The Most Comprehensive MMA Betting Guide

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MMA is a combat sport with an increasingly growing fan base. It owes its success to each fight’s fast pace, diverse contestants, and unpredictability. However, the elements that make it extra compelling also make bettors’ decisions somewhat trickier than in other similar sports like boxing, wrestling, or taekwondo. So, if you want to bet and win big, follow the tested tips from this full MMA betting guide

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MMA Fighting History & Evolution: Learn About the Most Popular Combat Sport

MMA (short for Mixed Martial Arts) is a hybrid combat sport covering elements from several popular disciplines, including boxing, judo, karate, wrestling, and more. This intense yet exquisite blend of diverse techniques makes it one of the most thrilling sports to watch and bet on. However, its vast historical background makes it even more interesting. 

Some experts claim it dates back to the Ancient Olympic Games when Greek armies participated in these events instead of professional athletes. With the rise of the Roman Empire, this sport was sanctioned as gory and dangerous, with some competitors dying during the games. But it resurfaced in the 20th century with the Brazilian “vale tudo” movement and a slightly less bloody set of rules, gathering a massive fan base. 

Modern-Day MMA

MMA fighting took America by storm back in the 90s. The first contest, named UFC 1, divided society in no time. While thousands praised the sport as compelling, certain activists fought to get it canceled. The aftermath was UFC’s full 180, with a revamped brand and a more strict rule book, protecting players and prompting them to approach the discipline professionally. And by 2009, the UFC managed to push the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts, making MMA as we know it today safer and easier to follow.


All You Need to Know About MMA Betting

Like other popular types of sports betting, MMA betting entails predicting match results by placing a wager on a certain outcome. It is one of the fastest-growing markets among bettors and fans globally. The Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC is its most popular franchise, offering rounds and rounds of endless entertainment in the famous Octagon ring since the 1993 competition in Denver. All fights have five rounds, with every round lasting five minutes at most. 

While there are countless ways to determine fighters’ performances, the most straightforward rule of thumb is to declare the champ via knockout win (KO). In this scenario, a superior fighter will stop his opponent from continuing the clash, while some cases require a referee to break up the fight. This event is called technical knockout (TKO), and one of the two fighters is pronounced unable to go on. 

Other chains of events can lead to a win via submission or end with one fighter throwing in the towel. 

MMA Math: How to Analyze Fighters and Predict Match Outcomes Successfully

MMA betting has some common ground with other types of sports bets. Aside from boxing and similar combat sports, even football, basketball, and all other popular group sports require in-depth knowledge of the individual player’s strengths and weaknesses. It’s vital to learn about their current form and latest performances before placing a wager. 

In MMA betting, however, these insights are the key. In fact, MMA math is more precise than other player-canvassing tactics. The equation suggests that if Fighter A defeats Fighter B and Fighter B defeats Fighter C, Fighter A can also prevail over Fighter C. The facts and potential outcomes are based on the fighters’ recent performances. 

Still, die-hard fans will say that these equations require many variables and should be taken with a grain of salt. Nevertheless, keeping fighters’ styles, shapes, and physical attributes in mind before staking your money is the best way toward a successful bet. 

UFC rankings will help you determine how well fighters from each weight class performed recently, comparing top active participants from each division and offering their statistics. Finally, you can rely on the moneyline odds to estimate who’s deemed to prevail in the nearing matchup. 


MMA Betting Markets: Types of Bets You Can Place

MMA fights offer a range of betting options. Match betting is the most common, and its concept revolves around estimating who’s the dominant fighter. Bettors place wagers on their favorite and root for him to win the match. Some events may allow you to bet on the draw, but most end with a straight win-or-lose outcome. These bets offer moneyline odds, promising heftier winnings if the MMA betting odds were high. 

Number of Rounds

You could also bet on the number of rounds in a specific fight, stating your prediction using Over/Under lines. That way, if you think fighters will exchange blows for three rounds, you’d state 2.5 as a minimum (Over). And if you believe it will finish in three rounds tops, you’d bet on 2.5 (Under). 

Prop Bets

Finally, you could choose a proposition or prop bet, covering particular actions and scenarios that could happen throughout a UFC Fight Night. These bets are more uncertain, yielding bigger payouts if you guess the specifics. The typical aspects to bet on include how and when the fight will end. Method of victory prop bet means wagering whether one of the two fighters will triumph by a knockout win, TKO, submission, or decision. 

Prop bets can also cover in which round the fight will end and whether all three judges’ scorecards will show the same insights, pointing to the winner. Lastly, you could place a wager on whether the face-off will finish at the first round’s start, opting for first-minute finish props. 


Most Popular MMA Events: Title Fights You Can’t Afford to Miss

MMA fights streamed live are a huge deal in the US and other parts of the world. Apart from America, most hardcore fans come from Canada, the UK, Germany, and Australia. After the first-ever event on US soil in the early 90s, this sport has collected 300,000 devoted viewers. The data suggests that the UFC 229, Nurmagomedov vs. McGregor showdown was the most watched event ever, with over two million spectators.  

MMA betting can easily outdo other opportunities to bet on team sports or individual professional athletes and their results. And fans will eagerly wait for each new combat until the main event starts! 

UFC Fight Night VS. Pay-Per-View Events

UFC “numbered” or Pay Per View events are the most anticipated title fights and high-profile duels. Their Fight Night, on the other hand, often encompasses some less-known fights and features fighters whose careers haven’t been defined yet. 

Fight Night is aired on TV and can be watched for free, showing lower-ranked fighters and covering an average of ten matches. As of the time of writing, the next Fight Night  is booked for August 12, 2023, with Vicente Luque meeting Rafael dos Anjos. The “numbered” fights usually mark around 15 pay-per-view major events per year. The upcoming event is scheduled for August 19. 

Other MMA Promotions to Explore

If you’re looking to expand your knowledge, check out other promotions, and watch more international leagues, there are many options available. Along with Ultimate Fighting Championship, Bellator MMA is one of the main combat sports organizations in the world, based in California and ranked second in the USA. 

Fight Nights Global (FNG) is another buzzworthy name. Founded in Moscow in 2010, it has granted fame to stellar fighters like Fedor Emelianenko, Batu Khasikov, and Vitaly Minakov. They’ve held more than 100 events so far, promising memorable entertainment to devotees worldwide.

ONE Championship, established in Singapore 12 years ago, launched stellar fighters like Shinya Aoki, Bibiano Fernandes, Ben Askren, and Demetrious Johnson to the stars. This organization held more than 200 events across Asia, giving countless treats to MMA aficionados. 


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Enjoy the Next Big MMA Face-Off to the Fullest: Follow These Tips & Bet Like a Pro!

MMA fighting has come a long way since its presumed origins circa 648 BC. Thanks to the UFC, these mixed martial arts and techniques are among the most in-demand sports today. 

If you’re a combat sport enthusiast, don’t fail to follow the tested tips from this all-embracing MMA betting guide. Know the markets and betting options, read about each player’s stats, performances, and method of victory, and find a trusted sports betting platform to turn your vast knowledge into gold! 

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