Top Weekly Sports Events Overview: Quick Guide for Singapore Players

by GemBet

If you’re looking for some tested sports betting tips to blast off into a successful spree, this overview of the upcoming sports events will have you covered. Brace yourself for three thrilling football matches, as the nearing EPL, Champions League, and Bundesliga matchups sweep audiences off their feet. A compelling NBA clash is also booked for the second week of November, and an exciting CS: GO championship will reach its grand finale in the week ahead.

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Borussia Dortmund vs. Bayern Munich (Bundesliga)

The nearing Bundesliga showdown will undoubtedly be one of the most thrilling sports events, as two giants meet for an epic battle. Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich will collide on November 8, and those watching live on our Singapore sports betting site should prick up their eyes and ears at 1:30 AM SGT. The matchup will unfold at Signal Iduna Park, granting the amazing Borussia Dortmund a slight home-field advantage.

However, the sports betting odds currently favor Bayern Munich because of their phenomenal stats from the previous games, where they have demonstrated equal mastery of the offense and defense. But as both teams went undefeated for nine matches this season, the upcoming duel will likely come with twists and turns. 

Team Performances and Key Players

After last year’s lapse when the title slipped from their hands in the last match, Dortmund is back in the race again, and they mean business! This season, they stand unbeaten along with Bayern Munich and Bayern Leverkusen, seeded fourth with a total of 21 points. Their rivals stand second, collecting 23 total from nine encounters and a mind-blowing 34 goals scored so far!

Despite Bayern’s unbelievable streak, Dortmund is armed with stellar performers, such as the veteran attacker Marco Reus and the spectacular winger Julian Brandt. Brandt scored four goals and had four assists this season, and is expected to play a substantial role in the nearing derby. Bayern, on the other hand, has Leroy Sane, Harry Kane, and Kingsley Coman. Kane is on fire, with a dazzling 12 goals from nine games, including the mesmerizing moment when he scored from his team’s half against Darmstadt. Moreover, he is Bayern’s leading man in assists, with five achieved so far, bringing his G/A to 17 in only nine encounters!

History taught us that Bayern has a knack for overcoming Dortmund, as they triumphed in the last nine showdowns. However, betting is partially a game of chance and everything is possible, especially with a magnificent team like Dortmund’s. Join GemBet and place your stake ahead of the Borussia Dortmund vs. Bayern Munich clash!


Tottenham vs. Chelsea (EPL Matchup)

The Premier League never fails to deliver outstanding performances and plenty of excitement to those betting on sports. The upcoming sports events won’t make any exceptions, as Tottenham welcomes Chelsea, determined to treat us with an action-packed matchup! The game will take place at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London on November 7, and those watching live through the most trusted sportsbook in Singapore should get a load of this clash at 4 AM SGT.

Apart from the Spurs’ home-field advantage, their stellar performances give them an edge over the opponent. Moreover, sports odds also testify to their favor, currently labeling Chelsea as the underdog. Still, the Blues may get their own Cinderella story, as luck sometimes triumphs over probabilities. 

Team Performances and Key Players

After Ange Postecoglou took over the team this summer, the Spurs are on the run, enjoying their best Premier League kick-off ever! They stand tall at the EPL table top, with a 26 points total from ten appearances and an uninterrupted winning streak of four matchups. And it’s safe to say that Tottenham has more victories ahead, with a stellar team and legendary names like Heung-min Son, James Maddison, and Christian Romero. Maddison’s arrival now seems like a bargain of “only” 46 million euros, as he’s now worth over 70 million according to Transfermarkt. This midfielder recorded three goals and five assists over the ten opening matches.

Chelsea, on the other hand, has Raheem Sterling, Conor Gallagher, and Enzo Fernandez. Still, given the club’s shaky season 2022/23 performances and outcomes, and the new season’s rocky start, the eleventh-seeded Blues didn’t make any real impact or marked a memorable game.  They have collected only 12 points and have three wins behind them.

Will Chelsea reach their fairytale ending, or will the glass slipper be shattered along with their hopes of moving up the EPL table? Pair with the most trusted sportsbook in Southeast Asia and bet on the compelling Premier League clash between Tottenham vs. Chelsea


AC Milan vs. Paris Saint Germain (UCL)

A major UEFA Champions League game approaches, as AC Milan gets ready for a clash with Paris Saint Germain. The Rossoneri will welcome PSG at their San Siro Stadium in Milan on November 8, and Singapore bettors can enjoy a live stream at 4 AM SGT.

Despite Milan’s home turf advantage, Les Parisiens have an undeniable edge over their hosts, complete with a 3 – 0 win from their last encounter. The sports betting odds speak volumes about PSG’s leverage, but these may change at any moment, and fans could be on the scene of a breathtaking UCL event. 

Team Performances and Key Players

After the first round of three matches, fans have a hard time believing that Milan failed to score a single goal! Moreover, Milan’s players and devotees are disappointed with the club’s current position as they dominated against Newcastle but ultimately flopped before shaking their net in their opening match. Rosoneri now has a total of only two points and is last in the table. They can only hang their hopes on the top performers Rafael Leao, Olivier Giroud, and Christian Pulisic, who need to bring out the big guns in the matchup with PSG in order to mark the team’s first success in the league.

Paris Saint Germain has stars like Kylian Mbappe, Achraf Hakimi, and Marco Asensio to step up their game. Hakimi is deemed one of the best right backs in the world, while the famous Mbappe is known as an unstoppable striker who stands third in this year’s Ballon d’Or after Messi and Halaand.

