2024 UEFA Euro Group Stage: Powerhouses and Potential Champions Storm The Field!

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This month, the 2024 UEFA Euro continental championship offers some of the best sports betting opportunities of the year! June 14th will see the kickoff of the Group Stages. The teams that fought hard to qualify showed considerable skill that will determine their chances of taking home the trophy in July. Some will go home, some will advance, rivalries will be settled, and a champion will be born!

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2024 UEFA Euro Championship In-Depth Review: Group Stages

The Group Stages of the UEFA Euro see 24 teams from across Europe, all of who won a spot in the championship. They will face each other in six groups of four teams each. 

The winners and runner-ups in each group will be whittled down to the Group of 16, meaning eight losing teams will be heading home. Some groups are expected to be dominated by a powerhouse; others will be hard-fought scraps to come out on top. 

Here is our breakdown of each group and all the buzz on who will succeed and who will fail. We include the most interesting matchups, the best markets to bet on, and all our active sports betting promotions. 


Most Interesting Matchups

Group A consists of Germany, Scotland, Switzerland, and Hungary. Germany is expected to dominate this group, and Hungary is considered to be Germany’s strongest challenger. Switzerland should not be counted out. Scotland, however, is reeling from a string of losses, and if they stage a comeback, it will be considered a major upset. 

Here are the most interesting matches of the Euro 2024 start:

  • Germany vs Scotland
  • Spain vs Croatia 
  • Italy vs Albania
  • Serbia vs England
  • France vs Austria
  • Portugal vs Czechia
  • England vs Denmark
  • Spain vs Italy
  • Netherlands vs France
  • Croatia vs Italy

Germany can play on home turf as the hosting squad this time. Of all four teams, only Germany has claimed the trophy three times: in 1972, 1980, and 1996. They are a force to be reckoned with!

Albania, Croatia, Italy, and Spain fill up Group B. The Spain squad is also a three-time champion, but Italy is the returning champion, so this group is a close call. That will leave Albania and Croatia to battle it out for the scraps, hoping to reverse their fortunes in the knockout stages.

So, who will win? Italy or Spain? The rivalry between the two teams dates back to 1920, even earning its nickname, the Mediterranean Derby. This competition was renewed in 2012 in their finals showdown when Spain wrestled the trophy from Italy’s hands. First place will be decided in the Spain vs. Italy and Croatia vs. Italy games. 

Italy will be hitting the grass with players from the 2023 national champions, Napoli, pitting them against Spain’s star player, Rodri. Croatia is expected to top Albania, who is playing in the continental championship for only the second time. 

Group C is populated by three smaller countries and a powerhouse: Denmark, Serbia, Slovenia, and England. Nobody expects anyone but England to take the cake, but we will be watching England vs. Denmark closely!

Slovenia, also making only their second appearance in the championship, will try to improve upon their first achievement. They come into their matches with some momentum from their qualifying performance. Serbia and Denmark are suffering from less-than-hoped-for showings in the qualifying rounds, having managed to squeeze in. 

Believe it or not, here’s a fun fact: England, although they made it to the final game last time, have never actually won the trophy. Denmark, on the other hand, took the trophy home in 1992. 

Overall, Group C is considered a weak group. Denmark is expected to take second unless Serbia pulls off an unexpected qualification. Don’t be surprised if Slovenia pulls an upset, as their weak opponents in this group could offer a path to knockout rounds and beyond. 

The dynamics of Group D cannot be denied! Whereas Group C is considered weak, Group D boasts all formidable teams in France, Austria, The Netherlands, and Poland. 

France has won twice and will surely be thirsting for a rematch with Portugal. The Netherlands won once. Austria and Poland both have strong teams. Who will lead this group? It’s a tough call. 

Austria and The Netherlands are fairly evenly matched. Poland will face an uphill battle against France. Both these matches will be closely watched. France is tipped to take the group, but The Netherlands is a dark horse that might win the race. Their match could have a huge impact on the outcome of this group. 

Group E will be interesting to watch. It is a collective of four smaller countries: Belgium, Romania, Ukraine, and Slovakia. Ukraine’s journey to the Finals has been an especially heartwarming narrative, as they cannot play games on their home turf due to the war-torn conditions. 

Only Slovakia has ever snagged the championship title. Romania and Ukraine have only cleared the quarter-finals, although Belgium was the runner-up on one fine day in 1980. 

Belgium is tipped to lead the group, but with the other three Group E participants, anything goes. Slovakia and Belgium will be the teams to watch, as they will be duking it out for second place. 

Don’t discount Romania. They have a strong coach and players hungry to prove themselves after missing out in 2020. Their defensive lineup includes primary playmaker Razvan Marin and Golden Boot Contender George Puscas on scoring. 

Finally, Group F includes Portugal, the team tipped to win the tournament. Portugal is home to probably one of the sports’ best-known, most renowned players in the world, Cristian Ronaldo. Rounding out Group F are Czechia, Georgia, and Turkey. 

Turkey and Portugal’s matchup will be eventful, as these two teams have the longest history of qualifying out of this group. Portugal nine times, Turkey eleven. Although Turkey has not won the trophy since 1976, Portugal were champions in 2016. 

Whatever Georgia does, its games will make history since this is the first time it has qualified for the continental championship. Czechia struggled during its qualifying run but is tipped to take second place over Georgia and Turkey, though it is not favored to advance much further. So keep your eyes on them now!


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