Red Door Roulette by Evolution: Play the Hottest Live Casino Game

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If you’re eagerly anticipating a brand-new live game show that will sweep you off your feet with its mesmerizing layout, dynamic gameplay packed with twists and turns, and one of the best bonus features you could have hoped for – Evolution got you covered! Their sizzling hot Red Door Roulette live casino game will officially drop and change the iGaming landscape on November 8, but you can play it on GemBet exclusively during the early access period.

This release will treat you with a unique fusion of classic roulette that never goes out of style and Evolution’s ultra-popular Crazy Time Bonus Game! So buckle up and join the most trusted online casino in Southeast Asia, as this unbelievably immersive table game will dazzle you and shower you with cash prizes. Step into our live casino to be among the first to try it, and look for more real money casino games that guarantee a memorable experience! 


How Red Door Roulette Works: Grasp the Game’s Basic Concept

Evolution is one of the most well-known game providers worldwide, launching grade-A pastimes for all types of casino players round the clock. Their fresh-out-the-oven live casino game takes roulette’s simple and beloved concept and takes it to the next level by adding a giant 64-segment wheel of fortune to the picture and filling it with mouthwatering multipliers and double wins.

The base game rests on the tested formula, using a European-style wheel with 37 straight-up numbers and three to fifteen keys scattered across them. Betting on these numbers comes with a 19:1 payout and default RTP of 97.09%, while all other bets’ RTPs are fixed at 97.30%.

The goal is for the ball to land on a number with a key, kickstarting the thrilling Red Door Crazy Time Bonus Round!

You can crack the fun open by placing your bet anywhere on the grid, and once the betting time is over, the host will trigger a single reel slot machine with numbered symbols valued from three to fifteen. It will stop at a random number, showing how many keys will be placed on the grid.


Gameplay Mechanics & Extra Features: Embrace the Top-Notch Live Casino Experience

Red Door Roulette packs keys and multipliers, waiting for players to unlock their full potential and grab awesome gains! The RNG-powered mechanism allows multipliers between 2x and 20x to pop up when you hit the right key. These boosters are assigned to random numbers, promising a fun and unpredictable experience.

The multipliers will help you pile up gains, moving forward to the bonus round and raising your total further by its values.

And once it’s time to step into the main Red Door Crazy Time round, you’ll discover the most unique merge of Evolution’s two major achievements! 

Spin the Massive Crazy Time Wheel!

The real fun starts when you grab the right key and the host unlocks the door to the ultimate round. You’ll feast your eyes on the huge colorful wheel with sixty-four segments that contain multipliers and double sections. If your lucky key comes with a multiplier, its value will be applied to all the sections on the wheel, triggering astonishing payouts.

The round starts when the game show host hits the big red button, prompting the giant wheel to spin.

If the wheel stops on a segment labeled “Double,” all your payouts will become twice as worthy and the wheel will be spun again. If more doubles occur, all your totals will double until they reach the maximum of 4,000x, when they switch to hefty 4,000x multipliers

How to Win Big: Discover the Best Roulette Strategies

Thriving in any live casino game requires some help from the stars as they’re all games of chance. Nevertheless, a fail-proof betting strategy may turn the tables, allowing you to dodge massive losses and boost your odds of finishing as a champ. The basic steps you need to take entail extra care of your bankroll and limits. An ideal start for a beginner would be to determine a precise amount of cash they’re willing to stake without suffering any serious consequences if the good fortune turns its back on them. Additionally, it’s wise to have a predetermined amount for each hand. These tested tips will come in handy for any table game.

Succeeding in Evolution’s Red Door Roulette may depend on some more specific and advanced tactics. Here are a few do’s and don’ts that work like magic: 

  • Avoid betting on all thirty-seven straight-up numbers as you’ll win only nineteen units,
  • Bet on half of the number from time to time, but dodge this approach as a long-term betting strategy, as you’ll need to rely on your luck for the bonuses to compensate for 50% of lost bets, 
  • Place your stake on one-third of the straight-up numbers to have a 33% chance of winning, and maintain your bankroll more steadily while still having good odds of reaching the bonuses. 

Finally, the provider has made it easy for you to track your wins and losses, reevaluating and revamping your betting strategy as you go. You should rely on its Statistics and Results Tracker, reviewing the last 500 outcomes you’ve achieved and planning your next move accordingly. 


Why Red Door Roulette’s Amazing: Key Perks of the Game

Apart from the game’s riveting setting and the color combinations that capture all the splendor of old Vegas, this show’s live hosts will keep you engaged through and through. Their knowledge and friendly approaches will put a giant smile on your face, walking you through the interactive world of aesthetic extravaganza and lofty cash-ins.

