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online casino technology

Technology is changing how we shop and work, but the biggest changes are apparent in how we spend our free time. Many exciting technologies are out there – augmented reality, virtual reality, and blockchain to name a few.

The same is true for the online gaming sector. Oftentimes, it’s at the forefront of technological change, and we’ve seen some incredible new tech over the last few years.

Here are some of the most exciting technologies currently driving online casinos:


Network Gaming & Cloud Services

Traditionally, online casinos relied on physical servers and storage solutions. And because they were appealing to players worldwide, these weren’t always reliable, fast, or efficient.

Players would often have to download the casino software onto their devices as the casinos didn’t have the means to process all data for each player.

Cloud servers have changed the game.

Most of the content found on casinos and sportsbooks is stored on a cloud server, thus negating the need for expensive, slow, and impractical servers.

More importantly, iGaming sites can provide players with real-time data updates and feed them a constant stream of info, especially useful for live betting, also known as in-play betting.

Live betting works by constantly receiving data about a live game and using it to change the odds in real time. At the same time, players can bet on outcomes with their bets processed accordingly.

Take a football match as an example.

If Team A scores a goal, the site needs to react quickly to suspend all betting and prevent players from wagering on an outcome that has already happened. The odds must then change to account for the goal and the altered outcomes, after which it presents these new odds to players who bet on them.

It’s a lot of data to process for a single match, and it’s possible thanks to cloud computing.

Live betting probably wouldn’t be possible without this technology.


Live Streaming for Live Casino Games

Live casino gaming is the most impactful innovation in this sector since the mobile revolution. Live games give players an immersive experience – unmatched by traditional RNG table games.

Many technologies have made this possible. These include Optical Character Recognition (OCR), employed to recognize and process the information shown on card faces, roulette wheels, dice, and betting boards. It essentially bridges the gap between the real world (in the casino studio) and the virtual one (on your device).

Live chat technology is also used on these sites to keep the dealer in touch with players.

The biggest innovation, however, comes from live streaming. It’s something that has become second nature thanks to the proliferation of media streaming services. But it works differently in live casinos.

High-definition cameras are positioned around the table to capture all of the action. This data is then streamed to thousands of devices simultaneously. The streams are fast and high-quality, as nothing less will do.

You won’t have many complaints if you’re streaming a movie and it buffers for a few seconds. You also won’t argue with a game stream that is a little slow. But with live casino streams, players need to see the action and then bet accordingly, so delays and buffering must be kept to an absolute minimum, all while keeping the quality high.

It’s no mean feat, but the technology is incredibly advanced and makes it all possible.


Use of SSL Protocols

SSL certificates are standard practice on online gaming sites. You will also see them on all retail sites and any other site that transmits user information and other sensitive details.

But you might not have paid attention to how they work.

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It works by encrypting data that is sent between a server and a client. 

When you send data to a website, such as a password, username, or any other personal information, the SSL will ensure that it is encrypted and protected. In the rare event that the information is hijacked and stolen, it will be completely useless and therefore can’t be used maliciously.

All SSL certificates are not the same. The ones used in the online gaming industry are considerably more secure than the simple certificates you’ll find on blogs and content sites.

Not only do they provide additional layers of security for the users of that site, but they also require the owners to undergo more steps and verification processes, thus vetting them and their company.


Blockchain in iGaming

In the last few years, more sites embraced blockchain technology than ever. We have accepted this technology with open arms here at GemBet. You can use several different cryptocurrencies to deposit and withdraw here.

Cryptocurrencies offer several benefits for users and operators. They are safe and create a direct link between the sender and the receiver, which means there are no middlemen and no one that can hijack the payment.

It also means that no one is standing in the middle and taking a cut of every transaction – a common problem with web wallets, bank transfers, and credit cards.

Furthermore, the blockchain is safe and secure. It offers infinite possibilities for technological progression. We’re still in the early stages of this evolution in the online gaming sector. However, it’s a matter of time before we start seeing more crypto games and transfer options.


Experience the Best New Tech with GemBet

To experience the latest online gaming technology, sign up for an account with GemBet today. We use the latest security measures to protect all players and accept payments in cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, you can explore the latest evolutions in live casino gaming by playing our popular live dealer games, all provided by top developers.

We’re as excited about these technologies as you are, and we’re constantly looking for ways to improve. As soon as new, hot tech comes along, whether it’s designed to improve customer safety or enhance the live gaming experience, you can be sure to find it on GemBet.



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