Discover the New Live Casino Game by Evolution: XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat

by GemBet

If you love to play baccarat in an online casino setting, Evolution Gaming has a real treat for you. This leading industry provider has more than 100 casino games planned for 2023, with a staggering 18 RNG titles launched only in the first quarter. Their hottest release, XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat, is the most engaging variant of the popular live casino game, brimming with stunning visual elements, extra features, and whopping multipliers. The game’s payout potential is bigger than ever, spilling jaw-dropping cash-ins!

Learn how to play this fresh-out-the-oven version of online baccarat and find out about the similar live casino games you can try out on GemBet. 


Learn The Basic Rules: How Evolution Gaming’s Newest Online Baccarat Works

While fabulously innovative, Evolution’s newest addition to the online baccarat portfolio entails the basic set of rules tied to the game’s traditional concept. You can bet on the banker’s hand to win, opting for an option with the highest probability of realization. Alternatively, you can bet on a player win or a draw, keeping in mind that these outcomes are less likely to guess but yield higher profits.

However, the chance to grab multiplied cash-ins on your winning hand makes the sizzling XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat the most entertaining live dealer game.

The game starts with a 52-card deck and 15 seconds to choose an outcome to bet on. A winning player bet yields a 1 : 1 payout, while the banker hand grants a 0.97 : 1 gain. A tie pays 2.85 : 1, granting the biggest earnings.

Four to eight random cards can become multiplier cards, and if your winning hand contains any of them, the total is raised by the awarded number. These multipliers grant a maximum win of 10,000x for player and banker hand, while a successful tie bet allows you to scoop 2,850,000x total. 


Find Out About the Game’s Unique Functionalities: Gameplay & Features

Like in all online baccarat games, you should bet on banker or player win, given that a tie is extremely rare. But a key difference between this variant and all its predecessors lies in the Lightning Cards and higher multipliers that boost your winning hand by up to a mouth-watering 2,850,000x!

This fast-paced live game with a straightforward concept and fixed betting outcomes surpasses all previously released versions, handing out more lush cash-ins.

Apart from the game’s main attraction, the Lighting Round, this live show with lavish prizes enables you to track in-game statistics and results, letting you revise and bolster your tactics. 

Enter the Lightning Round 

The Lightning Round begins as soon as the betting time is out. Each of these rounds entails selecting four to eight random Lightning Cards, automatically generated from a virtual 52-card deck with randomly picked multipliers for each special card. The multipliers you could land are 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 8x, and 10x.

When the Lightning Round is over, the player and banker receive two or three cards, according to the value of their hands.

If you win with one or more matching Lightning Cards in a hand, the total is increased accordingly. Three matching Lightning Cards could multiply your winnings by up to 1,000x. But lastly, winning a tie bet with six matching Lightning Cards can land you an outrageously high multiplier of 2,850,000x!


Read About the Game’s Special Perks: Why XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat is Taking the World by Storm

If you love to play baccarat, this newly launched online variant won’t leave you disappointed. The unmatched online casino experience starts with its magnificent design and color combo that brings all the magic and glamor of traditional brick-and-mortar casinos into your device. The dark shades blend in perfectly with fiery tones, as live dealers introduce you to the mesmerizing world of Lightning Cards and multipliers.

The XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat’s main round spills cash prizes at a break-neck pace, as each round unfolds in a blink of an eye, making it perfect for those who like uncertain, snappy pastimes.

Finally, this fresh addition to the baccarat games is highly volatile, with a default RTP of 98.68%, letting players stockpile winnings non-stop. 


Sign in to the Best Malaysia & Singapore Online Casino to Try Live Games Similar to XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat

Does this recently dropped bombshell sound like something you ought to try? Well, Evolution has much more in store for you! Their XXXTreme Lightning Roulette and Lightning Lotto share the most significant feature with the newest baccarat variant, offering players a thrilling Lightning Round where the multipliers just keep piling. Still, the max payouts are somewhat lower in these two live show games, making Evolution’s latest release more interesting.

The Lightning Dice is unique in its sphere, thrilling participants with outstanding visuals and stunning cash-ins, but still fall behind the freshest baccarat when it comes to the max multipliers and ultimate cash-outs.

Learn all about these compelling live games and join our trusted online casino to play them! 


XXXtreme Lightning Roulette by Evolution Gaming

If you had the chance to play Evolution Gaming’s Lightning Roulette, you must try this boosted version of the familiar live casino game. XXXtreme Lightning Roulette is more volatile than its successful predecessor, packing bigger multipliers and increasing the game’s payout potential!

This dynamic roulette game uses a European-style wheel where only straight-up player bets receive astonishing multipliers. The game starts with five random lightning numbers being picked, carrying multipliers from 50x to 500x.

Chain Lightning Feature is the game’s main treat, maximizing the multipliers up to 10x. Finally, a Double Strike with Red Lightning may raise the multipliers up to a mind-blowing 2,000x!

Straight-up numbers bets have a default RTP of 97.10% while other winnings have a 97.30% RTP, promising a maximum player win of 2,000x the initial bet


Lightning Lotto by Evolution Gaming

Lightning Lotto is one of the most popular live game shows created and distributed by Evolution Gaming. This sought-after bouncing ball game will never go out of style thanks to its crisp design, soft extravaganza depicted in its setting, and a well-known Lightning Round feature.

This immensely demanded lotto variant allows players to use up to 500 tickets, each containing six random numbers. Unlike previous lotto versions, this one entails two machines, granting a better chance of winning.

Each round unveils two randomly assigned multipliers, and the maximum player win is 100,000:1 with six numbers boosted by 20x multipliers.

Lastly, Lightning Lotto offers a chance to customize the whole experience by choosing to play in First Person mode, powered by innovative RNG software.


Lightning Dice by Evolution Gaming

Lightning Dice is a live game with a unique concept, using real dice and a live show host who rolls them into a see-through Lighting Tower. This super-popular release by Evolution packs incredible Lightning Multipliers, promising immersive gameplay and hefty payouts.

The idea is simple, as the player bets on what the total of the three dice will be. The ultimate outcomes to pursue include three (triple ones) or 18 (triple sixes), which will allow you to land a maximum 1,000x multiplier with a 96.21% RTP.

The numbers from eight to thirteen carry a 50x multiplier, while the 250x and 500x multipliers cover two numbers each. 


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