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Last week’s NBA game granted one lucky bettor lots of excitement – and an SGD 1,913.16 payout! What’s more impressive is that they wagered a small amount of SGD 15.00, collecting a substantial prize and the Best Weekly Bet Bonus of SGD 88 free cash with 4x turnover!

This multiple bet contained eight selections. The total odds for these selections were 127.57, with Boston Celtics – Utah Jazz being the trickiest to win, according to the numbers.

If you feel like being our next week’s luckiest bettor and fetching the prize, read the overview of the games and stats. And stay informed with our Best Weekly Bet articles, where you can learn about other bettors’ success stories.


Denver Nuggets – New York Knicks

The Nuggets had many outstanding performances throughout the latest NBA season, with 48 wins, holding the number one spot in the Western Conference. However, they were down on luck last week, losing to the New York Knicks (110 – 116).

Still, the Denver Nuggets’ downfall was fortunate for our bettor, starting their successful spree.


Match Winner – W2

The showdown between the Nuggets and Knicks was tight and thrilling, especially when the Nuggets tied the game three minutes before the final quarter ended. Unfortunately, their efforts fell short, with three excellent scorers missing doable shots. 

Luckily for our bettor, Jokic failed to score two consecutive three-pointers mere minutes before the grand finale, taking them closer to the prize by winning this selection with 1.99 odds.


Minnesota Timberwolves – Toronto Raptors

After being superior through every quarter, Toronto Raptors triumphed over Minnesota Timberwolves (122 – 107). The final quarter brought the winning team 28 points, six more than the Timberwolves had scored, leading up to Raptors’ seventh victory in a row. 

Pascal Siakam scored a whopping 27 points, making him the best performer throughout this encounter. Jakob Poeltl had an excellent night, too, with a fourth double-double.


Match Winner – W2

The odds of the Raptors winning the game were 1.24, reflecting how easy it was for our bettor to predict the outcome. And given their victorious spree, this clash was no nail-biter. 

On the other hand, Minnesota Timberwolves had 36 wins total throughout the 2022/23 NBA season, while Toronto Raptors have carried the day 35 times.


Philadelphia 76ers – Indiana Pacers 

Philadelphia 76ers retained their traditional mastery over the Indiana Pacers, triumphing in 111 out of 202 encounters. The last showdown ended 141 – 121 in the Sixers’ favor

This game marks the final battle between these rivals in the 2022/23 season. Consequently, the Pacers stayed in 11th place in the Eastern Conference due to Bull’s latest win.


Match Winner – W1

Although the Pacers were off to a promising 12-4 start, the Sixers turned the tables quickly. From that moment on, the winning team dominated the field with no amount of opponent’s efforts capable of stopping them. 

With 1.44 odds, continuous 76ers’ superiority, and the fact that Phillie’s team just swept the Pacers fourth time this season, this selection was a piece of cake for our bettor.


Miami Heat – Chicago Bulls 

The latest clash between Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls ended in the Bulls’ favor (99 – 113). And despite the Heat’s huge rest advantage, they fell further into play-in tournament territory. 

Chicago’s team felt more determined and proactive throughout most of the game, winning the first, second, and final quarters. 


Match Winner – W2

With six players ending up with double-digit points by the wrap-up, the Bulls effortlessly controlled the field and the scoreboard. Their triumph was indisputable, helping our bettor reach another milestone without breaking a sweat while watching the game.

However, the odds for the Bulls’ win were 2.34, making this selection seem somewhat trickier than most in this multi-bet.


Golden State Warriors – Memphis Grizzlies 

The latest showdown between the State Warriors and Memphis Grizzlies ended 119 – 133, awarding the Grizzlies a smooth victory – 44th this season!  

The winning team was more efficient throughout the first two quarters, losing the third one by eight points and bouncing right back for the grand finale. 


Match Winner – W2

Our bettor predicted Memphis Grizzlies’ dominance over The Golden State Warriors, getting closer to the cash prize. The odds for this selection were 1.77

The Grizzlies’ superiority was undeniable, and Jaren Jackson Jr’s superb performance secured the ultimate win. The talented power forward scored 31 points, four blocks, and seven rebounds.


Boston Celtics – Utah Jazz 

The first quarter of the Boston Celtics – Utah Jazz game brought a ten-point advantage to the lucky leprechauns. Still, the final result pointed to the Utah Jazz as the winner (117 – 118).

This victory was a narrow escape, and the Celtics had substantially more wins throughout the 20222/23 NBA season, making the entire encounter thrilling and surprising. 


Match Winner – W2

According to 2.43 odds, this selection was the hardest to win, and the Utah Jazz triumph was a close squeeze! However, it granted our lucky bettor the sixth accurate prediction and another step toward the payout. 

The absence of Al Horford and Marcus Smart weakened the Celtic’s performance, making room for an unlikely winner to emerge.


Sacramento Kings – Washington Wizards 

Sacramento Kings’ impressive victory against the Washington Wizards (132 – 118) marked the week behind us. The Kings won every quarter, with the second quarter being the most dynamic. 

Despite Kyle Kuzma scoring 33 points for the Wizards, his team lost a second game in a row. And Kristaps Porzingis’ absence took a toll on the Washington teams’ performance and outcome. 


Points Handicap – Sacramento Kings (-3)

This selection entailed a points handicap, meaning that the favored team had hypothetical points taken off their presumed total. In this case, three points were knocked off the Kings’ final score with 1.96 odds

Ultimately, Sacramento won by more than three points, so our bettor was in for a treat!


Orlando Magic – Los Angeles Clippers 

After a truly grand finale, the Orlando Magic won the game against the LA Clippers (113 – 108). The first two quarters had the Magic leading by a single point, and they lost the third quarter by a staggering ten points.

Still, their “magic” was back in the final quarter, paving the way toward success! 


Russell Westbrook (LA Clippers) Points – Under (18.5)

Russell Westbrook was off to a great start, but his performance fell apart as the game progressed. He added 11 points on 4/6 shooting to his team’s score during the first quarter. 

But despite the promising kickoff, he finished with 14 points total. Westbrook also had six turnovers, making it hard for the LA Clippers to keep up. And while his night seemed ill-fated, our bettor struck it rich with 1.82 odds on Westbrook to score less than 18.5 points

Since Westbrook’s average amounts to 22.4 points per game, this selection seemed difficult to win.


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Last week’s NBA games delivered excitement and a cash-in opportunity to one lucky bettor. 

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