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Last week brought three thrilling baseball games to fans in the US and across the globe. But one sports betting devotee was particularly keen on the outcomes – and three phenomenal players’ performances. He placed an SGD 0.46 stake on Salvador Perez, Ezequiel Duran, and Christopher Morel hitting home runs in these exciting events. These batters had to hit a fair ball and make a complete circuit of the bases to score a run. 

The total odds were 180.6, and the amount he won upon nailing this multiple bet was SGD 83.08. But more importantly, he grabbed the Best Weekly Bet Bonus of SGD 88 Free Cash with 4x turnover!

Read this brief recap of the games and players’ performances leading up to the lucky bettor’s success. And find more stories on how most seasoned sports betting fans collected their bonuses in our Best Weekly Bet blog section. 


Kansas City Royals – Chicago White Sox

Chicago White Sox defeated the Kansas City Royals 5 – 2, achieving their 21st triumph this season in the MLB. With five runs and nine hits total in this encounter, the White Sox were superior the entire time. The next clash between the two teams is scheduled for September 4, while the winners meet the Detroit Tigers, who have one more victory this season, on May 25. 

Kansas City Royals are currently fifth in the AL Central table, with 15 victories in 2023 total. The Royals seem to have hit an unlucky streak, losing seven of the last ten games. Their most recent duel with White Sox brought them two runs and four hits, insufficient to carry the day in Guaranteed Rate Field. A first-inning homer by Salvador Perez was the Royals’ only strong suit in this event. 

Player to Hit a Home Run: Salvador Perez (4.3)

Regardless of the outcome, Kansas City Royals’ outstanding catcher has turned this game into one lucky bettor’s success. The odds of Salvador Perez hitting a home run were 4.3, making this selection the easiest for an apt bettor and enabling him to nail the first step toward the ultimate prize. 

Perez has hit 11 home runs in 2023 and has several multi-homer games behind him. His .280 average benchmarks excellence, prompting fans and seasoned sports betting enthusiasts to anticipate more superb performances. Perez finished the latest clash with the White Sox with three hits, including a double. 


Colorado Rockies – Texas Rangers

The Texas Rangers defeated the Colorado Rockies heavily, scoring at least five runs in two innings and ending the event 13 – 3 to their advantage. The latest home win represents the Rangers’ 31st triumph in this MLB season, as they still reign supremely in the AL West table. The successful team swept most of their opponents, prevailing in the last seven of ten games, showcasing excellent form. They dominated the home field in 16 out of 24 games and prevailed in 15 out of 25 games away. 

The Colorado Rockies weren’t nearly as lucky in the latest encounters. They won 50% of the most recent games and 21 total this season. The Rox were overcome by different opponents in 29 games, and last week’s clash with the Rangers marked their third defeat from them this season. The winning team outscored them 31-10 over the series. 

Player to Hit a Home Run: Ezequiel Duran (7)

The first two innings brought fans magnificent home runs from Josh Jung  and Corey Seager, kickstarting the Texas Rangers toward a blowout win. And our lucky bettor didn’t have to wait long for Ezequiel Duran’s major homer! His home run gave the Rangers a 9-1 advantage over the Rockies in the fifth inning. 

The odds of Ezequiel Duran hitting a home run were 7.0, and his awesome solo came just in time into the left-center, securing a seamless win for the unparalleled Rangers and the knowledgeable bettor. Since his MLB debut in 2022, Duran has shown superb strength and mastery, smashing seven home runs in 2023. 


Chicago Cubs – Philadelphia Phillies 

Philadelphia Phillies overcame the Chicago Cubs, ending their latest encounter 2 – 1. Bryson Stott enabled this victory, hitting his first two-run drive in the seventh inning. The Phillies bounced back after losing five games in the series opener, while the Cubs headed to a nine-game homestand. 

The Philadelphia Phillies have 23 victories and 26 losses in the NL, while the Cubs achieved similar results, with one less triumph than their opponent, winning around 60% of games at home. The Cubs average more points per game than the Phillies, with 5.2 points normally scored. 

Player to Hit a Home Run: Christopher Morel (6)

Although the Cubs have lost, their amazing outfielder helped one fortunate bettor nail his multiple bet. The odds of Christopher Morel hitting a home run were 6.0, and he managed to fulfill the prediction in the top of the ninth inning, smashing the right field to cut the Cubs’ shortfall. 

Despite the relatively high odds and a late homer, baseball fans know about Morel’s stellar performances. His stats show eight home runs in 11 games and 16 homers with the Cubs last season. Finally, the official MLB experts suggested that Morel is on an epic spree, launching baseballs at a legendary rate! 


Bet on Sports Events and Win the Best Weekly Bet Bonus

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