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Four tennis matches and one exciting game of cricket kept Singaporean bettors engaged throughout the past week. But one lucky bettor won these five selections, collecting an SGD 8,868.24 prize with an SGD 287.37 stake! He also fetched a FREE SGD 88 Best Weekly Bet Bonus with a 4x turnover requirement. 

The total odds of winning these selections were 30.86, granting our successful bettor a chance to show vast knowledge of these popular sports and make substantial profits! 

Read this quick overview to stay informed about the well-liked sports events in Singapore – the latest tennis matches and the most recent cricket showdown. And keep your eyes peeled for more Best Weekly Bet articles that celebrate our most fortunate bettors’ winnings!


Anna-Lena Friedsam – Beatriz Haddad Maia

Billie Jean King Cup brought three awesome singles – and plenty of luck to our outstanding bettor. The first was the encounter between German player Anna-Lena Friedsam and Brazilian competitor Beatriz Haddad Maia, who ultimately won, marking three triumphs in the last five matches. 

The winner triumphed in two sets, while her rival only won the first set 6-3, making their clash suspenseful for a while. Still, the famous Brazilian sportswoman took the first game of the second set and defied Anna-Lena’s efforts relentlessly. She finished this set 6-4 to her advantage. 

The winner wrapped up the third set with 6-3, carrying the day and enabling our bettor to get closer to his cash prize. 


Match Winner (W2)

The odds in favor of Beatriz Haddad Maia’s victory were 1.70. Considering her WTA ranking and a whopping 2276 points, this selection was a no-brainer for our successful bettor. 

Her opponent, on the other hand, ranks 91st on the WTA list, marking 717 points and two wins in the last five matches. Anna-Lena Friedsam’s top rank was in 2016 when she held 45th place. 


Viktoria Hruncakova – Martina Trevisan

Viktoria Hruncakova and Martina Trevisan spiced up last week’s selections in Billie Jean King Cup, delivering a buzzworthy match to fans and bettors in Singapore and worldwide. Still, as our apt bettor predicted, Italian Martina Trevisan achieved a seamless victory, beating Slovakian Viktoria Hruncakova 2 – 0 in sets. 

The first set was a nail-biter, given that it ended 7 – 6 in the ultimate winner’s favor. The second set’s outcome was easier to predict–ending 6 – 3 to Martina Trevisan’s advantage. 

This match’s champion won an impressive 72% of the first serves and 52% of the second serve points. Her total number of points won was 79 out of 150. 


Match Winner (W2)

Martina Trevisan’s career is peaking. She holds the 20th place in the WTA table, which is her personal record! Her last week’s opponent is currently 129th on the list, with 50% of matches won out of the last ten played. 

With these stats in mind, the bright bettor placed his wager on Martina Trevisan’s prevalence, winning this selection with 1.85 odds


Lorenzo Mussetti – Jannik Sinner

The latest tennis match in Monaco brought a real treat to Singaporean fans. A showdown between Lorenzo Mussetti and Jannik Sinner ended in the South Tyrol player’s advantage (6-2, 6-2). This win sent Jannik Sinner to the ATP Masters Monte Carlo semi-finals, retaining the eighth place in the Association of Tennis Professionals list. 

The triumphant player dominated the field throughout the one-hour and 15 minutes long match, showcasing particular strength and aptitude when returning Musetti’s serve. And while his opponent won four out of five matches and had a major lucky break in his recent clash against Djokovic, this encounter’s winner came as no surprise. 

Sinner currently has 3,525 points, while Mussetti has 1,930, holding the 20th place in the list. 


Total Games (Under 18.5)

Given both players’ rankings and stats, guessing the winner could be a breeze. However, this selection required our bettor to predict how many games would be played throughout the match. And he was up for the challenge! 

The bettor anticipated 18 games or less with 1.56 odds of winning. Sinner’s triumph was official after 16 games, 12 of which added to the winner’s outcome. 


Katie Boulter – Caroline Garcia

The last Billie Jean King Cup match that contributed to the lucky bettor’s success was a three-and-a-half-hour clash between Katie Boulter and World No. 5 Caroline Garcia, who won two sets and the match (6-7, 7-6, 7-6). 

The entire encounter had fans and bettors high-strung as the British player put up an excellent fight against the French champion. Still, these efforts didn’t suffice for a different outcome. 

While Garcia ranks fifth, Boulter holds 154th place in the WTA ranking, with 430 points total, over ten times less than her famous rival. 


Match Winner (W2)

The odds in favor of Caroline Garcia’s victory were 3.4, labeling this selection as the most challenging to win in the last week’s multiple bet. 

But despite the high odds and a suspenseful match’s progression, Boulter previously lost four out of five matches, making her opponent the likelier winner, with three out of five matches won. And these stats enabled the sharp bettor to nail this selection! 


Kolkata Knight Riders – Sunrisers Hyderabad

The Indian Premier League delivered a stunning cricket showdown last week. Kolkata Knight Riders met with Sunrisers Hyderabad, who ultimately won this match by 23 runs! The winning team carried the day with 228/4 (20), while their opponents ended with 205/7 (20) runs. Their next encounter is scheduled for May 4, 2023. 

With 433 runs scored overall and Harry Brook being the absolute star of the match, contributing to the total with 100 runs, this clash kept fans captivated! 

In the match’s aftermath, SRH ranked ninth in the league, while the defeated team still came in sixth. Hyderabad’s upcoming fixture is against Mumbai, while Kolkata awaits a showdown with Delhi. 


Sunrisers Hyderabad Total Runs (Over 194.5)

The odds in favor of Sunrisers Hyderabad scoring over 194.5 runs were 1.85, making this selection fairly easy to win. And with Harry Brook alone averaging 129 runs in the past four matches, our bettor’s stake was a fail-proof investment! 

Winning this final selection thanks to Hyderabad’s staggering 228 runs granted the gifted bettor a superb cash-out! 


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