Unlock Mystical Fortunes: Divine Drop Early Access on GemBet

by GemBet

Dive into the legendary world of Divine Drop, the latest among a series of captivating online casino slot games by Hacksaw Gaming, inspired by the rich tapestry of Greek mythology. The tales of ancient gods like Zeus, Hades, and Hera, known for their human traits and extraordinary powers, paint the scene for this enthralling game. Set against the backdrop of Mount Olympus, the thrilling slot invites players to seek fortunes among the gods, offering Wild Multipliers and two Bonus Games with the chance to win up to 10,000 times your stake!

GemBet online casino offers an unparalleled chance to dive into the divine mysteries of Divine Drop ahead of its global launch on April 25. Our exclusive Early Access promotion, starting on April 11, invites players from Singapore and Malaysia to be among the select few to navigate the heavenly paths. Experience innovative game features, such as the Angel’s Touch and Divine Orbs, as you aim for divine rewards up to 10,000 times your stake in all game modes. Discover what the stars hold for you with GemBet, and grasp the opportunity to explore celestial fortunes before anyone else.


Early Access to Divine Drop: A Premier Partnership between Hacksaw Gaming and GemBet

Hacksaw Gaming’s collaboration with GemBet is a strategic partnership that offers players exclusive gaming experiences. This partnership highlights the alignment between Hacksaw’s creative prowess and GemBet’s dedication to providing unique and early access to top-tier slot games. You can also check our similar promotion for the Orb of Destiny game in Malaysia and Singapore.

An exciting aspect of this collaboration is the early access period for Divine Drop, starting on April 11th on GemBet. This exclusive partnership provides players a unique opportunity to experience Hacksaw’s latest creation before its worldwide release on April 25th. Participating in this promotion allows players to enjoy being among the first to explore the game’s features and winning potential.

The period is especially significant for players in Singapore, emphasizing the exclusivity of the offer and the advantage of engaging with Divine Drop ahead of its global launch. This initiative enriches the gaming experience for Singaporean players and showcases GemBet’s commitment to delivering exceptional value and excitement to its community.


Hacksaw Gaming: Innovating the Future of Mobile Slot Games

Hacksaw Gaming stands out in the competitive world of online slots as a premium provider renowned for its innovative and player-centric approach to game development. Established in 2018, Hacksaw’s has ascended to prominence within the industry thanks to its “mobile-first” strategy. The company’s diverse portfolio spans over 120 titles. This portfolio encompasses various online slots and instant-win scratch card games, each designed with unique themes and engaging gameplay mechanics. Operating across approximately 20 regulated markets globally, including the prestigious UK market, Hacksaw is celebrated for its commitment to quality, creativity, and entertainment. With licenses from the Malta Gaming Authority, UK Gambling Commission, and other reputable bodies, Hacksaw Gaming promises fun and engaging gaming experiences for players worldwide.

Hacksaw Gaming’s Most Popular Online Slots

Hacksaw Gaming has carved a niche for itself in the online casino world with its innovative and visually compelling slot games. Let’s delve into some of Hacksaw’s standout releases that have left an indelible mark on the gaming landscape.


Itero embarks on a journey to ancient Rome, enveloping players in a world of myth and legend. The game’s backdrop, a sketched Roman hall, sets a dramatic scene, while the vibrant higher-paying symbols stand out against a monochromatic background. Itero’s hallmark is the Echospins feature, promising up to 8 respins on winning combinations alongside two bonus slot games, offering a thrilling high-volatility experience with a 96% RTP.


Rotten transports players to a zombie-infested fairground, blending horror with excitement. The game draws inspiration from scratch cards, with a design featuring eerie zombies that add to the game’s thrilling atmosphere. Rotten is accessible across all devices, featuring a host of engaging symbols and features like the Switch, Mad Scientist, and Total Takeover symbols, each bringing unique twists to the gameplay. This title is celebrated for its immersive environment and potential for significant wins.

Pug Life

Pug Life introduces players to an adorable yet chaotic animal household, offering a lighter, more whimsical gaming experience. The reels are populated with household pets, from rats to the titular Pugly the Pug, with the Treats symbol acting as a wild multiplier. Unique features like the Treat Yo’Self bonus game and sticky multiplier wilds during bonus spins make Pug Life a joyous adventure with a festive spirit and the chance for lucrative payouts.


Divine Drop: Unleashing Mythical Wins Amidst Olympian Splendor

Divine Drop draws players into the mystique of Greek mythology with its rich narrative and innovative gameplay mechanics. Below, you will find a deep dive into the key features that make it a remarkable addition to the realm of online slots.

Wild Symbol and Multipliers

Central to Divine Drop’s gameplay are its Wild Symbols and Wild Multipliers, which substitute for other symbols to form winning combinations. They also come with multipliers ranging from 2X up to a staggering 200X. This means that the more Wild Multipliers you land in a winning combo, the higher your total multiplier and, thus, the greater your potential payout.

