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Sports odds are part of every experienced bettor’s nature. A glance is all it takes them to understand a potential return and the actual value of a particular bet. But if you’re a novice, it’s easy to get confused. 

Sports betting odds tell you how much you’ll get if your wager is successful. You’ll find odds listed alongside every bet. However, the size and type can vary significantly depending on the site, market, and selection. 

Read this comprehensive guide and learn how to bet safely to win big!


Understanding Sports Odds Format

Sports odds tell you how much you’ll get if your wager is successful. You’ll find odds listed alongside every bet. However, the size and type can vary significantly depending on the site, market, selection, etc.

There are several odd systems out there. Some of them can seem complicated if you’re used to another system.  But with some practice, it’s relatively easy to understand how sports betting odds are calculated


Fractional Odds

The fractional odds system is often seen in horse and greyhound racing. It’s the most popular system in the UK and Ireland.

Converting fractional odds to probability uses the formula (y / (x + y)) * 100, where odds equal x/y.

So, to calculate fractional sports odds quickly, imagine that the second number is your wager and the first is your profit. So, odds of 10/1 mean that a $1 bet generates a $10 profit, while 4/6 means you need to bet $6 to get a $4 profit.


Decimal Odds

The decimal odds system is the most common. Moreover, it’s one of the most straightforward systems that allows minor changes. It’s prominent throughout online betting platforms in Europe and Asia and prevalent in Singapore Pools. 

Converting decimal odds to a probability is based on the value of the decimal. Odds of 2.00 equals a 50% chance of winning, and the odds above 2.00 have a lower than 50% chance of winning.

The quickest way to calculate decimal odds is by subtracting them by 1 to get your profit. For instance, if you bet $1 on odds of 2.00, you’ll get a profit of $1. If the odds are 3.50, the return will be $2.50. You’ll also get your wager back. 


American Odds

American odds represent the sports odds used throughout the US, also known as Vegas odds. They entail using a “-“ and “+” system. The minus tells you how much you must bet to win $100; the plus shows you how much you’ll win with a $100 bet.

Here’s American odds work:

  • -200 – $200 bet = $100 profit (plus $200 stake returned) 
  • +200 – $200 bet = $400 profit (plus $200 stake returned) 

A fractional odd of 1/100 equals a decimal odd of 1.01. These are represented as -10,000 in American odds, entailing a 99% probability of winning the bet. 


How Do Sports Betting Odds Work?

Sports odds represent the ratio between the amount staked by the bookmakers and bettors. That way, bookmakers can stake five times the amount you wagered, and if you win, you’ll collect a prize five times your wager and reclaim your initial stake. So, if you bet SGD 1, your earnings will be SGD 6.

These odds express the probability of an outcome, enabling you to grasp the amount you’ll gain if your bet wins. However, the odds often change according to bettors’ activities. More bets on a specific outcome will lower its odds and increase the odds of the opposite outcome. 

Many bookies will use this betting see-saw to reduce liabilities and balance their books. They’ll strive to attract more bets to the outcome with higher odds, lowering them and doing the same with the opposite outcome. But in reality, a book is rarely balanced. 

That’s why it’s paramount to know the teams, players, market, and actual probability. And whether you choose pre-match or live betting, always make informed decisions


5 Common Sports Odds Betting Mistakes to Avoid

Understanding the market, selections, game rules, and teams’ or players’ standings and forms before placing a wager is vital. But betting is still a matter of luck. So learn these basic dos and don’ts before you hit Singapore pools and dodge the most common mistakes to boost your chances of success. 

And remember – anything can happen! 


Poor Bankroll Management

The lack of proper bankroll management is the worst account betting mistake. The rule of thumb is to bet only with money you can afford to lose. When you’re financially stable, put some cash aside and use it to bet on sports – but never reach for your savings to place a wager! 

If you follow different sports, bet on the one you know best. Avoid placing too many bets and stick with a betting option that works for you and your balance. 


Chasing Losses

You could place a wager and feel certain about a favorable outcome. However, the team or player you expected a stellar performance from is having an off day, making you lose and prompting you to bet again to regain money and confidence.

Never chase losses. If you lose, don’t try to recover immediately by placing another bet! 


Unrealistic Expectations

Managing your expectations is crucial since account betting still represents a game of chance. You could still lose – even with a vast knowledge of sports, a thorough understanding of how the odds work, and meticulous research. 

So set your aims, be realistic and moderate, and strive to enjoy betting


Blind Betting 

Many make the rookie mistake of failing to research the teams they plan to bet on, simply putting their money on whoever is the favorite. It’s best to do some legwork instead, so read about the teams’ recent results, statistics, averages, players, and managers. 

Also, never wager on your favorite team at all costs – as they can also hit a losing streak and pull you down.  


Unfamiliarity with Value Betting

Those who know all about account betting also know about value betting. The actual chances of winning a bet can sometimes be higher than the odds third-party service providers state. 

If you’re a seasoned bettor, assess your probability of winning and embrace an opportunity if everything adds up!


Learn About Sports Odds and Play Responsibly!

If you’re new to sports betting, use this guide to start winning immediately! And if you’re already a pro, steal a tactic or two to secure your whopping gains. Don’t forget to test your luck and knowledge on our reputable platform that offers pre-match betting with Boosted Odds and live betting – plus live streams of all major events! 

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Finally, GemBet takes a strong Play Responsibly stand and offers the best odds for Singapore Pools!


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