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Last week’s thrilling NBA games brought success to one lucky bettor who predicted five player performances and one outcome, collecting an SGD 7,981.62 prize with an SGD 148 stake!

The total odds were 53.93, and the Knicks vs. Miami Heat showdown kickstarted our bettor’s exciting spree, getting him an additional Best Weekly Bet Bonus of  SGD 88 Free Cash on top of his earnings.

Read about these six selections, and see how other lucky bettors profited on our Best Weekly Bet week-by-week overview!


New York Knicks – Miami Heat

Last week, the New York Knicks triumphed over the Miami Heat, accomplishing their eighth win in a row. Once the final quarter was over, the scoreboard showed 122 – 120 to the Knicks’ advantage. 

Although Knickerbockers were on a seemingly unstoppable winning spree, the final moments had their fans at the edge of their seats. The victorious point wasn’t scored until there were only 1.7 seconds left!

Julius Randle – 3 or More Three-Points

Our bettor placed a wager on Julius Randle scoring at least three triples, and he was in for a treat!

Throughout the game, Randle scored 43 points, including eight three-points out of the 13 three-pointers he strived for.

In 2022, Randle’s stats show that his three-point scoring has a 35.3 accuracy, with an average of 5.0 threes per game, making this an easy selection to win with 1.50 odds.


Phoenix Suns – Chicago Bulls

Phoenix Suns kick-started the game against the Chicago Bulls successfully, with Josh Okogie being the most efficient player throughout the first quarter. He added 13 points to the Suns’ amazing 40-point first quarter.

The second half of the game was marked by the incredible Durant-Booker duo and Chris Paul’s three-pointer that jump-started a 10:0 series.

Ultimately, the Suns defeated the Bulls with 125 to 104 points.

Chris Paul – 10 or more Assists

Chris Paul broke Jordan’s record with 2,515 career steals and came dangerously close to Stockton and Kidd in the number of career assists. Judging by his stats, this selection was supposed to be as simple as ABC, and 2.00 odds testified to it.

However, Paul didn’t perform particularly well in this game. So, our lucky bettor’s win was a tight squeeze, thanks to Paul’s last-minute efforts, the player ultimately had 10 assists and 11 points scored.


Memphis Grizzlies – Denver Nuggets

Last week, the Denver Nuggets had a close call against the Memphis Grizzlies, with a draw after the third quarter. The scoreboard showed a tie at 80, but the Nuggets outscored the opponents 33-17 in the final quarter.

The showdown ultimately ended 97 – 113 in the Nuggets’ favor. The winning team’s star was Nikola Jokic, while Ja Morant was the Grizzlies’ top scorer.

Nikola Jokic – Triple Double

The odds for Nikola Jokic having his 25th triple-double this season were 1.91.

In the game against Grizzlies, he managed to score 18 points, have 18 rebounds, and 10 assists, leading the Nuggets to a magnificent triumph – and our bettor closer to the prize!

Stats indicate that Russell Westbrook and Oscar Robertson are the only players who have topped Jokic’s 17.2 triple-double percent. 


Utah Jazz – Oklahoma City Thunder

In the last week’s game, Oklahoma City Thunder scored 130 points, defeating the Utah Jazz with 103 points on the scoreboard.

The winning team was a cut above the competitor throughout the game, except for the third quarter, which’s epilogue was 32 – 30 in the Utah Jazz’s favor.

Aaron Wiggins largely contributed to his team’s success, adding 27 points to their superb result. While the Thunder’s triumph seemed breezy, this win was their first since February 15.

Josh Giddey – Double Double

The bettor who placed a wager on Josh Giddey’s double-double with 2.15 odds got closer to picking up the prize.

Giddey recorded 18 points, 13 assists, six rebounds, a steal, and a block.

He started strong with nine assists throughout the first two quarters, breaking his record and sending our bettor down a promising path.

Giddey’s outstanding performance didn’t seem hard to predict, given that he had 24 assists over the last two games and averaged 12.5 points. Nevertheless, his average number of assists is 6.3, making this selection more challenging than it looked.


Portland Trail Blazers – Atlanta Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks showed indisputable superiority throughout the first and the third quarter in a game against the Portland Trail Blazers, scoring 10+ more points than their opponent in these quarters.

Ultimately, the encounter was finished with the Hawks’ triumph, having them score 129 (8932489B16556B34) points, while the Blazers scored 111.

Trae Young Over 10.5 Assists

Our bettor wagered on Trae Young having more than ten assists in this game, and the odds were 1.71. Young’s average during 2022 was 10.1 assists per game.

Fortunately, Young wrapped the game up with 23 points and 11 assists, taking the lucky bettor another step closer to the payoff. While Murray was the best-performing player in this showdown, Young met the expectations and made this bet both exciting and profitable.


Orlando Magic – Charlotte Hornets

Even though the Hornets nailed the final quarter, beating Orlando Magic with 33 – 26 points (6BDC05E385451133), it wasn’t enough for their ultimate victory. The scoreboard announced the Magic’s prevalence, concluding this clash at 117 – 106.

A while back, Charlotte Hornets were the “serial winners,” with five victories in a row. However, since LaMelo Ball injured his ankle, the team seems to be on a downward spiral.

W1 and Under 227.5

The odds of the Orlando Magic winning the game were 2.56, making this the trickiest outcome to predict. The bettors who wagered on their success could sit back and enjoy the event throughout the first two quarters.

However, the third one brought a tight win to Orlando, and the Hornets seemed determined to turn the tables during the final quarter.

Still, this bettor had a big break, guessing the player prop bets of five previous games – and the Orlando Magic triumphing with less than 227.5 overall points!


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