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The Chinese Basketball Association, also known as CBA,  has  offered quite a few treats to viewers and bettors in the current season. But last week’s games were particularly thrilling to one lucky bettor! He placed an SGD 5.00 stake and collected an SGD 1,952.54 prize after predicting the total number of points scored throughout the nine exciting games, displaying knowledge of each team’s standings and averages. 

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Read this overview of the latest CBA matches and stay tuned for more Best Weekly Bet success stories – you may be the next skillful bettor who’ll grab the prize and make the headlines. 


Sichuan Blue Whales – Zhejiang Lions (Total Points – Over 200.5)

Zhejiang Lions’ victory over Sichuan Blue Whales (115 – 103) was seamless. They started strong, winning the first quarter by ten points (28 – 18). Despite Sichuan Blue Whales’ best efforts and boosted performance later in the game, Zhejiang Lions ultimately wrapped up the game with 115 points total, 62 scored throughout the third and fourth quarters. 

The winning team nailed 16 three-pointers and had an impressive 90% precision shooting from the free-throw line. They’re now seventh in CBA’s latest season, with 57.5% games won, while Sichuan Blue Whales hold the 17th place in the table, with a tad under one-third of games won.

These teams’ standings and averages made this selection easy, enabling our bettor to win it with 1.93 odds. Since the Blue Whales usually score around 94.5 points, and the Zhejiang Lions average 96.1 points per game, predicting a total of over 200.5 points was straightforward. 


Liaoning Flying Leopards – Qingdao Eagles (Total Points – Over 187.5)

Flying Leopards defeated Qingdao Eagles (116 – 87), showcasing superiority throughout the game, particularly during the first and final quarters. The winning team scored a whopping 35 points in the first quarter, gaining a massive advantage and making it hard for the Eagles to bounce back. They smashed the fourth quarter 29 – 14, securing an irrefutable triumph. 

With 1.95 odds and Liaoning Leopards’ excellent statistics, our bettor didn’t have a hard time winning this selection. The team that carried that day and brought the lucky bettor a step closer to collecting the ultimate prize is currently third in the CBA table, with an average of 101.1 points scored and more than an 85% chance of winning. 

Guessing that the game will yield a total number of points higher than 187.5 was unchallenging. 


Beijing Ducks – Jiangsu Dragons (Total Points – Over 190.5)

The Ducks won last week’s game against Jiangsu Dragons, defeating them 123 – 92. The winning team scored 16 three-pointers, 46 rebounds, and 32 assists, achieving a  top-of-the-line performance. 

Beijing Ducks kickstarted the showdown by winning the first quarter 40 – 17, making the rest of the game a smooth sale. The Jiangsu Dragons managed to win the last quarter 18 – 16, but this little triumph wasn’t enough to grant them a successful outcome. 

The winner is eighth in the latest season of CBA, averaging 92.7 points per game, while their opponent comes in 13th in the table with an average of 93.0 points scored. This encounter took our bettor closer to the prize, predicting a total of over 190.5 with 2.01 odds, making this selection a bit trickier than the rest. 


Jilin Northeast Tigers – Guangzhou Long-Lions (Total Points – Under 194.5)

The Long-Lions got the better of the Northeast Tigers, winning in last week’s clash 104 – 87. The triumphant team was off to a promising start, scoring three more points than their opponents in the first quarter and winning the second quarter by a single point (26 – 25). The third quarter secured their victory, having the Long-Lions score 25 more points, while the Northeast Tigers scored only 16. 

Precise three-pointers were Jilin Northeast Tigers’ single advantage, adding 39 points to their total through 13 accurate three-point shots. 

This game’s winner stands in 11th place, while the defeated Northeast Tigers hold the twelfth spot in the CBA table. And the Tigers average 98.6 points, a 0.9 higher norm than Long Lions. 

Our bettor won the selection with 1.93 odds, predicting a total of under 194.5 points


Tianjin Pioneers – Shenzhen Leopards (Total Points – Over 200.5)

Tianjin Pioneers prevailed over Shenzhen Leopards, finishing the latest showdown 104 – 98. Their superiority showed from the start and peaked in the second quarter, concluding 34 – 23 in Tianjin’s favor. 

The winning team scored 20 three-pointers, twice as many as Shenzhen Leopards, and had 53 rebounds and 24 assists. Before this clash, Tianjin Pioneers averaged 95.9 points, with Jefferson Brandon being their top performer (19.2 points per game). 

Our bettor guessed the total of over 200.5 points and took another step toward the cash prize with 1.90 odds. 


Shandong Hi-Speed Qiling BC – Zhejiang Golden Bulls (Total Points – Under 198.5)

The latest game between Shandong Hi-Speed Qiling BC and Zhejiang Golden Bulls ended 104 – 86. The home team won the third and fourth quarters, turning the scoreboard completely and securing their victory. They scored 34 two-pointers, while the Golden Bulls had 27 precise two-point shots. Both teams had five spot-on three-pointers and seven steals each. 

Still, Shandong is ninth in the CBA table while Zhejiang Golden Bulls still hold the first place, with an average of 105.7 points per game and 87.2% of games won

The total number of points scored was lower than 198.5, as predicted by our bettor, who won this selection with 1.95 odds


Guangdong Southern Tigers – Xinjiang Flying Tigers (Total Points – Over 202.5)

The Southern Tigers finished the latest encounter with Xinjiang Flying Tigers with a 108 – 95 result in their favor. Their victory didn’t come as a surprise because they won each quarter except for the third one when the Flying Tigers scored the same number of points as their superior opponent (23 – 23). 

The winning team stands second in the table with an average of 102.9 points per game this season, while the defeated Flying Tigers come in fifth, scoring an average of 96.8 points through 28 games played in 2022/23 CBA. 

The odds of winning this selection were 1.87, and the knowledgeable bettor guessed the total of over 202.5 points effortlessly. 


Shanghai Sharks – Beijing Royal Fighters (Total Points – Over 210.5)

The latest clash brought an astonishing triumph to Shanghai Sharks, defeating Beijing Royal Fighters 149 – 100. The winning team delivered a stellar performance, prevailing effortlessly in each quarter, scoring 67% of 73 attempted two-pointers and nailing 17 three-pointers total. 

The most efficient player on the field was the center Wang Zhelin, the CBA regular season MVP in 2022/23. Throughout the latest game against Beijing Royal Fighters, he scored a whopping 61 points, taking his team toward a phenomenal victory. 

Shanghai Sharks won 80% of encounters with the Royal Fighters, marking four out of five successful outcomes since 2019. They average 105.2 points per game, prevailing in 60% of CBA matches this season. 

Betting on a total of over 210.5 points with 1.94 odds drove the lucky bettor one selection from the profits! 


Ningbo Fubon Rockets – Nanjing Tongxi Monkey Kings (Total Points – Under 208.5)

Ningbo Fubon Rockets secured a tight win against Nanjing Tongxi Monkey Kings (98 – 97). After losing the first two quarters, they turned the corner, winning the third quarter 29 – 25 and the final quarter 18 – 15. 

And while Nanjing Tongxi Monkey Kings scored more two-pointers, Ningbo Fubon Rockets three-point shots’ precision boosted their score, contributing to the final result. 

However, the winning team still holds the last spot in the CBA table, while Nanjing Tongxi Monkey Kings stand in 14th place with 44.7% of games won in the 2022/23 season and an average score of 105.3 per game. 

The total remained under 208.5 points, enabling our bettor to reach their aim with 1.99 odds for the final selection! 


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