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Bundesliga, La Liga, and Premier League all brought outstanding performances, uncertain outcomes, and massive cash-in opportunities to our bettors! Last week’s multiple bet on match results settled as a win of SGD 734.11 for an SGD 1 stake. And the Best Weekly Bet Bonus of SGD 88 Free Cash with a 4x turnover went to the most skillful bettor! 

After guessing which teams will win throughout eight matches and accurately predicting one match to be a draw, this bettor made a substantial profit with 734.10 odds total. 

According to the odds, the easiest of nine selections was RB Leipzig – Eintracht Frankfurt, while the trickiest wrap-up to guess was Fulham FC – Wolverhampton Wanderers, which the bettor predicted to end in a tie. 

Check out how each encounter unfolded, and learn more about our Best Weekly Bet. And don’t miss out on any of the major money-making sports events!


RB Leipzig – Eintracht Frankfurt (W1)

Forsberg and Werner seemed to be the stars of the match, granting RB Leipzig a victorious wrap-up of 2 – 1 against Eintracht Frankfurt. The outcome was easy to predict, and 1.74 odds on Die Roten Bullen’s success kickstarted our bettor’s winning spree. 

Six minutes in, Forsberg’s assist helps Werner score the first goal. Then, in the 40’, their roles switched, and Forsberg used Werner’s masterful pass to snatch another point. 

Even though Djibril Sow’s accurate shot in the 61st minute gave Frankfurt’s team something to look forward to, The Red Bulls were still superior.


Leicester City – Arsenal (W2)

Arsenal triumphed over Leicester City, scoring a single goal in the 46th minute and achieving their 18th win this season. It seemed like this was the easiest selection for sports wagerers with 1.73 odds, taking our bettor another step closer to winning the Best Weekly Bet. 

Gabriel Martinelli, a young Brazilian forward who joined The Gunners in the summer of 2019, granted a victory to his team. 

The entire first half was marked by Arsenal’s dominance, with 66% ball possession. And the recent triumph over Aston Villa (4 – 2) strengthened The Gunner’s psychological advantage.


Fulham FC – Wolverhampton Wanderers (X)

Fulham tied the match against Wolverhampton, keeping the scoreboard 1 – 1 until the final whistle. This selection seemed the most challenging, with 3.37 odds on the draw, but our Best Weekly Bet winner predicted the result accurately. 

After Raúl Jiménez’s superb pass, Sarabia scored the first goal 20 minutes into the match, bringing an advantage to the Wolves. Solomon equalized in the second half, scoring Fulham’s first point in the 62nd minute. 

After this tie, Fulham stays in sixth place ahead of the upcoming Premier League matches, and the Wolves remain four points above the relegation zone.


Werder Bremen – VfL Bochum (W1)

With 60% ball possession and 510 passes, Werder Bremen demonstrated superiority throughout the match, ultimately beating VfL Bochum 3 – 0. 

The team’s top scorer in Bundesliga season 2022/23, Fullkrug, was the first to shake the opponent’s net 29 minutes into the match, followed by Schmidt’s goal in the 43rd minute. The second half brought Ducksch’s score 59 minutes from the match’s start, wrapping up the River Islanders’ success story. 

The odds for Werder Bremen’s prevailing were 2.05, but given their dominance throughout the encounter, the outcome felt certain.


West Ham United – Nottingham Forest (W1)

West Ham dominated Nottingham Forest, ending the last week’s match at 4 – 0 and leaving The Tricky Trees with only six victories this season. 

The 1.81 odds on paper had nothing on the Hammer’s easy win, making this selection seamless for an experienced bettor. 

The former Liverpool striker, Ings, was responsible for two goals, scored in the 71st and 73rd minutes. 

The team’s captain, Declan Rice, brought West Ham closer to triumph by scoring their third point in the 78th minute. And lastly, Antonio’s precise shot granted the fourth goal for The Hammers, making their second-half pressure even more impactful. 

Ultimately, West Ham’s major win got them out of the Premier League relegation zone.


1. FSV Mainz 05 – Borussia Mönchengladbach (W1)

The odds in FSV Mainz 05’s favor were 2.12, and they won the match in a breeze, albeit with more goals than one could expect. The 05ers dominated the field and the scoreboard, carrying the day with a 4 – 0 against Borussia Mönchengladbach. 

Jae-sung Lee was the first game changer, scoring The 05ers’ first point 25 minutes after the beginning. The attacker Marcus Ingvartsen added another one to the scoreboard in the 49th minute, followed by two more goals from Ajorque and Weiper during the second half. 


Elche CF – Real Betis (W2)

Real Betis and Elche delivered an action-packed match! Five goals were scored in total, and we witnessed twists, turns, and penalties. However, as our bettor predicted, the outcome was in Betis’s favor. 

Still, The Green-and-Whites were the first to play their defense dirty, granting Chaves a chance to score a penalty seven minutes into the match. And he took the opportunity, writing Elche’s lead all over the scoreboard! Then, Boyé added another point to Elches advantage only two minutes later. 

But Betis was in for a glorious comeback after the reset. First, Iglesias scored a penalty in 64’, followed by Miranda’s goal that tied the match in 68’. 

Finally, another penalty scored by William secured The Green-and-White’s win five minutes into the overtime, making this selection the most suspenseful of all until the final whistle.


TSG 1899 Hoffenheim – Borussia Dortmund (W2)

The famous Bundesliga midfielder Brandt took Borussia Dortmund to a victory over TSG 1899 Hoffenheim. Two minutes before the reset, he scored the first and only goal for the winning team. 

This accurate shot secured the seventh consecutive league victory for the black & yellow team, lifting them above Bayern Munich at the top of the table. 

The odds on Borussia Dortmund’s triumph were 1.82. Given their uninterrupted winning spree, our keen bettor guessed the outcome effortlessly.


Espanyol – Mallorca (W1)

La Liga kept on delivering outstanding performances and nail-biting matches for our bettors. Last week, Espanyol scored two goals, triumphing over Mallorca, which has shaken its opponent’s net only once. 

Martin Braithwaite enabled Espanyol’s lead in the 22nd minute and then secured their victory when he scored again in the 51st minute. 

Although Vedat Muriqi’s goal tied the match mere four minutes before the first half was over, Mallorca’s efforts weren’t sufficient for them to carry the day.


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