Everything You Must Know About Asian and European Handicap Betting

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Football is the undisputed king of all sports and one of the few that can end in a draw. That’s when handicap betting jumps in to save the day! This wildly popular betting system balances the playing field, awarding equal chances of triumph to both sides, regardless of their previous performance, strong suits, or likely weaknesses. Asian and European handicap betting represent the most common types of this well-known market, enabling bettors to enjoy matches to the fullest. 

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What is Handicap Betting? (Basic Definition and Concept)

Handicap betting is the best way for sports bookmakers to make a sports event more even and thrilling for bettors. Enthusiasts also call it “point betting” or “line betting.” This system erases the lines between two teams who are not evenly matched, disregarding their actual strengths and weaknesses. 

A sports betting site will award a virtual advantage to the weaker team, also known as the underdog. The superior opponent is called the favorite, and they would get a handicap or a disadvantage. If you bet on the underdog to triumph, they would have the edge over the favorite, evening their prospects of winning. Handicaps are shown in brackets next to the names of the teams, where the favored crew gets a minus (-) symbol, while the weaker party has a plus (+) symbol. 

Handicap betting is becoming increasingly popular because it entails more options than win/draw/lose and better betting odds. You could lose or win half of your stake or get your whole stake back. 

Handicap Betting in Football

Football fans and bettors usually wager on one team scoring an extra goal or collecting more points. This system involves handicap lines as fictional lines making the two teams even. 

  • Man City +1
  • Arsenal -1

If the game ends in a goalless draw, your handicap bet on the underdog to triumph at +1 would win, adding that virtual goal to the ultimate score. The outcome would spell 1 – 0 in Arsenal’s favor, leaving the favorite behind due to the goal handicap


Handicap Betting in Basketball 

While most rely on goal handicap to bet on football like a pro, this system works on all sports that follow a similar pattern to determine the outcomes, including basketball and tennis. 

Handicap betting in basketball entails the same set of rules as in football. This system is the most prevalent among Americans, leveling the playing fields between the most popular teams and their inferior opponents.

Line betting in basketball would display the odds like this:

  • Miami Heat +5
  • Denver Nuggets -5

If you bet on the Heat at +5 to carry the day, and the final score was Miami Heat 100 vs. Denver Nuggets 101, you would win the bet. As far as this type of handicap betting goes, the final score would add five extra points to Miami’s actual 100 scored, leaving them with 105 total and the Nuggets at 101. Although the favorite has defeated the underdog, you would still cash in on your handicap bet

Handicap Betting in Tennis

When betting on tennis with a handicap awarded to the more successful player, a similar set of ground rules apply. The idea is to balance the two players’ chances of outperforming their opponent. This type of betting allows enthusiasts to wager on a player they think can surpass their expectations but will still lose a match. 

You can back the favorite with -5.5 games. If they win by six games, your bet will be a success. And if you root for the underdog to prevail by +4.5 games and they lose by four games or fewer, you’ll still be the ultimate winner. 

The Most Popular Types of Handicap Betting: Key Differences

European and Asian handicaps are the most popular types within the handicap betting system, revolving around similar rules and giving leverage to the underdog. But apart from the names and regions they originate from Asian and European handicap bets have several key differences

The main dissimilarity is that the European handicap entails a bet formation different from its Asian counterpart. It presents bettors with three possible results to pick, including a likely event of a tie, whereas Asian handicaps eliminate the draw from the equation, introducing a possibility of the “pushed bet”, with the stake returned to the player.

The numbers and symbols used in European handicap betting also differ from the Asian market. Asian handicaps display non-integral symbols like -1.5 or +1.5, while European handicap betting shows the ratio, using only whole numbers. Unlike that, the Asian market has quarter-ball, half-ball, and whole-ball handicaps, making it a more dynamic system. 

Asian Handicap Pros & Cons

When you start using Asian handicaps, you’ll be presented with different betting options. Apart from a simple win-or-lose outcome, you’ll be able to win, lose, lose or win half of your stake, or get 100% of your initial stake back. The entire concept revolves around giving an upper hand to the weaker party or the underdog. 

While traditional spread betting grants optionslike -/+ 0.5, -/+ 1.5, or -/+ 2.5, Asian handicaps entail options like -/+ 0.25, -/+ 0.50, -/+ 0.75, or -/+ 1.00. And while this type of line betting reduces the prospects of losing money, a wide variety of options can be hard to grasp for many bettors, especially novices. 

Make sure to check out the most comprehensive guide on Asian Handicap Betting before choosing this market. More and more bettors pick it as their favorite way to bet, as it offers more certain wins and breaks the otherwise monotonous encounters where the victorious team is known before the game. Use the new knowledge of Asian and European handicap betting in our legit online casino in Singapore! 

European Handicap Pros & Cons

Sports betting encompasses countless markets fans can choose from, and European handicap is among the most prominent ones. Its main advantage over other types of betting is a lofty return a bettor can expect, with better betting odds and reduced risk of severe losses. 

Much like Asian handicaps, European handicap betting levels the difference between two competing parties in football matches, basketball games, and tennis clashes. While it covers several options to bet on, it’s often difficult for new sports bettors to understand. And according to some experts, moneylines or American betting odds offer better chances to the underdog, yielding higher cash-ins if your bet’s a winner. Prro bettors consider Asian handicaps more generous, as it’s easier to win with two instead of three possible outcomes. 


How European Handicap Betting Works: Key Points 

The simplest way to explain European handicap betting is by mentioning two teams or players whose outcomes involve a similar scoring system like football and basketball and awarding them with the same capacity. While some teams have better players, forms, and standings than their opponents, sports bookmakers will give the “weaker” team a virtual headstart. 

European handicap betting rests on a classic concept, offering win, lose, or draw as possible outcomes. It’s the oldest system in the handicap betting market, prioritizing the underdog and making it harder to opt for the favorite. 


European Handicap Betting Example

A famous match between Man City and RB Leipzig is a way to illustrate how a European handicap bet would play out. Manchester City was dominating in all leagues ahead of this duel, maintaining undefeated streaks left and right, and boosting its odds of winning this match. The European handicap would favor RB Leipzig, the underdog in this scenario, awarding them with the number of goals Man City must score to triumph

If the European handicap is at six goals, the Citizens will grab another victory only if they win by more than six. All bettors in favor of RB Leipzig’s victory would cash in even if they lose with less than six goals. Finally, the match would be considered a draw if Man City matches the handicap and wins by exactly six. 


Tested Tips and Strategies for Handicap Betting

Before making any type of bet, you should arm yourself with in-depth knowledge of the chosen sports and betting market, the team you’d wager on, and their current form, stats, and performance. 

Check out the last five matches they’ve played and see who their star players are. Know how many goals they average and what their shooting accuracy percentages are. Be sure to stay in the loop and know if some of the key performers are injured or absent for any reason, affecting the team’s overall success and chances of snatching another victory. 

Learn about the betting odds and how to calculate them to see how much money you’d collect if you predict the results. But remember – just like with slots and live casino games, sports betting is somewhat a game of chance, so be careful before drawing any final choices. 

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Explore Handicap Betting & Join the Best Online Casino to Bet Like a Pro! 

If you’re a sports betting enthusiast shooting for the stars, this comprehensive guide on Asian and European handicap betting is all you need for a lucrative session. Grasp the basic concept behind this system and learn how these handicaps differ from the Asian handicaps. 

Use the insights to bet on football, basketball, or tennis on our trusted platform. And follow the insider tips to bet like a champ! 

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Let’s keep it rolling!


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