Gather your fruits in our new Early Access game – Keep’em!

by GemBet

Who wouldn’t love to lounge on a tropical beach, sip a fruity drink, and watch a cute pig swim nearby? Ok, the pig part may sound weird, but it all blends in Hacksaw Gaming’s latest slot game, “Keep ’em Cool.” 

Sit back, relax, and match exotic fruits to win up to 5,000x per bet while enjoying a sunny, secluded beach backdrop. And here’s the best part: You can test out this colorful Caribbean-themed game early on GemBet’s platform.

GemBet offers exclusive early access to Keep ’em before its official release on May 2nd for Malaysian and Singaporean players. Thanks to the partnership between Hacksaw Gaming and GemBet, you’ll get to play this fun tropical-themed slot on April 18th, giving you extra time to explore its unique features, including Cocktail Glasses, Blenders, and Picnic Basket Bonuses. If you need a fun and refreshing slot title, book your flight to Keep ’em Online slots paradise. 


Enjoy Early Access to Keep ’em Thanks to the GemBet x Hacksaw Online Slots Gaming Partnership 

With over 120 online slots, scratchcards, and instant win slot games, Hacksaw Gaming is among the leading innovators in the online casino industry. GemBet instantly recognized the significant crossover between Hacksaw Gaming’s exciting titles and the demand from our user base. This is why GemBet pursued a strategic partnership with the Hacksaw Gaming team. Thanks to this exclusive collaboration, online casino fans in Singapore and Malaysia can try many of Hacksaw Gaming’s hottest titles, like Feel the Beat and Keep ’em before the general public.

Malaysian and Singaporean players on GemBet will get their first taste of the Keep ’em Cool fruit slot game on April 18th, weeks before the official May 2nd public launch. This early access gives Southeast Asian players the advantage of exploring all the unique features Keep ’em offers without waiting for a global release. 

The Keep ’em early release highlights GemBet’s mission to deliver exclusive, top-tier slot games to its users consistently. Stay tuned for more exciting opportunities from Hacksaw Gaming and GemBet’s partnership to take full advantage of all the GemBet platform offers. 


Keep’em Cool Graphics And Audio

Keep ’Em Cool immerses players in a vibrant tropical paradise enhanced by stunning visual elements. The game unfolds on a pristine white beach dotted with palm trees, creating an idyllic backdrop that complements the theme. The reels are decorated with colorful fruity symbols like apples, bananas, oranges, cherries, plums, dragon fruits, and strawberries, each encased in varying ice states — from fully frozen to unfrozen. 

This visual metaphor enhances the thematic consistency and plays a crucial role in the gameplay mechanics. The whimsical character, a pig in snorkel gear, adds a playful and quirky touch to the scene, enhancing the game’s appeal with its cute and humorous presence.

The audio experience in Keep ‘em is crafted to match the tropical and relaxed vibe of the visuals. The soundtrack features upbeat, calypso-inspired tunes that evoke a sense of being on a sun-drenched beach holiday. The gentle waves and distant seagulls occasionally permeate the music, reinforcing the beach setting. 

Each spin and win is accompanied by lively sound effects emphasizing the action, while special symbols like the Cocktail Glass, Blender, and Picnic Basket trigger unique audio cues that align with their effects on gameplay. These elements combine to create an immersive audiovisual experience that transports players directly into the game’s fun-filled, tropical universe.


Your New Favorite Fruits — Keep ’em Slot Games Features 

The Keep ’em slot is a 5-reel, 5-row game with a range of assorted fruits that players have to match. On the side of the gameplay board, you’ll see the game’s pig mascot with cute goggles and a tube ready to take a swim. There’s also relaxing beach imagery and plenty of sunshine, setting a bright and soothing tone for the slot game. Add funky Caribbean music in the background, and you’ll feel like you’re in a tropical paradise as the fruits fall on your board. 

Keep ’em slot games aims to match five or more of the same fruit horizontally or vertically. Your reward will depend on the type of fruit you get per match and how many you get. The rewards range from 0.10x per bet up to 5,000x if you match over 21 fruits in a premium category. The fruits on the board include apples, bananas, oranges, cherries, dragon fruits, plums, and strawberries. 

While matching fruits is the primary objective of Keep ’em, there are plenty of bonus features to add “juicy” variety to your gameplay. Besides the fruit on your screen, you’ll see many other exciting items appear while playing these online slots to add a splash of variety to your gameplay. 