Nonetheless, this game’s main edge over all other live casino games is its one-of-a-kind composition. Mixing the ingredients of classic casino pastimes with brand-new features and state-of-the-art technologies is simply matchless. Combining the elements of previously launched Lighting Roulette’s variants and adding the brilliant Crazy Time Bonus Game is a move never seen before, juicing up the gameplay instantly. 


Live Casino Games Similar to Red Door Roulette: Read More, Play, and Win!

While enjoying early access to Red Door Roulette in our Singapore online casino, you should also roam Evolution’s vast live game portfolio, exploring its always-in-demand classics. These immensely popular real money casino games share some common traits and features with the upcoming release, starting with exquisite layouts and atmosphere that transform iGaming platforms into glamorous and vibrant land-based casino settings.

Moreover, their immersive gameplay and cutting-edge technologies treat players with fantastic experiences and colossal payouts, showing why this gaming provider remains the most prominent one! 

Lightning Roulette by Evolution Gaming

Before releasing the freshest Red Door addition to its massive portfolio, Evolution’s Lightning Roulette was all that because of its fast pace, advanced RNG gameplay, and rewarding randomly generated Lucky Numbers from one to five and Lucky Payouts. These two functionalities grant 50x, 100x, 200x, 300x, 400x, and 500x multipliers, maximizing your total between 50:1 and 500:1, while regular straight-up bets pay 29:1.

This compelling game is still a smashing hit in our reputable Singapore online casino, combining a traditional European-style wheel of 37 pockets with RNG software and offering a top-grade live experience. Its default RTP is 97.30% for non-multiplied bets, while Lucky Payouts take it down a notch, awarding players with return values of around 97.1%.

The Lightning Roulette’s wheel and gameplay were spiced up a bit in its newer, XXXtreme version, while the upcoming Red Door variant retains the identical concept and betting options, expanding it with its elegant and exciting bonus game. 

Crazy Time by Evolution Gaming

Evolution’s Crazy Time is undoubtedly one of the most popular spin-the-wheel game types in our Singapore online casino. Players are smitten by its interactive nature and outstanding features, while its advanced RNG game mechanics enable them to scoop up to 25,000x the bet!

This dazzling live game show is deemed the most expensive live casino game on the market, featuring a gigantic wheel with 54 segments brimming with valuable prizes from one to ten times the initial stake. But the game’s ultimate perk is its four bonus rounds that elevate players to a whole new level of entertainment while showering them with winnings. Still, the titular bonus game is the most buzzworthy, primarily because of its incredible prospects of cashing in big!

The eagerly anticipated Red Door Roulette borrows this thrilling round, encouraging players to shoot for its breathtaking doubled wins! But this time around – the wheel is even bigger, promising a true spectacle. Still, the max multiplier is lower for this round, enabling you to snatch 4,000x the bet

XXXTreme Lightning Roulette by Evolution Gaming

If you enjoyed Evolution’s Lightning Roulette before, this bolstered variant of the famous live casino game will blow your socks off! XXXtreme Lightning Roulette is highly volatile, surpassing its sought-after predecessor. Plus, the newer, boosted version carries whopping multipliers, maximizing the game’s payout potential!

The game uses a European-style wheel, rewarding straight-up player bets with jaw-dropping multipliers and a default RTP of 97.10%. It begins with five random lightning numbers and unveils multipliers from 50x to 500x. However, once you unlock its magnificent Chain Lightning Feature, you could increase these multipliers up to 10x! Lastly, this compelling live game show offers you a chance to raise the multipliers up to a staggering 2,000x thanks to the Double Strike with Red Lightning.

Although it’s packed with action and alluring payouts, this popular variant grants lower max multipliers than the most recent live show blend. 


Join Our Trusted Online Casino & Enjoy a Live Game Show! 

The new Red Door Roulette represents the ultimate mash-up, tailored to pump you with adrenaline and lavish you with winnings! And if you enjoyed this quick glance at its perks, features, and superb game mechanics, stay tuned and give this live casino game a go on GemBet.

Besides the exclusive chance to get your hands on Evolution’s hottest combo, our trusted online casino will boost your experience with numerous promotions and stellar prizes! Singapore players can’t afford to miss the new Cash Rush, seizing the opportunity to collect up to SGD 10,000 or one of 212 cash prizes. Are you up for a major balance top-up? Check out our promo page and see what else is in store.

Join thousands of satisfied players and try out the best real money casino games by top providers now!



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