Wild Multipliers can also carry up to 3 Hearts (Vitality). This Vitality means that a Wild Multiplier with any hearts remaining will stick to its position on the grid for a series of respins. With each respin, one Vitality (heart) is lost. This mechanic allows the Wild Multiplier to contribute to multiple wins as it stays in place across several spins. Once a Wild Multiplier’s Vitality depletes (reaching 0), it will be removed from the grid on the subsequent spin or respin.

Aphrodite’s Love & Zeus’s Thunder

These features breathe life into the gameplay with dynamic interventions. Aphrodite’s Love can restore 1 to 3 Hearts to all Wild Multipliers on the grid, extending their sticky presence. Meanwhile, Zeus’s Thunder doubles the value of all Wild Multipliers, potentially leading to colossal wins.

Bonus Games

Landing three or more Scatter Symbols triggers the Bonus Game feature, split into two main attractions: Tricks of Hades and Triple Tricks of Hades. These free spin rounds increase the frequency of Wild Multiplier drops, with the latter ensuring a minimum multiplier value of 3X, enhancing the excitement and win potential.

Feature Buy Option 

For players eager to jump straight into the action, Divine Drop offers a Feature Buy option, allowing direct access to bonus features at a premium. This option caters to those looking for high-stakes, high-reward gameplay, with different tiers of volatility and RTP adjustments to suit various playing styles.

  • Bonushunt Featurespins (3X): Amplify your chances of triggering a Bonus Game. Each spin is five times more likely to lead to the bonus, set against a backdrop of high volatility and an RTP of 96.26%.
  • Wild Divinity Featurespins (50X): Secure a minimum of 5 Wild Multipliers landing on each spin. Each spin is accompanied by at least one Heart, promising an adventure of high volatility and an RTP of 96.32%.
  • Tricks of Hades (100X): Play directly with the Tricks of Hades feature for a thrilling ride through high-volatility gameplay and an RTP of 96.29%.
  • Triple Tricks of Hades (250X): Elevate the excitement with Triple Tricks of Hades, guaranteeing Wild Multipliers start at a minimum value of 3x.


Divine Drop distinguishes itself through the strategic depth added by its Wild Multipliers and interactive features like Aphrodite’s Love and Zeus’s Thunder. This blend of elements ensures that gameplay is not just about spinning reels but also about engaging in a dynamic environment where strategy and luck intertwine. The addition of Feature Buy options further tailors the experience to individual preferences, making it a versatile game for both casual and serious fans of slot games.

Graphics and Visual Effects

The visual presentation of Divine Drop is nothing short of breathtaking, with Zeus and Hera gracing the sides of the reel against a backdrop of Mount Olympus under an ethereal twilight. The symbols, from the majestic green dogs to the deities like Zeus and Hades, are rendered with exquisite detail, bringing the pantheon of Greek mythology to life. The animations add excitement and immersion, especially during Thunder and Wild Multipliers. The serene yet intriguing background music complements the visual spectacle, setting the perfect mood for a mythological adventure.

In conclusion, Divine Drop by Hacksaw Gaming is a masterclass in slot game design. It melds captivating graphics, engaging gameplay mechanics, and a well-executed theme to create an unforgettable gaming experience. Its innovative features and the fascinating Greek mythology make it stand out in a crowded field of online slots.


Discover GemBet Online Casino Exclusive Welcome Offers for Online Slot Fans

Embark on the Divine Drop adventure with added benefits for Singapore and Malaysia players, courtesy of GemBet’s enticing welcome bonuses. The game’s exclusive April 4th unveiling pairs perfectly with these bonuses, offering a unique edge as you explore its enchanted universe.

The adventure continues with Cash Rush 2.0, where explorers can claim a portion of a substantial prize pool. Aim for one of the 212 weekly cash rewards and potentially win up to SGD 10,000 or MYR 34,000, starting with deposits as low as SGD 1 or MYR 3.4.

Moreover, the excitement at GemBet is endless with Casino Free Credits. Claim your SGD 10 or MYR 10 bonus and enjoy a myriad of online slots at no cost.

For those seeking reassurance, our GemRebates offer a comforting cash-back safety net. Players from Singapore and Malaysia can enjoy this perk, enhancing their GemBet Casino experience with consistent rewards.

Welcoming new players with open arms, GemBet online Casino offers an exceptional 250% Welcome Bonus. This lucrative deal is a standout, providing new members from Singapore and Malaysia the chance to secure up to SGD 1,000 or MYR 3,000 in bonus funds, substantially boosting the initial gaming forays.

With these captivating offers, GemBet welcomes players from Singapore and Malaysia to an exhilarating world of endless possibilities and hidden treasures. Seize the opportunity to alter your destiny—sign up today and discover your fortune at GemBet!



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