Final EPL Champion Football Prediction: Arsenal VS. Man City

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Football fans and sports betting aficionados had a field day with the latest English Premier League season. The 2022/23 competition brought breathtaking performances and dramatic moments to audiences worldwide. And today, we’re approaching the final EPL football prediction – the race for the title between Arsenal and Man City

While the Gunners were unfortunately demolished by Brighton 3 – 0, the Citizens kept marking victorious encounters, nailing five out of five latest matches and burning rubber toward the eminent title. Still, Arsenal’s motivated to grab the ultimate prize for the fourth time. And with only four points less than the top-ranked team, the City’s outstanding squad can’t rest on laurels in the upcoming seemingly effortless matches. 

Read this comprehensive overview of the top teams’ standings, forms, and tactics, and soak in the information about the upcoming fixtures to predict the unrivaled winner! Check out GemBet’s prematch sports betting section and place your wager now. 


Manchester City: Premier League Standings and Recent Fixtures

Man City reigns in the Premier League table, holding the top spot with 85 points collected in 35 matches. The Citizens have won 27 matches, ended four in a tie, and lost in only four encounters. Moreover, their luck doesn’t seem to dry out, leading this successful team straight to five consecutive victories in the latest fixtures. 

On May 14, Man City prevailed over Everton, scoring three goals, while their rival remained goalless and locked tight in the 17th place. The Citizens recently defeated Leeds United (2 – 1), West Ham United (3 – 0), and Fulham (2 – 1), securing their supremacy. 

The most recent clash between the two top football squads also finished in Man City’s favor. They triumphed over Arsenal 4 – 1 on April 26, with two sensational goals in the first half, one shortly after the reset, and the final one in 90 + 5 added time. The City entered the stadium with two crucial points in their favor – a recent 3-0 win over Sheffield United and the home-field advantage. 

Pep Guardiola set his victorious players in a 4-4-1-1 formation, with Kevin De Bruyne playing behind the fierce forward Erling Haaland, making the ultimate winning combination. Mikel Arteta started his team with a 4-2-3-1 formation and Gabriel Jesus as the star striker. 


Man City Key Performers

Manchester City has a remarkable team, showing off their superb form and winning tactics in the Premier League and UCL matches. They achieved phenomenal results, with 92 goals scored throughout the latest EPL season. Still, some players stood out more than others. 

Erling Haaland is the Citizens’ top scorer whose precise shots brought his team 36 goals from 33 matches in the 2022/23 season. This center-forward has a staggering average of 1.21 goals per 90 minutes of play, with an astonishing stat of 43 goals plus assists this season. He averages 97 shots per match, 57 of which are on target, leading to 2.77 shots by Haaland per each goal he nailed. 

Kevin De Bruyne is Manchester City’s best midfielder, with 16 sensational assists this season, making him the most efficient playmaker in the Premier League. He also scored seven goals in 30 matches, recently securing his team a smooth victory against their most dangerous rival – the Gunners, who are currently only four points behind. 

Riyad Mahrez is another noteworthy player who secured his football squad an outstanding ranking in the Premier League. This successful winger had ten assists and five goals in 17 matches. He averages 0.29 goals and 34 passes per 90 minutes of play. Mahrez has won three EPL titles with Manchester City so far, heading toward another possible triumph in the 2022/23 season. 


Sports Betting Guide: Predictions and Odds for the Upcoming Fixtures

Manchester City will meet Chelsea on May 21, attempting to grab another three points. Chelsea is currently 11th in the table, with 43 points, nearly one-half of their powerful rival’s total. The odds of the Citizen’s triumph are 1.28, while the underdog’s odds are 11.0. 

Man City’s next fixture is scheduled for May 24, when they’ll clash with Brighton, a team holding the sixth place with 58 points from 34 matches. The Citizens again seem like a likely winner with 1.88 odds, as the Seagulls’ standings and results in the last five matches don’t come close to City’s success, and the bookies give them a 3.79 odds of winning. 

Finally, the number one team in the table will play against Brentford on May 28, with a staggering 30 points advantage over them. Brentford comes in ninth with three victories in the last five matches. If Manchester City wins in all three encounters, they’ll be the new 2022/23 Premier League champion. 


Arsenal FC: Premier League Standings and Recent Fixtures 

Arsenal’s in second place in the Premier League table, with 81 points from 36 matches, placing them right beneath Manchester City. They carried the day in 25 encounters, drawn six times, and suffered five defeats. The Gunners scored nine goals less than their most successful opponents, achieving 83 goals this season. 

