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Two UEFA Euro 2024 Qualifications matches, one SWPL 1 Women League encounter, and a clash between two BFA Cup teams brought one lucky bettor a reason to celebrate. Making a risky multiple bet turned their SGD 500 stake into winnings equal to SGD 9,765.64! 

And that’s not all because betting on these four selections with total odds of 19.531 granted them a FREE SGD 88 Best Weekly Bet Bonus with a 4x turnover requirement! 

Read our bet overview to learn about these exciting matches and our fortunate bettor’s win. And stay tuned for more success stories in our Best Weekly Bet section. 


Montenegro – Serbia

The first UEFA Euro 2024 Qualifications match, whose outcome was predicted by our skillful bettor, was a showdown between Montenegro and Serbia. The odds of a draw or Serbian team carrying the day were 3.45, making this selection the toughest to win.

Luckily for our betting aficionado, this double-chance bet was, in reality, fail-proof. The scoreboard announced a last-minute 2 – 0 triumph for Serbia

Dusan Vlahovic granted an exciting finale, scoring two goals in 78 minutes and 90 + 5 injury time. This young forward scored the second goal in the previous match against Lithuania, and his precision once again allowed his team to collect three points, securing their first place in Group G. 

After this defeat, Montenegro stayed with three points gained in their previous successful match against Bulgaria (1 – 0), while Serbs now have six points after scoring four goals throughout two fixtures. 


Moldova – Czech Republic

The following selection was a clash of two Group E teams, Moldova and the Czech Republic, which ended in a tie (0 – 0). While the Czech Republic holds the first place in the table in its group of UEFA Euro 2024 Qualifications with four points, Moldova comes in third, losing their second match on the home field and staying with two points. 

This scoreless draw took our bettor another step closer to the ultimate prize, thanks to them predicting the 1.5 goals handicap for Moldova with 1.9 odds

This selection wasn’t hard to win since Moldova had dropped two points in a tie against the Faroe Islands, while the Czech team walked into Zimbru Stadium confidently after a superb victory against Poland (3 – 1). 

Still, the only two solid chances for the Czechs to win this match came in 45 + 1 minute and once after the break when Adam Hlozek’s shot came dangerously close to shaking Moldova’s net. 


Rangers LFC – Celtic LFC

SWPL 1 Women League delivered a tense and surprising match in the second phase of the Group A competition. The clash between Rangers LFC – Celtic LFC ended with a draw (1 – 1), with Caitlin Mary Hayes scoring for the Celtic in 90 + 9 extra time, making the event thrilling for fans and bettors! 

Brogan Hay scored the first goal for the Rangers 36 minutes into the match, and Celtic waited until moments before the final whistle to tie the game. 

Our lucky bettor predicted a goal handicap of 0.5 for Celtic LFC, winning this selection with 1.91 odds

After this draw, Celtic LFC’s current standing is second place, with 14 wins and 49 goals scored. Their 5 – 1 triumph against the Heart of Midlothian remains the most impressive. And Rangers stayed third with 59 points in Group A.


Khalidiya – Manama Club

Khalidiya and Manama Club already clashed in a thrilling Premier League match on February 24, ending in Manama Club’s favor (1 – 0). This new League BFA Cup fixture ended with a draw (2 – 2) before the referees announced a round of penalties. Ultimately, Khalidiya scored four penalties, while Manama sent five clear-cut shots to the opponent’s net and won the penalty shootout. 

Manama Club opened the scoreboard in the 13th minute, but Khalidiya responded quickly and tied the match a minute later. Dominique Mendy was responsible for the draw, followed by Frioui’s goal 29 minutes into the game, granting Khalidiya a 2 – 1 advantage over the rival. 

Manama Club got to another tie six minutes after the reset, keeping the deadlock until the penalties, which was enough time for our bettor to win the final selection with 1.56 odds on an 0.5 goal handicap for Manama Club

Both teams are first in their groups, Khalidiya, with 15 points in Group C, and Manama Club, with the same result in Group B. 


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