Game Spotlight: Dream Catcher

by GemBet

Step into the realm of live casino gaming, where excitement knows no bounds, and Evolution Gaming reigns as the master behind the curtain. If casino gaming had a rockstar, Evolution Gaming would claim center stage. With a knack for transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary, they’ve become the maestros of immersive gaming experiences. 

The immense quality of their work is best evident in their 2017 masterpiece, Dream Catcher, which remains one of the most popular betting games worldwide and one of their flagship success stories. 

Regarding live casino action, just a few games carry the weight of this masterpiece, so we’ve decided to dedicate an entire guide to this game! Let’s check out how to play.


A Quick Introduction to Dream Catcher and How This Amazingly Interactive Game Works

Dream Catcher takes place in a first-class studio environment, and the center stage is reserved for the Money Wheel. As each round begins, expect an array of sounds and visual effects, and the hosts will keep your attention going as you place your bets. 

Once all bets have been placed, the camera performs a dramatic zoom, gripping you to your seat. 

It’s also important to mention that the info panel on the bottom of the screen is fabulously designed and displays all essential information, including your balance, history, and various betting options. 

One of the best things about Dream Catcher is that it’s an excellent choice for both novices and experienced players, as it doesn’t involve complex rules but is highly thrilling to play.

Players can choose the size of their chip (bet) and place their bet on one of six options.


How to Play and Become a Master at Dream Catcher (Including all the Essential Features and Gameplay Information You’ll Ever Need)

In a nutshell, playing Dream Catcher is all about picking a number that the wheel will stop on. Once the bet is placed, the dealer spins the Money Wheel, and the players who’ve chosen the correct number are paid their winnings. 

As for the wheel, it’s divided into 54 segments, and each of the six betting options has a different number of segments and, therefore, a different probability of landing. 

Lower-paying numbers have a greater number of segments, which pay out less compared to the higher-paying numbers. 

The overall RTP is 96.58%, but it’s important to note that the numbers have different RTP values. Players can choose between six numbers: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 40.

The payouts are easy to remember (and are clearly designed), as each number represents its exact payout:

  • Number 1 (23 segments on the wheel) pays 1:1
  • Number 2 (15 segments on the wheel) pays 2:1
  • Number 5 (seven segments on the wheel) pays 5:1
  • Number 10 (four segments on the wheel) pays 10:1
  • Number 20 (two segments on the wheel) pays 20:1
  • Number 40 (with one segment on the wheel) pays 40:1

There are also two multiplier segments on the Money Wheel, one is 2x, and the other 7x

When the wheel lands on one of these segments, all bets are held, and another spin begins. The number the wheel lands on after the multiplier spin will have this multiplier attached to it. 

Instances where multiple multipliers spins can also happen, where their values are multiplied together, adding to the thrill of the interactive game. 

For example, suppose the first spin lands on the x7 multiplier, and the second round also falls on the same 7x multiplier. In that case, a 49x multiplier is going to be applied on the next spin!


Why Should You Choose Dream Catcher to Be Your Favorite Game of All Time

The simplicity of Dream Catcher, combined with the design and atmosphere, makes this game a delight to play. It comes as no surprise that it managed to maintain its popularity for so many years. 

Another aspect that sets it apart from the competition is the dealers. Entertaining to a fault, they will make you feel like you’re right in the middle of the action and even make you forget that you’re playing from the comfort of your home. 

The intuitive gameplay is among the main reasons why so many experienced players keep returning, but it’s also surely one of the main reasons why new and inexperienced players choose it to be their first live casino game they try out. 

Finally, the dream scenario of this interactive game is to land consecutive multipliers. Even one multiplier can result in a massive win, but landing two or more bonuses in a row will surely make Dream Catcher your new favorite. To put into perspective the power of consecutive multipliers, there have been multiple instances where such multipliers resulted in more than 300x the original stake wins!


Here are a Few Fantastic Live Casino Games That Are Similar to Dream Catcher

For all the players out there who are huge fans of Dream Catcher or are on their way to becoming one, here’re a couple of similar and very popular games that are sure to get your blood pumping. 


Check Out the Unforgettable Mega Wheel (by Pragmatic Play Live)

Even though Mega Wheel is Pragmatic Play’s first-ever live game show, one of the most outstanding game providers in the world did not disappoint. 

Similar to Dream Cather, it revolves around the Money Wheel (which is evident from the title), and here players can get up to 500x the bet – of course, if multipliers serve them well.

An essential difference between these two games is that Mega Wheel uses RNG (Random Number Generator) technology for setting the multiplier values, and this intriguing RNG feature adds a new layer of excitement.


It’s Time for the Dazzling Sweet Bonanza CandyLand (by Pragmatic Play Live)

Sweet Bonanza CandyLand is a sequel to the original Sweet Bonanza, which remains as one of the most popular casino games ever. 

The new offshoot brings an element of a live game dealer and adds the Free Spin option. 

Like Dream Catcher, this vibrantly-designed live game show brings multipliers of up to 100x of the original bet, providing players a chance to win a fortune while being entertained. 


Get Ready for Some Far East Action with Imperial Quest (by Evolution Gaming)

Imperial Quest by Evolution is the official Asian-themed version of the Dream Catcher game. 

This game is perfect for all players who enjoy games with an Asian flair brought by an immersive studio environment and want the same gaming experience associated with the original title. 

As it’s essentially the same casino game with the same RTP and prizes (but with Asian hosts who present in either Mandarin Chinese or English), it’s not needed to include a how to section. But players can expect the same action with incredible multipliers and bonuses. 


Experience Incredibly Giving Bonuses With GemBet Online Casino and Take Your Betting Experience to a Brand New Successful Chapter

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Dream Catcher live game show guide, and if you’re ready for premium entertainment, this game is perfect for you!

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