And while they’re not far behind the league’s favorite, their latest matches didn’t drive fortunate outcomes. The Gunners prevailed in two showdowns, lost two, and ended one in a tie. The most recent clash perpetuated the star-crossed spree, as they were heavily defeated by Brighton on May 14, losing 3 – 0. 

This month, the Gunners triumphed over Chelsea and Newcastle in game weeks 34 and 35, finishing the first match 3 – 1 and the second 2 – 0 in their favor. On the other hand, April remained marked by draws, wrapping up the duels with Liverpool (2 – 2), Westham (2 – 2), and Southampton (3 – 3). 

Finally, Arsenal’s latest duel with Man City was marked by the North London squad easily losing the ball and not exploiting the space, which their rivals carried out seamlessly. Although Rob Holding erased City’s hopes of maintaining a clean sheet, it was too late to turn the tables and cool off the hot tempers that suited the match’s winners. So, to aim for the title, Arsenal has to keep these deficiencies in mind to overcome Nottingham Forest and the Wolves. 


The Gunners’ Key Players

The 2022/23 season is the 137th season in the history of Arsenal and the club’s 104th season in the top English football squads. They have a stellar team, battling mighty opponents to win the next prestigious Premier League title. 

Still, the Gunners’ best performer is Bukayo Saka, with a performance index of 100. He scored 12 goals from 24 shots on target, provided eight assists, and was the absolute number one in dribblings in this competition. This midfielder averages 29.2 passes per 90 minutes and has a 33% shooting accuracy with 0.23 goals per match. Saka was the official Player of the Month in March 2023, largely contributing to his squad’s superb results. 

Gabriel Jesus, the Gunners’ famous forward, is another key player who added to his team’s superb accomplishments. He averages 0.5 goals per game and has scored ten times in 23 matches, seven of which were at home. More importantly, this masterly striker achieved 15 goals plus assistance this season, averaging 21.2 passes per match and 46% shooting accuracy. Overall, Gabriel Jesus is ranked as the 27th player in the league and made it into the top performers in tacking the rival’s half. 


Sports Betting Guide: Football Predictions and Odds for the Upcoming Fixtures 

Arsenal’s upcoming match against Nottingham Forest is set for May 20 and should grant the Gunners their much-needed three points. Tricky Trees are in 16th place with 34 points from 36 encounters, 47 points behind their superior opponent. However, the second in the table still has to watch out, as they were recently overcome by a rival they outranked. The odds of the underdog’s prevalence are very high, amounting to 5.40, while the favorite’s odds for triumph equal an easy 1.58.

Eight days later, the current EPL runner-up meets the Wolves. They hold the 13th spot in the table, with 40 points total, two wins, and three defeats in the last five matches, making Arsenal’s probability of triumphing very high. 


The Premier League 2022/23 Top Four & Grand Finale Overview: Possible Outcomes

Arsenal’s and City’s massive advantage over Newcastle and Manchester United is indisputable. The third and fourth teams in the table have 66 points from 35 matches, but Newcastle has better stats. The Magpies scored 63 goals this season, while the Red Devils achieved 51 goals. 

Manchester United will soon meet Chelsea and are favorites to win in this showdown. They’ll also play against Bournemouth, and the prognosis is again in their favor. Newcastle will clash with Brighton as a more likely winner, and their next fixture is a showdown with Leicester City. Bookies’ predictions for this match also largely favor the Magpies. 

Still, spectators and sports betting fans anticipate the monumental battles between the top two teams and their upcoming rivals, determining who will become English Premier League crowned champion. 


Man City VS. Arsenal – Performance and Probabilities in a Nutshell

Given their performance in the last five matches, the Citizens stand a better chance of becoming the ultimate champion. However, they can’t rest on their laurels. Arsenal’s motivation to steal the title from their opponent’s hands may easily surprise the most experienced fans and sports betting experts. If the Gunners collect six points by winning in the next two matches, their chances of triumphing over the top-ranked team will grow. 

Nevertheless, Manchester City has three matches to play, granting them the opportunity to boost their total and diminish Arsenal’s hopes of becoming a title holder for the fourth  time. The Gunners will become new champions if the Citizens lose in all three upcoming matches and they win the remaining two. The same prognosis applies if the City has two defeats and a draw while their rival nails both fixtures. 

The North London club has been waiting for a chance to win the league since their invincible era in 2003-04, and while their probabilities seem slim, they could be the title holders if the City’s performance drops. 


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