Hottest Live Casino Games: Discover Lightning Lotto by Evolution Gaming

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Are you a fan of interactive live casino games? Evolution Gaming is one of the leading industry providers, dedicated to catering to your needs! Apart from superbly crafted online slots, this iGaming software distributor has countless live table games in their portfolio, with more than 100 new releases planned for 2023. Lightning Lotto has just dropped and taken a spot at the very top of their list of successes, taking players’ experiences to the next level.

This fresh-out-the-oven bouncing-ball game features two top-notch machines, Lucky Lightning numbers that could grant you massive wins and bring lots of entertainment. It represents the freshest addition to the award-winning Lightning series, revamping the familiar ambiance, adding new thrills, and boosting payout potential.

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A Brief Introduction to the Lightning Lotto: Key Ingredients & How to Play 

This hot release has pushed the bouncing ball games further, adding two ball machines to the picture. The first has 25 balls with numbers from one to 25, and the second packs ten Powerball balls numbered from one to ten.

This simple yet highly entertaining casino game has one main goal – you should use a single ticket to match as many numbers as possible! Every ticket has five regular numbers between one and 25 and one Powerball number between 1 and 10. Your aim is to match at least three numbers on your ticket in order to master the game and collect the profits. 

The game begins as you buy lottery cards, which is made simple thanks to the game’s innovative RNG software. Once you buy them and place the bet, the next step is on, as Lightning numbers are picked.

Each game round entails drawing six balls, five from the standard drum, and one from the Powerball drum. Two out of five numbers drawn from the regular drum are chosen at random and boosted with 2x to 10x multiplier values, becoming the Lightning numbers. The second drum is tailored to cast more numbers from one to ten, bolstering your odds of getting a winning combination


Get Ready for the Most Immersive Gameplay and Features!

Relax Gaming’s brand-new release is visually superior to most similar games that came before, portraying electrifying surroundings with a dramatic soundtrack. The setting feels luxurious and tempting, combining dark colors with dazzling gold tones. The pleasant live hosts are dressed to match the overall vibe, alluring you into the world of mouth-watering gains. 

But this sizzling addition to live casinos brings two major changes – the two ball machines and the ability to play with a staggering 500 tickets! But the best news is that each round brings multipliers to the table, assigning them randomly to two numbers. If you have both of those lucky numbers on your card, the values of these multipliers will be added together, creating one massive win! 

The maximum you can win is 20x multipliers for six numbers, and the payout entails a 96.08% RTP, which is a slight increase compared to the game’s predecessors and similar releases made by other providers. 


Why is Lightning Lotto Becoming One of the Most Popular Live Games in Every Online Casino

Besides the stunning visuals and the game’s interactive nature, its special features make it stand out high above any casino game. The two machines intensify the experience, as the Lightning Round introduces random multipliers, engaging players and stacking up their winnings in no time! The Powerball machine helps your ticket reach the top of the winning pile, yielding a whopping cash-in.

Finally, this advanced lotto comes with a First Person version, granting every player a unique experience and treating them with the same options as in the regular live version. Players can select the number of tickets they want to play with, but they’ll also be rewarded with a Speed slider, an option that allows them to adjust the pace. 


Discover More Casino Games With Similar Concepts 

Keen to find more spectacular games that offer excitement and lofty payouts? Take a peek at the Vegas Ball Bonanza by Pragmatic Play Live and two more popular live casino games by Evolution Gaming. Much like Evolution’s newly-launched game, these three are brimming with cash prizes. They all feature multipliers, and the first two introduce bonus balls, resembling the new smashing hit. 

Despite the third using dice instead of bouncing ball machines, its idea relies on the same concept – and belongs to Evolution’s successful Lightning family! 

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Vegas Ball Bonanza – Pragmatic Play Live

Vegas Ball Bonanza is one of the most action-packed live casino games delivered by the famous Pragmatic Play. It uses bingo cards, and you can play up to nine 3×3 cards per round to land a winning combo. The machine holds 30 balls, numbered from one to 30. 

Random multipliers of up to 50x are awarded to up to five numbers, supersizing your gains if one of those pops out of the machine. The game has two bonus balls called Star Bonus and Wild Bonus, which serve as an extra way to skyrocket your profits and could also activate the multipliers if you’re lucky enough!

The max winning multiplier in this fast-paced live game is 20,000x on one ticket, with a default RTP of 95.97%. 

Mega Ball – Evolution Gaming

Evolution’s mega-successful Mega Ball is basically a modern-day bingo game, enabling players to use up to 400 tickets with a 5 x 5 number grid and 12 playable lines! Each of these cards contains 24 numbers, while 20 balls are drawn from a 51-ball drum. The idea is to create as many horizontal, diagonal, or vertical lines with matching numbers, each carrying a specific payout value.

This popular game juices up the player’s experience and promises more whopping cash-outs with two Multiplier Balls, carrying values of up to 100x! 

While this game offers a mind-blowing max win of up to 1,000,000x times the stake, players can grab hold of their earnings based on their bet amounts, reducing this staggering payout. 

Lightning Dice – Evolution Gaming

Evolution never fails with its live games, and Lightning Dice is there to testify to this claim. This unique game uses real dice and a live show host, spilling Lightning Multipliers left and right and leaving players in awe with its dynamics and huge payouts. 

If you’re shooting for the stars, you should get a three (triple ones) or 18 (triple sixes) to snatch a 1,000x multiplier. The 50x multiplier applies to all numbers from eight to thirteen, while the 250x and 500x multipliers only cover two numbers each.

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