The Clash of Slots: Wisdom of Athena vs. Gates of Olympus

by GemBet

Embark on a thrilling slot game review through the magnificent halls of Ancient Greek mythology as we dive into the divine with two titans in the world of online slots: Wisdom of Athena and Gates of Olympus

Get ready for majestic gods and goddesses casting their magic across the reels, crafting a tapestry of unparalleled excitement and captivating gameplay. In the heavenly glow of the domain of Wisdom of Athena, the goddess of war and wisdom takes center stage.

At the same time, in the grandeur of Olympus, the mighty Zeus reigns supreme in the Gates of Olympus. These two slot games, brought to life by the masterful hands of Pragmatic Play, promise spins, wins, and an engaging odyssey into the heart of Ancient Greece, where every spin unveils a chapter in the epic tale of divine wealth.

Join us as we compare and contrast the enchanting features, unique narratives, and visual extravagance that make Wisdom of Athena and Gates of Olympus revered names in the pantheon of best online slots and one of the most popular games at our trusted online casino.


Get to Know the Essential Game Details

In the highly saturated realm of online slot gaming, the Wisdom of Athena and Gates of Olympus emerge as true stars, each carving its unique path within Greek mythology slots

Wisdom of Athena slot immerses players in a truly divine spectacle. The goddess Athena, regal and calm, graces the reels in a mesmerizing golden realm.

The visual aesthetics of this online slot perfectly capture the essence of Ancient Greece, adorned with statues, columns, and clouds, creating a scenery where players can feel like they have stepped in ancient times.

On the other hand, the design of the Gates of Olympus also presents a similar, magnificent sight. The mighty god Zeus is found overseeing the sky, giving the game a majestic feel. Although both games feature a divine setting, it’s safe to say that Gates of Olympus has a more serious atmosphere.

These slots call out to players to enter an enchanting world. Still, the different visual elements of these games, including slight changes in the overall design and color palette, add unique dimensions to their respective tales, ensuring that every spin unfolds against a backdrop of unparalleled artistic genius.


Slot Games Comparison: Let’s Check Out the Features

As for the slot game features, we uncovered during this slot game review that both Wisdom of Athena and Gates of Olympus are true champions, each carrying a distinct set of traits that elevates the thrill of spinning the reels.

With its goddess-centric narrative, Wisdom of Athena introduces the innovative Grid Unlock feature. This unique addition, aligned along the top of the 6×5 grid, reveals a row of unlockable positions as players move through successive tumbles.

This clever mechanic adds a strategic layer to the game, requiring not only spins of fate but a thoughtful unlocking sequence, making it one of the best online slots in our arsenal.

The appeal of free spins beckons with a dynamic twist—a growing persistent total multiplier, unlocking positions with each tumble—and the tempting prospect of extending the round with five additional free spins.

The baseline RTP of this game is 96.07%, with the option to set it to 95.09% or 94.09%. In all three cases, the volatility is high.

As for the symbols, you need to land at least eight identical ones for a win. The winning symbols get replaced with new tumbling ones, and this tumble sequence continues for as long as there are hits.

The low-paying symbols are five Ancient Greek images, and they pay from 0.25x to 0.75x the bet for either eight or nine of the same symbols, while 15 or more give out 2.5x to 7.5x.

The four high-paying symbols include a pot, a scroll, a helmet, and a gold image. These premium symbols pay from 1x to 5x (for eight or nine of the same symbols) and a whopping 10x to 50x the bet for 15 or more. 

Gates of Olympus, on the other hand, unfolds a different saga. The game’s distinct charm lies in the free spins dynamics – triggered by landing 4, 5, or 6 scatter symbols, unleashing up to 15 free spins.

The global multiplier, an unwavering force, does not reset during these spins, creating an environment where the potential for astronomical wins intensifies with every spin.

The default RTP of this slot is at 96.50%, making it a high-volatility game. Winning on Gates of Olympus requires at least eight matching symbols to appear anywhere on the grid.

Once you get a hit, new symbols cascade down to replace the winning ones, and just like with the Wisdom of Athena, this feature automatically continues for as long as there are winning batches of symbols.

Low-paying symbols include five different-colored gems, while premium symbols include cups, an egg timer, crowns, and rings. This game requires 12 or more symbols for a major win, and with higher-paying symbols, this can result in a win from 12x to 50x your bet.

Pragmatic Play maintains its signature Ante Bet option in both games, allowing players to boost their stakes strategically. Gates of Olympus, however, holds a subtle refinement with a bonus buy option for 100 times the bet, paving a direct path to the heart of the action.

Both games incorporate a spellbinding tale, enticing players with a medley of features that keep the reels pulsating with potential.