Frozen Fruit Feature

Are you curious about the “cool” in “Keep ’em Cool”? This “chilling” phrase refers to the slot game’s signature feature: freezing fruit. 

When fruits appear on the gameboard for each round, you’ll notice a few of these treats are in whole or half ice cubes. When these fruits appear, they’ll stick around one extra round if they’re in half cubes or twice for fully frozen symbols. This freezing feature gives you extra chances to match the same fruits for double points and create additional bonuses when new unfrozen fruits fall within the same slot. Only after all of the fruit reach an unfrozen state with more matches they’ll disappear from the grid.

Cocktail Glasses

Related to the fruit freezing feature, sometimes a Cocktail Glass icon falls on the Keep ’em grid, which entirely freezes winning fruit clusters. Since these glasses chill winning symbols, you’ll enjoy multiple rounds of wins and more chances for new unfrozen fruit to match and increase your totals. 

Each of these Cocktail Glasses has a number between one and five associated with it, representing how many times the glass can re-freeze your fruit before it disappears. For example, a cocktail glass with three glasses means it will refreeze fruit three times before leaving the grid. 


Another unique symbol in Keep ’em is the Blender icon, which picks one fruit from the grid to absorb and make into a delicious smoothie. Each Blender starts with two of the chosen symbols and adds one extra for each fruit added to the Blender’s total. 

Once there are no more winning clusters on your grid and the Blender’s fruit is gone, you’ll receive the rewards for the different symbols the Blender collected. Your total reward depends on the amount of fruit in the Blender and the type of fruit collected. 

Picnic Bonus Baskets 

You could also receive free spins if a picnic basket icon appears on your grid while playing Keep ’em. These symbols reward players with 3, 4, or 5 extra spins, with a maximum of 15 free spins if you get three Picnic Baskets in the same round. 

Besides giving you many extra spins, three Picnic Baskets also unlock the “Sunset Picnic Bonus Feature,” a unique round in which you’re more likely to see special symbols. When you transition to the “Sunset Picnic Bonus,” the screen’s backdrop will change from daytime to evening, and the pig mascot will be lounging in the water with his sunglasses on. 

This bonus round is extra exciting for players because there’s a higher chance of receiving Cocktail Glasses and Blenders for extra wins. During the Sunset Bonus, you may also see Picnic Baskets, each of which could have 2 – 5 extra spins. 


Claim Early Access to Keep ’em Plus GemBet Online Casino Bonuses! 

To make the most of your early entry to Keep ’em Cool, don’t forget to check out all the “cool” bonuses GemBet offers. Adding these premium features to your early Keep ’em experience on April 18th will take your online slots fun to the next level. 

For starters, GemBet players can take advantage of Cash Rush 2.0 to win a piece of our huge prize pool. With a starting bid of 1 SGD or 3.4 MYR, bettors can receive upwards of 10,000 SGD or 34,000 MYR from 212 weekly cash rewards.

Also, don’t worry about putting your money down to testing GemBet’s available online slots. With our Free Credits promotion, you’ll enjoy a no-strings-attached SGD 10 or MYR 10 to try out one of our hot titles. With these Free Credits, there’s no excuse not to try at a round of online slots with titles like Keep ’em — because there’s nothing to lose! 

Although we always strive to offer gamers an enjoyable experience, we understand it’s hard to stay positive when Lady Luck isn’t on your side. But fear not! GemBet’s “GemRebates” ensures players in Singapore and Malaysia have a financial safety net to put their minds at ease. Be sure to use GemRebates for extra protection as you explore all of the titles on GemBet.

Lastly, for those new to GemBet’s platform, we’re rolling out the red carpet with our Welcome Bonus opportunity of up to 250% for Singaporean and Malaysian players. With this generous max bonus, gamers in Singapore and Malaysia could snag upwards of SGD 1,000 or MYR 3,000 to get off on a positive foot with online slots. 

With all of these bonuses stacked in your favor — plus exclusive access to hot Hacksaw Gaming titles like Keep ’em — is it any wonder GemBet has become such a hit with gamers in Singapore and Malaysia? See why GemBet is the ultimate online casino for slot games in Southeast Asia. Register with GemBet today and experience the exciting world of online slots.



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