Dragon Tiger (Evolution) – How to Play

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If you love simple and dynamic online casino games with live dealers, don’t miss out on playing Dragon Tiger by Evolution. Read this brief guide to grasp its basic rules and card values and learn about tested winning strategies.

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Dragon Tiger (Evolution): Quick Intro

Evolution, one of the most reputable online casino game providers, released Dragon Tiger in early 2018. It became a valuable addition to their remarkable live casino games portfolio, catching plenty of attention and making players worldwide play and praise it. Still, Southeast Asian players turned out to be its biggest enthusiasts!

People visiting online casinos pick this game because it’s uncomplicated, fun, fast-paced, and tailored to yield profits. It’s, in fact, a more seamless version of Live Baccarat. Its rounds rarely last over 30 seconds, making it dynamic and enjoyable. 

Finally, this live mobile casino game embraces an RNG-powered concept and offers a personalized experience, refreshing a familiar and well-liked idea.


How to play Dragon Tiger: Basic Rules

As one of the most popular games in live online casinos, Dragon Tiger follows a simple set of rules, according to which the hand with a higher card wins. 

There are eight decks of cards on the table. The game begins with the dealer taking two cards and placing each face down on the corresponding part of the table. One side is labeled as Dragon and the other as Tiger. Then, the players bet on the card they think will have the highest value. If they guess correctly, they can collect a substantial reward. 

There’s also a tie option with no bookmakers’ margin. If a player places a wager on this option, they’ll get a return of 11x their stake or a maximum payout of 50x the bet if the cards are in the same suit! 

Unlike most live online casino games, the card values in this widespread game start at the Ace equal to 1, while the numbers cards represent the values stated on them. The Jacks’ values are 11, Queens’ 12, and Kings’ 13.


Game Theme and Features

Evolution created one of the best online casino games with a genuine Oriental feel. Its realistic design depicts an actual table you’d find in a classy brick-and-mortar casino. But apart from its pleasing aesthetics and superb layout, the game’s optimization and first-rate user experience make it prominent among all players. 

Evolution’s Dragon Tiger is crafted for people to play on all portable devices, making it one of the best mobile casino games. So, if you prefer to bet and cash in on your phone or tablet, you’ll be in for a real treat! The life-like betting experience awaits at the tip of your fingers, available for iOS and Android devices.


Side Bets

The game entails eight extra options to bet on. These side bets include Tiger Red or Black, Dragon Red or Black, Tiger Big or Small, and Dragon Big or Small. 

The Suited Tie side bet is this game’s special feature. It’s the most uncertain wager, but it can drive the biggest cash-ins! It yields a payout of 50x the stake with an 86.02% RTP. Betting on the Dragon or Tiger has a substantially higher RTP of 96.27%.


What Is the Best Dragon Tiger Strategy?

While this game’s outcome mainly depends on one’s good fortune, there are some tested tactics to consider

The first strategy to implement is steering clear from betting on a tie. While this is the most exciting and tempting bet because of its colossal payout potential, the odds aren’t in favor of it. With 86,320 prospective winning combos, ending a round with a draw is the least likely result.

Now that we have covered the “don’t,” here are the two winning strategies to apply. First, learn to manage your bankroll by placing smaller bets more frequently. You can even predetermine an amount you’re willing to wager throughout each round.

Secondly, strive to memorize the cards that have already been dealt. That way, you’ll know when to bet and whether you should choose the Tiger or the Dragon.

Thirdly, always active live casino bonuses if they’re available. These bonuses help you stay in the game longer if you’re down on your luck.

And lastly, stick with the most trusted online casinos to secure your money and have fun worry-free.


Where Can I Play Dragon Tiger?

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