Funky Time Early Access is Here

by GemBet

Funky Time is one of the most anticipated live casino games of 2023, and you will be ecstatic to know that the early access period has officially launched at our reputable Singapore online casino!

Created by a live casino powerhouse Evolution Gaming (best known for their worldwide hit game Crazy Time), Funky Time is another online gambling hit that’s undoubtedly among the best live casino games ever hosted on GemBet.

Funky Time is all about getting groovy in the 1970s, and the swagger of the disco era makes this game amazingly appealing! 

At the heart of Funky Time is the money wheel, and the game also features fantastic new technology and crazy bonus rounds with multipliers of up to 1,500x!

Best of all, early adopters of Funky Time can maximize their winnings during our early access period by getting Boosted Rebates!

Let’s find out how the game works and the significant benefits of this stellar new release!


Funky Times by Evolution Features and Benefits

What separates Funky Time from the competition is the Digiwheel technology, which was already used to power some of Evolution Gaming’s top games, including Monopoly Big Baller and their number one title, Crazy Time. 

Riding on the success of Crazy Time, the creators of this legendary live casino game have decided to push the envelope even further and dazzle players worldwide with Funky Time!

As for the Digiwheel, it’s a 64-segment prize wheel that the show revolves around. Players should be ready for a thrilling online gambling ride with sophisticated betting options and the potential for massive cash-ins! 

The game’s hosts are energetic and entertaining, and the bumping disco music lifts the atmosphere to stratospheric heights – so expect to be fully immersed while you’re boogieing down at our online casino Singapore!


How to Play

The goal of the main game is to predict which segment the money wheel will stop on once it stops spinning. Segments offer either a win or an advancement to a new section of the game – the bonus rounds. 

There are 28 segments marked as “1,” and they offer an instant win.

As for the letter segments, there are 24 of them, and betting on them offers an instant win. For example, the letters of the words “PLAY,” “FUNK,” and “TIME” appear twice on the wheel. 

Finally, there are 12 bonus game segments, and these bets take the player to the bonus game. Six segments are marked “Bar,” three are labeled “Disco,” two are marked “Stayin’ Alive,” and one’s marked “VIP Disco.”


Types of Bets Available

To play Funky Time, players must choose one (or multiple) betting segments where they predict the money wheel will stop on. 

Once betting is completed, the host spins the wheel, and the round begins. The Digiwheel will also randomly assign various multipliers on multiple segments. 

Besides betting on single segments (such as “1,” individual letter bets, and bets on Bonus games, there are also two additional types of bets available: 

  • Betting on 12 letters (which places a separate bet on 12 letters at once)
  • Betting on all 4 Bonuses (which puts an individual stake on 4 Bonus segments at once)


Win Scenarios 

Once the spin ends, the flapper will show which segment of the money wheel has won.

If the wheel stops on any number 1 or letter segment you’ve placed your bet on, that’s an instant win. 

Also, if a multiplier hits the segment you placed your bet on, your bet will be multiplied. 

Finally, suppose the money wheel stops on any Bonus game segments. In that case, you’ll proceed to the Bonus game round, where you can receive additional multipliers.


The Bonus Rounds

Players will love the quality of Funky Time’s bonus rounds, as the possibilities for winning colossal sums of money are massive! Here’s a brief overview of what you can expect from all four rounds. 

The Bar Bonus

This Bonus round often happens in this live casino game, where a classy robot waiter will serve you drinks. You’ll be presented with three different cocktails, each with a unique multiplier, so choose wisely!

The Disco Bonus

The Disco Bonus will make you boogie, so bring your dancing shoes! You’ll be partying with Mr. Funky, and a rotating wheel will determine his trajectory while he’s dancing and snagging multipliers along the way!

The Stayin’ Alive Bonus

While the quintessential disco track bumps from the speakers, you’ll choose a green, purple, or orange ball. Their multiplier meter will increase as the balls are removed from the machine. The final multiplier value will be applied to your bet. 

The VIP Disco Bonus

The VIP Disco Bonus is the round you’ll want to get, as it offers the absolute best multipliers of the game. Once again, you will be reunited with Mr. Funky as he boogies on the dancefloor, but this time the multipliers will be worth 50x, 250x, 500x, and a mind-boggling 1,500x!


Play Funky Time in Early Access & Other Popular Live Casino Games on GemBet 

Early access is a special period before the game’s official release, where it’s available only for exclusive audiences.

Luckily for you, GemBet is a trusted online casino Singapore that was chosen to host Funky Time during the early access period, which gives you a chance to be among the first to play this fantastic game!

The most crucial benefits of early access are the Super Rebates! That’s right; our players will receive premium cash rewards for playing Funky Time, and gain an advantage compared to those that play the game after the official release. 

The concept of Super Rebates is an opportunity we don’t want you to miss out on. Early access grants you exclusive privileges while unlocking the incredible potential for substantial cash rewards. By being among the first to delve into the captivating world of Funky Time, you will be able to claim Super Rebates on all your Funky Times bets!

Imagine receiving a rebate boost simply for indulging in your new favorite game. With early access, you will enjoy a unique advantage, as we have carefully crafted our Super Rebates to reward your loyalty and dedication!

Compared to those who join the game after the official release of Funky Time, early-access players will enjoy a rebate boost, which makes Funky Time even more exciting to play!

Here’s an overview of the stellar Super Rebates promotion during early access:

  • No cap with a 0x turnover on claimed rebates
  • Claim instantly in the bonus section if rebates are over SGD 0.01
  • Bonus bets are excluded from this promotion


Try the Game at a Trusted Online Casino Singapore

If you love to play online casino games, we guarantee you’ll be blown away by Funky Time

The game features four bonus games with outstanding multipliers, dazzling graphics, and fantastic music! Best of all, playing in early access gives you additional opportunities to make bank, so take advantage of this rare opportunity!

It’s time to get funky with Funky Time, boogie all night long at a trusted online casino Singapore, and win huge sums with our Super Rebates!

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