Whether it’s the strategic unlockables in Wisdom of Athena or the unyielding free spins dynamics in Gates of Olympus, each game offers innovative and captivating gameplay that online slots fans at our trusted online casino will surely love.

Although both games are fantastic, we have to give a slight advantage to Wisdom of Athena, mainly because of the possibility of unlocking a new row with 6 positions but also because the game is much newer and, therefore, significantly more exciting to play.


How Payouts Work in These Online Slots

Both Wisdom of Athena and Gates of Olympus online slots invite players with the promise of substantial rewards, each unfolding its unique symphony of payout structures. 

Wisdom of Athena, with a maximum win capped at 5,000x the bet, presents an opportunity where strategy is combined with chance.

The Grid Unlock feature introduces an innovative dimension, potentially opening hidden treasures as players navigate the cascading symbols.

The absence of wild symbols is compensated by multiplier symbols (2x to 500x) that weave into the gameplay, applying their cumulative values to the total win at the end of a cascade sequence.

The story takes a different turn on the Gates of Olympus epic stage. Even though the multiplier symbols (2x to 500x) remain the same, there are many other differences.

Originally boasting a potential win of 21,100x, the game underwent an adjustment, aligning its maximum win with a more sensible and achievable figure of 5,000x. This alteration may reflect a response to player feedback, emphasizing a commitment to transparency in potential figures.

Yet, even with this updated framework, the Gates of Olympus retains its magnetic appeal. Multiplier symbols dance across the reels, gifting each cascade sequence with the promise of huge winnings.

As far as online slots go, both Wisdom of Athena and Gates of Olympus games are true beacons of possibility, inviting players to spin the reels and embrace the prospect of divine riches.

They both provide slot enthusiasts with a chance to enjoy innovative features such as the grid unlock and the global multiplier and hold the promise of unforgettable wins while pursuing the mythical wealth of the Greek gods. 


It’s Always Good to Know the Player Experiences

Players have reacted differently to Gates of Olympus, with some finding it captivating and others not so impressed. Admirers glorify the game’s captivating design inspired by Ancient Greek mythology, acknowledging its aesthetic appeal within the well-covered theme.

Though divisive, the cluster pays mechanic (a signature feature for many Pragmatic Play releases) is commended for its uniqueness, offering a different flavor to the traditional payline structure.

The introduction of diverse multipliers, reaching up to 500x, adds an exciting layer to the potential for substantial wins. The bonus buy and free spins features are also recognized as focal points of thrilling gameplay.

However, some players express a bit of doubt. They tend to be cautious regarding volatility,  with concerns about potential dead spins and the challenge of forming clusters.

Criticism extends to the game’s maximum win potential, with disappointment in the conflict between the multipliers and the capped 5,000x maximum win. Skepticism surrounding showcased wins by streamers is another issue.

As for the Wisdom of Athena slot game features, certain aspects emerge as common praises. The visual appeal of the game, steeped in mythology, earns accolades for its captivating design, transporting players to a heavenly realm.

Although sparking debates, the cluster pays mechanic garners appreciation for injecting excitement into the gameplay dynamics. The various multipliers also create moments of heightened excitement for players chasing epic wins.

The free spins feature emerges as another essential feature, drawing acclaim for its contribution to the overall excitement of the gaming experience.

However, some common criticisms also echo in the labyrinth of player opinions. Some celebrate the game’s volatility and high slot RTP, but this concerns others who find it challenging to achieve frequent wins.

Both these games have risen to a shared pinnacle during this slot game review, boasting an impressive 4 out of 5 stars ranking that positions them among the elite in slot releases.

Their standing is underscored by Gates of Olympus’ current status as one of the most sought-after games on GemBet, with a spectacular 5,000x max win materializing each week. The most notable example occurred in 2023 when an extremely lucky player won SGD 450,000 playing this game, the highest recorded max win on slots in GemBet’s history.

And on the Wisdom of Athena, our Singaporean and Malaysian players have also achieved a max win (with SGD 5,000 and MYR 6,000 in winnings) despite being a relatively new game at our trusted online casino.


Enjoy the Best Online Slots at a Trusted Online Casino

Our slot games comparison of Wisdom of Athena and the Gates of Olympus has unraveled many thrilling features and captivating narratives, and we’re proud to crown Wisdom of Athena as the current reigning champion, owing its victory to both novelty and innovative features such as the Grid Unlock.

Standing tall with a remarkable ranking, these two Greek mythology slots invite players into the heart of ancient times, each offering a unique odyssey of spins and wins.

As you chart your course through these stunning realms, both games promise legendary wealth, with max wins celebrated weekly on GemBet.  We encourage you to embark on both journeys, savoring the unique traits of each game. Please share your experiences with us, let other players know how you feel about them, and expect more slot game reviews soon to come!

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