GemBet & Dare2Win by Hacksaw Gaming: The Ultimate Partnership

by GemBet

If you want to play the best online casino games, grab huge winnings, and get your hands on whopping casino bonuses and hot promos, our platform is the answer. Our trusted online casino in Singapore and Malaysia caters to all types of players, featuring the most prolific industry providers and the most popular slots. Moreover, we’ve paired with Hacksaw Gaming, the leading iGaming company that distributes first-class pastimes, resulting in the Dare2Win x GemBet collection of branded, instant win games.

This exclusive casino partnership is paved with trust and credibility, as both brands enjoy impeccable reputations among seasoned Singapore players and rookies alike. The ultimate association between the two yields countless benefits, so stay tuned and learn how to spice up your journey.

Read about the unique mini-games available on our site, soaking in each game review before testing it and collecting payouts. 


Try the Hottest Instant Win Games by Hacksaw

If online casino games that nurture a simplistic approach, crisp visuals, and engaging features suit your appetite, the brand-new partnership between GemBet and Hacksaw will stir you up. Unlock Dare2Win games, and discover ten instant-win brisk pastimes available for everyone in our Singapore and Malaysia online casino – and reach out to grab the greens! 

Discover Twenty-One (Review)

Twenty-One is a fresh real-money casino game, designed to thrill players and spill profits while revamping a simple, well-liked concept. This refreshing virtual card game introduces whopping multipliers displayed as you play and several ways to win, yielding a maximum payout of 1,500x the bet with the RTP set at 98%. 

The game’s goal is to sum the values of all your cards turned face-up, aiming for a total of 16 to 21. The round starts by choosing the number of cards you’d like to use, with two being the minimum number. The values will be revealed as soon as you place the stake. Although this instant win game relies on good fortune, you could boost your odds of hitting the max cash-out by playing it with seven cards. 

Ready for a breezy win? Play Hacksaw’s Twenty-One in the most trusted online casino in Singapore now! 

Find Out About Colors (Review)

After collecting praise with unique 3D slot Cubes, Hacksaw Gaming replenished its successful concept, introducing players to a mesmerizing instant win game Colors. Once you step into this vibrant world, the Settings Menu will pop up, letting you choose between one and five colors to play with. The max winnings of up to 211.68x the stake come with a maximum RTP of 98.00%, juicing up your experience.

This swift and simplistic game offers an Autoplay option and Turbo Mode, allowing you to control the pace and speed up your cash-ins.

If you’re ready to give this adaptable mobile casino game a try, join the most reliable Singapore and Malaysia online casino and enjoy Colors now

Test Your Luck With Blocks (Review)

Hacksaw’s Blocks is one of the best mini online casino games, introduced as the ‘smallest cluster slot ever’ by the provider. It features a vivid 3 x 3 grid with nine separate blocks, urging players to create a same-color cluster to snatch the winnings. 

The game comes with Low, Medium, and High levels of risk, each carrying different multiplier values. The increasing risk levels also push up the number of colors required to complete the goal, with the easiest one demanding three to nine colors, the next one raising the minimum to four colors, and the most challenging level requiring at least five colors. It also has the Autoplay option and Turbo Mode, putting you in charge of the dynamics. 

If you want to shoot for the game’s 5,000x max payout, join our Malaysia online casino and start playing Blocks pronto! 

Enjoy a Game Show Classic Wheel (Review)

Who said there’s no need to reinvent the wheel? The famous provider did it, taking real-money casino games that yield instant wins to another level. The Wheel thrives on simplicity, offering a clear-cut layout, an easy set of rules, and a 49.5x max win with a 99.00% RTP. So pick a Risk level, place your stake, and activate 10 to 50 segments to play!

Apart from Low, Medium, and High risk levels that determine the game’s multipliers, this mini-slot packs two modes that can change the scenery. Choose between Modern and Classic modes to customize your experience

Sign in to GemBet to have fun, scoop casino bonuses, and try modern twists on popular classics like Hacksaw’s Wheel

Align Payout After Payout With Lines (Review)

A dynamic mini-game called Lines completes the Dare2Win section, putting the player in the driver’s seat. You can select the number of lines to bet on and pick the risk level, winning up to 5,000x the initial stake! 

The Line is the game’s titular feature, introducing one, two, or three lines, each allowing you to move them from one to 100. All you need to do is set the slider, predict the outcome, and boost your ultimate cash-out by making a riskier move. 

Shoot for the instant win, laying your hopes and lucky stars on The Lines

Try a Refreshed Card Game Hi-Lo (Review)

Hi-Lo from the Dare2Win family is another take on a beloved classic, breathing in a dash of freshness into a popular card game. The drill is as straightforward as it comes, prompting players to guess which card comes up next. 

This instant win game comes with a memorable feature called Bet and Win, allowing you to change your mind and pick a different card before placing the final bet. It also encompasses a functionality labeled as Guess the Next Card, letting you state whether a Red or Black card will pop up next, or if it will carry a higher or lower value.

