Best Live Casino Games by CreedRoomz

by GemBet

Live casino games by CreedRoomz are among the top choices for many players worldwide. This reputable iGaming provider delivers superb solutions to online casinos and unforgettable entertainment to anyone trying their games, with 150 live tables and more than 20 games released so far! 

Focusing on live dealer casino games alone was the key to CreedRoomz’s success. They aim to incorporate the newest, state-of-art technologies into their products, offering clients a competitive advantage over other online casinos. 

GemBet online casino offers you 27 live dealer games by CreedRoomz! The most popular games like Blackjack, Baccarat, and Roulette are among them – with their different variants! Read this overview of the best releases by this outstanding provider, and test your luck in our Live Casino.


Types of Live Casino Games by CreedRoomz to Play in Online Casinos

CreedRoomz offers games and innovative solutions to online casinos, including typically non-casino games turned into visually pleasing and highly engaging games for virtual casino players. They’re dedicated to generating new, profitable hybrid games, combining casino elements with live betting

Still, Blackjack, Baccarat, and Roulette are the top choices for every player – and CreedRoomz has perfected these timeless classics, refining them to yield more earnings and multiply the fun

Visit GemBet online casino to explore these classic table games with innovative features! And check out our Promo Pageto find live casino bonuses to boost your balance! 


Play Blackjack in GemBet Online Casino

Blackjack or 21 originates back to the 18 century. And today, it’s one of the most popular live table games in online casinos. Its simple premise is to get a hand value closest to 21. Your total should be closer to this number than the dealer’s, and it’s essential not to exceed it! 

All numbered cards up to nine are valued at their face value, while the aces can count as one or eleven. The 10, Jack, Queen, and King count as ten points. Simply sum up the points in your hand, and you’ll know whether you’re about to win! 

Our reputable online casino in Malaysia offers you a chance to play this widespread game and win real money! It’s played with eight decks, doubled after the split. CreedRoomz’s Blackjack comes with a “Deal Now” button, designed to speed up the bets and spice up the game’s progression. Here, each play has the alternative to surrender if they assess that the hand dealt isn’t promising. 

Finally, the partners can pick bonus bets for all live tables, including Lucky 7, Perfect Pair, and Honey Bonus. 

So check out our Malaysia trusted casino and give CreedRoomz’s Blackjack a try! 


Try Baccarat Online in One of the Top-Ranked Online Casinos in Asia

While players in American and European online casinos prefer Poker and Blackjack, Baccarat games are the most popular live dealer games among Asian players. This simple guessing card game originates from the 1400s but has evolved over the centuries, moving into the virtual world of live tables and uncompromising comfort. 

Its straightforward concept involves three betting outcomes – the player, the banker, or the tie. The bettors must predict which hand will win by reaching a total closest to nine. And while there are many widespread variants of the game, they all entail the same card values. The aces count as one point, the numbered cards carry the values marked on them, and the face cards and tens don’t add any points to the total.


Best Baccarat Games by CreedRoomz

GemBet online casino offers ten variants of this exciting game tailored by CreedRoomz, including Asian Baccarat and Punto Banco – named Super Six by the provider, embracing the well-known concept now adjusted to match all modern-day players’ needs. 

And the newest addition to their extensive portfolio has arrived in March 2023 – Two Hand Roba Baccarat! This fresh take on the familiar concept allows for raising the number of rounds and boosting the odds of winning, still featuring a robot croupier. 


Classic Online Baccarat

Still, the game’s classic version holds the top spot in every player’s heart. This multiplayer game packs six decks of cards, and you can place side bets on the player’s or the banker’s hand. Moreover, this game has a Sum Bonus and a Tie Bonus, increasing your gains! Finally, its statistical charts are easy to track, enabling players to sit back, enjoy, and cash in seamlessly! 

Sign in to our online casino in Malaysia or Singapore to play the best live dealer games including CreedRoomz’s Baccarat and collect a live casino bonus! 


Win Real Money Playing Roulette in Malaysia Trusted Casino 

Placing a bet on live tables in Roulette is uncomplicated. You should select the desired amount, choose a bet you want to make, and click on it! This kind of simplicity makes it widespread and always in demand in all online casinos. 

But apart from the game’s standard version, players can try the automated variant of the familiar game in our top-ranked online casino in Malaysia. CreedRoomz’s Auto Roulette allows players to place bets and collect earnings without a live dealer present. This feature enables visitors of all top online casinos to play and win in fully automatic mode. 

But that’s not all – because CreedRoomz has prepared an Aurum Feature, a luxuriously designed functionality that makes the game more profitable and thrilling. And Super Aurum Feature is about to be released, taking a traditional live casino game to a whole new level! 


Aurum Feature

The new Aurum feature enhanced classic live Roulette, allowing players to multiply their winnings from 50x to 700x! It’s based on the one to five gold numbers that pop up randomly in all spins. This outstanding feature is compatible with all versions of Roulette and it leaves players wanting more! 

Take a sneak peek at the hottest updates in the traditional game of Roulette in our respected online casino in Malaysia!


CreedRoomz’s Live Casino Games – Uniqueness and Ease of Use

Although a young brand, CreddRoomz has people with years of industry expertise behind it. Unlike other iGaming software providers, ranging from slots to sports betting services, it focuses entirely on live dealer games for online casinos

Evolution Gaming, for example, is known for their game shows, usually featuring gigantic, aesthetically pleasing gamble wheels. CreedRoomz, however, focuses on traditional games and revamps old approaches with cutting-edge technologies. 

As a result, CreedRoomz has a clear vision and predetermined direction, allowing them to put their minds into creating the best solutions and products for live casino players. 


Mobile-Friendly Games: How to Find Hot Live Tables on the Go? 

All of CreedRoomz’s most popular live games are fully optimized for mobile devices! You can find them in our trusted online casino in Malaysia or Singapore and play them on your desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. 

The games are available in more than seven languages, offering more than 150 live tables to join and collect cash prizes! 

Lastly, all CreedRoomz’s variants of Blackjack, Roulette, and Baccarat, have easily accessible statistic charts and customized user interfaces, so each player can enjoy them to the fullest, knowing their standings and managing their bankroll smoothly the entire time. 


Play Live Casino Games in the Best Online Casino in Malaysia!

This quick overview showcased how entertaining and profitable CreedRoomz’s Roulette, Baccarat, and Blackjack are, adding new functionalities and impeccable design to well-liked, familiar concepts.  

Don’t miss out – play live casino games by CreedRoomz in our reputable online casino in Malaysia and brace yourself for more balance boosters! Our 250% Welcome Bonus grants both Malaysian and Singaporean players a chance to get up to MYR 3,000 or SGD 1,000 in bonus money on their first deposits, so don’t miss out on the biggest bonus cap on the market!

A whopping SGD 100,000 Cash Rush is also available for Singaporean players, and its Malaysian equivalent is the MYR 340,000 Cash Rush. Both promos offer our players a chance to win massive prizes up to SGD 10,000 and MYR 34,000 with bets of just SGD 1 and MYR 3.4 on all Slot and Live Casino games.

Join GemBet online casino now and try your luck! 


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