonanza and win three or more times in a row, it may be best to collect your earnings and give it a rest, as all streaks of fortune must end eventually. 

And if you lose at this point, you should return to your original stake of one unit. If another loss occurs, it will keep you at that initial stake, and so on.

However, nailing three consecutive wins is never a certain scenario because of the RNG technologies behind online casinos, revealing the Paroli system’s biggest con. 

The Best Approach to Risky Bets: Fibonacci Strategy

While it’s more than an action plan for thriving in popular live dealer games, Fibonacci represents a linear betting system suitable for boosting your odds of winning in baccarat. Based on the Fibonacci Sequence, its pattern follows 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, and so on. According to it, the next number in the row equals the sum of the previous two numbers. 

When using this baccarat strategy to triumph, you must start with a one-unit bet. 

If you bet on the first hand and it turns out to be a winning hand, there is no sequence, and you’ll bet one unit again. The same goes for the first loss. However, if the first hand loses twice in a row, you will wager two units. And if it loses the third time, you should stake three units. 

Fibonacci in Outline

If SGD 10 is your initial bet unit, your second bet will follow suit. Your third bet should double the amount, reaching SGD 20. Your fourth bet will amount to SGD 30, your fifth to SGD 40, and so on until you get to the table limit.

If you bet on the player win or a tie in baccarat, the odds will be against you since the banker wins 45.8% of the time. In those cases, Fibonacci is the best tactic, especially for quick betting sessions. Another advantage of using the Fibonacci system is that it’s less aggressive than action plans like the Martingale.

Nevertheless, this method has some flaws, including the possibility of exceeding your bankroll. And like the previous two tactics, the Fibonacci strategy can’t affect the house edge, limiting your gains. 


Extra Tips to Build Up Your Online Baccarat Strategy

While Martingale and Paroli systems work well for safe bets on banker’s prevailance, and Fibonacci suits those who flirt with the odds by betting on a player win or a tie, neither of these tactics should be taken as an absolute imperative. The key to playing baccarat like a pro is to tailor your approach to the betting style and dynamics you feel comfortable with. And it’s also vital to take your bankroll into account before blasting off into the world of high rollers. 

Master Bankroll Management to Avoid Exceeding the Limit

Baccarat bankroll management represents the line between massive success and impending doom. The basic principle to win this live casino game is to drop the bet if you can’t afford to lose. But before you reach these heights, you must plan your budget in advance. Determine how much you can risk in one session, and base the number of hands you’ll play accordingly. 

Lastly, you should stick to the low-stake bets, especially if you’re not a seasoned player. 

Know the Stats and Track Your Results

If it feels like you’re out of luck, make sure to count your wins and losses. You may need to alter your baccarat strategy a tad, and knowing your stats and figures is the way to go. A rule of thumb is to consider the odds when reviewing your options and manage your finances correspondingly. 


Play Baccarat in a Top-Ranked Online Casino in Singapore & Malaysia

While these techniques usually drive results and lead to substantial gains, the game’s nature still rests on your luck. So, the ultimate tactic is to keep it simple and stick to the proven baccarat tips!

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