If your fate’s been kind so far, be sure to give Hi-Lo a chance and harvest up to 5,000x the initial stake

Feast Your Eyes on Plinko (Review)

Many popular online casino games mimicked the pachinko parlors of Japan, adding a spoonful of distinctive oriental spice to already immersive gameplay. Plinko follows a similar idea, with its simple rules, heart-pounding pace, and maximum payouts of up to 3,843.3x

The game comes with Configure, Bet, and Win features, guaranteed to electrify you! First, you choose the number of rows, allowing you to opt from eight to 16, along with the low, medium, or high risk level. Then, you enter the betting round, when a ball drops and bounces down the pyramid, announcing your prospects of winning. Finally, the ball hits the bottom, unlocking the third feature and adding multiplier values to your base bet amount.

This Dare2Win mini-game is too good to pass – so play Plinko in our trusted online casino and rearrange your lucky stars! 

Explore More of Mines (Review)

Mines is a classic mini-game where the goal is to pick cells from a grid, with each containing either a Mine or a Diamond. If you’re lucky to dig up the resplendent symbol, your winnings will pile, gradually increasing toward the ultimate prize. The game offers you a chance to choose a layout, selecting a 3×3, 5×5, 7×7, or 9×9 grid. Additionally, you could get from one to seven mines. 

Play Mines casino game on our platform now and walk out with a mouth-watering 10,000x max win

Maximize Your Gains With Coins (Review)

Coins is another prominent instant win game from Dare2Win selection, giving fortunate players up to 3,932x their original stake. This simple yet highly entertaining pastime reinvents the familiar flipping coins experience, captivating audiences with a clean layout and fail-proof set of basic rules.

The idea is to choose from one to 12 coins and watch as they flip, potentially revealing a specific alignment and spilling massive gains with a 96% RTP. 

If you’re up for a vamp-up variation of the traditional game of chance, Dare2Win Coins will amuse and reward you! 

Grab the Fun Packed in Boxes (Review) 

Boxes Dare2Win is one of the most in-demand real-money casino games, allowing you to take full control of your betting options, outcomes, and cash-outs. It portrays a pyramid made from several squares, urging you to click on one of them to unveil the potential winnings. If your chosen square hides a diamond underneath, you’re in for a wild ride, promising multipliers as high as 548x your bet!

To get started, you can select between four and eight rows, and adjust the game’s difficulty, juggling between easy, medium, and hard, according to your aims and preferences.

Get ready to unpack massive cash prizes by enjoying Boxes in our Singapore and Malaysia online casino! 


Learn More of Hacksaw Gaming – The Leading Industry Provider

Hacksaw’s spotless reputation and countless positive reviews speak volumes about the online casino games this famous Maltese provider creates and distributes. Keen Singapore players can find their collection of over 120 impeccable slot games on GemBet, spinning the reels and scooping a fortune! This popular industry titan unveils a limitless range of themes, from the good old ‘shoot ‘em up’ fun with gunslingers to dance and music-themed slots like the most exclusive casino game Feel the Beat, available in our trusted online casino in Singapore since before the official launch!

This immersive and visually peerless slot was released on January 25, 2024, letting the world soak in its vibrant colors and alluring atmosphere. The game became an instant hit, captivating everyone with its fast pace, outstanding features, and jaw-dropping 10,000x maximum payout. But our Malaysia and Singapore players got the best news – they could test this magnificent slot two weeks before it officially went live, adding a new, unforgettable experience ahead of their peers.

Still, this reliable partnership between the best-ranked casino in Southeast Asia and the top provider has much more up its sleeve. The Dare2Win x GemBet game collection is just in, offering you a chance to snatch easy cash-ins by playing real money casino games. This instant win game section is an integral part of the most exclusive casino partnership, but it’s just a drop in the ocean compared to what’s to come!

So stay alert and never miss a beep – we’ll be adding new releases for our select circle to try, offering an in-depth game review and some tested tips for winners. 


Join the Top Singapore Online Casino to Play & Win!

Singapore players have always enjoyed the newest online casino games and timeless classics on GemBet. They thrived on our hot casino promotions and bonuses that allow them to boost profits effortlessly. And now, thanks to the successful partnership with one of the leading real money casino game providers, the list of perks just got longer!

Our audience is in for the freshest releases and can enjoy exclusive casino slots like Feel the Beat during their early access period, savoring the sweet flavor of brand-new enjoyment before anyone else! Dare2Win x GemBet mini-games treat our players to uniqueness, dynamic gameplay, and hefty payouts that drop non-stop!

Step into our vast instant win game selection and explore more of our boundless portfolio now! Join the most trusted online casino in Singapore and Malaysia and play the hottest slot games by Hacksaw Gaming and other prominent providers.



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