Still, PSG struck out in their clash against Newcastle, unexpectedly losing 4 – 1. So, despite the odds favoring them and Milan being out of shape and out of luck, this matchup may bring another surprise. Bet on the AC Milan vs. PSG UEFA match on GemBet and seize your chance to win big!


Arsenal vs. Sevilla (UEFA Champions League)

UCL has more heart-stirring sports events coming our way! An upcoming face-off between Arsenal and Sevilla is scheduled for November 9 at Emirates Stadium in London, and you can’t afford to miss it! Soak in all the proven sports betting tips from the most trusted sportsbook and watch this promising clash at 4 AM SGT.

The odds favor the Gunners, giving Los Nervios Menses very little chance of prevailing. The latest encounter between the two teams testified to Arsenal’s superiority, and they’re coming after Sevilla with confidence and terrific shape. But keep tabs on the news and stats before the game, as betting on sports is still a slippery slope, and anything can happen! 

Team Performances and Key Players

Arsenal is savoring its grand return to the Champions League after missing it for seven years. The Gunners have achieved greatness and seized the top of their group with six points out of possible nine. They already grabbed a win against Sevilla, with Gabriel Jesus being the man of the hour. Apart from him, Arsenal has more amazing performers on board, including Bukayo Saka, Martin Odeegard, and Declan Rice.

Sevilla’s squad was proclaimed as Kings of Europe because of their Europa League success. They’re now standing third in the table and are aiming to participate in that competition again. Sevilla drew against Lens and PSV, which was one of the most exciting matches in the league so far. The famous Ivan Rakitic, Sergio Ramos, and Lucas Ocampos are yet to show their strengths fully, and enthusiasts hope that the upcoming duel will bring out the best in them.

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Denver Nuggets vs. Golden State Warriors (NBA)

The regular season of the NBA is in full swing, presenting devotees with remarkable performances. The upcoming match between Denver Nuggets and Golden State Warriors will be one of the most important sports events in the weeks to come, as the Nuggets aim to retain the champion’s title and the Warriors seek retaliation for last year’s defeats. The face-off will unfold at Ball Arena in Denver on November 9, and Singapore betting enthusiasts can witness it live at 11 AM SGT.

In season 2022, these two teams clashed three times, and the Nuggets carried the day each time. The current betting odds favor them again, and experts can easily get behind these prognoses as they’ve started the new season with a bang! Nonetheless, the tables can turn at any point so make sure to follow the most reliable Asian Sports Bookie for the hottest stats, news, and odds. 

Team Performances and Key Players

The Nuggets are collecting points and praise left and right, with four remarkable wins against the Lakers, Grizzlies, Thunder, and Jazz. Moreover, they have Nikola Jokic, who’s kickstarted the season almost averaging a triple double. He has 26.5 points, 12.3 rebounds, and 8.5 assists per game, leading his team toward stardome in every department. Also, Denver’s fans can root for Jamal Murray who is proving his worth this season with 20 points and 8.3 assists per game, leading the league with 14 assists in one match.

The Golden State Warriors have Stephen Curry on board. He’s named the greatest shooter of all time by many fans and experts, leading his team with 33.5 points per game, and an impressive 56% shooting rating. Curry now holds the most points scored this season with 134 total and best scoring game this season, snatching a buzzworthy 42 points. This team can’t go without Klay Thompson either, as he’s another sharp shooter, averaging 17.3 points, 4.7 rebounds, and 2.4 assists per game. He scored a total of 19 against the Rockets, making up for a memorable performance.

The Warriors are hoping to get further in the playoffs after they were knocked out by the Lakers in last year’s semi-finals (4-2). But will they excel against the Nuggets? Place your bet ahead of the Denver Nuggets vs. Golden State Warriors game and harvest massive gains! 


CS:GO Thunderpick World Championship 2023 (Finals)

Everyone keen on esports betting will have a terrific opportunity to cash in while watching their favorite virtual duels. Counter Strike Global Offensive started on October 27, with stellar teams scattered all across Europe fighting for a prestigious title and colossal cash prize. This event’s culmination is booked for November 6, and Singapore players can tune in live at 1:30 AM SGT.

The Thunderpick World Championship 2023 has treated spectators with the presence of legendary teams like Ninjas in Pyjamas, fnatic, Virtus.Pro, or FaZe. Still, the ongoing tournament brought a dash of fresh air, as new names have emerged, aiming to seize the throne and collect the laurels. Rising stars like Complexity, Monte, and the celebrated Mouz will go head-to-head with the epic competitors, delivering an exciting event.

Mouz came on top at the first Thunderpick World Championship in August and claimed a spot in this tournament. Judging by their world rankings, they’re currently the best-ranked team. If they triumph again, they’ll scoop a jaw-dropping $250,000 prize, while the runner-ups take $100,000, and 3rd and 4th seeded teams win $50,000 each.

Nevertheless, with Faze, Heroic, Complexity, and Monte breathing down their neck as they are all in the top 10, fans will undoubtedly witness one of the most dynamic and uncertain sports events. Cloud 9 and Virtus.Pro prevailed in Group A, while Faze and Monte stormed through Group B, with Faze ruling supremely in the previous games. Mouz and Complexity still have a Group C duel ahead, while Heroic and Furia share the same faith in Group D.

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