5 Top Online Baccarat Games by Evolution in Our Trusted Online Casino

by GemBet

Playing online Baccarat games is one of the most popular pastimes among Singapore players on our platform. This simple yet highly entertaining live casino game has made its way to the top thanks to its straightforward concept, dynamic gameplay, and massive payout potential. Moreover, numerous baccarat variations created over the past years by the best industry providers spiced up the whole players’ experience, making it more immersive and memorable.

Baccarat’s humble origins take us back to the 1400s in Italy, but its success story starts in 19th century France, culminating in the 1950s in Las Vegas casinos and introducing real money baccarat as the most prominent card game. Nowadays, the game’s basic rules stuck around, but its layout, features, and functionalities were revolutionized. Industry giants like Evolution Gaming are responsible for it spreading like wildfire and keeping players in our Singapore online casino hooked!

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Live Baccarat Squeeze by Evolution

If you want to thrive in Evolution’s Baccarat Squeeze, you must be familiar with the standard rules, betting options, and card values of any online baccarat game. This compelling live dealer game was launched in 2016, using the well-known concept of placing bets on the player’s or banker’s hand. Alternatively, you could bet on a tie, snatching the biggest payout if you win. Player and banker bets grant even money payouts with a 5% commission on the winning banker hand, while the tie bets pay 8 : 1. Additionally, players can place the pairs side bet, granting a 11 : 1 winnings.

This real money baccarat variant is played with eight decks and customary 52 cards, following the regular ranking system where Aces count as one, numbered cards from two to nine are valued by their pips, while the tens and the face cards bring zero points.

However, this thrilling live casino game introduces some innovations, seizing a special spot in every trusted online casino. Its most distinctive feature mirrors in the special way the cards are dealt. Instead of dealing them face up, the live dealer in this prominent variation hands the cards face down, slowly folding them on each side afterward. While this approach doesn’t affect the game’s outcome or the profits collected by the winner, it improvespromotes players’ anticipationexperience, gradually building up their expectations and making them more excited throughout the entire play. Lastly, the elegant setting packed with vibrant colors and multiple-camera angles contribute to this sensation, captivating players in a snap.

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No Commission Baccarat by Evolution

Both seasoned players and beginners know that a winning bet on the banker’s hand is the most frequent one. Still, these outcomes usually come with some commission, generally ranging around 5%. Evolution’s No Commission Baccarat eliminates this mandatory fee, except in one particular scenario when the banker scores six, leaving you with a payout equal to half of your original bet. In other words, this winning outcome comes with a 0.5 : 1 cashout.

Nevertheless, you can excel in this rundown as well thanks to the game’s unique Super 6 insurance side bet. If you place a stake on the banker’s hand and they score six, you can snatch a lofty 15 : 1 payout. Other than that, the No Commission variant offers a range of betting options, including player/banker pairs, perfect pair, and the player/banker bonus bet. Player and banker bets pay even money, while the perfect pair grants 25 : 1 payouts for two matching cards dealt to the player or banker and a colossal 200 : 1 payout for two pairs. Lastly, the player/banker bonus bet is active when a winning hand finishes the round with a natural 8 or 9, or by a 4-point difference.

The game is played with eight decks of cards and standard rules and card values apply, allowing rookies to enjoy this thrilling and lucrative pastime.

Don’t miss the opportunity to play and win with no commission, and take a tour through GemBet’s online baccarat section to try your luck with similar games by today’s brilliant providers.


XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat by Evolution

If you want to play baccarat online and easily top up your winning hand with extra cash-ins, XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat is the perfect live casino game for you. Evolution Gaming dropped this bombshell in the second half of 2023, leaving even the most seasoned players in awe and gaining a special status in the Hot Games section of our trusted online casino. This game’s packed with gorgeous graphics, thrilling bonus features, and jaw-dropping multipliers of up to 2,850,000x!

Still, it retained simplicity as its main perk. Like in all popular online baccarat variants, you can pick banker or player win as secure betting options, or place your stake on a tie, making a risky move but making room for a heftier payout. You’ll be given 15 seconds to choose a betting outcome, with a standard 52-card deck in play.

On the other hand, this real money baccarat introduces players to the Lightning Round and maximizes their total with Lightning Cards. This feature turns four to eight random cards and turns them into multiplier cards, boosting them by 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 8x, and 10x values. If you get several matching Lightning Cards, you’ll be rewarded with a maximum payout of 10,000x for betting on the player or banker win. Evolution’s latest online baccarat version has a 98.68% RTP, with a 3% commission if the banker wins, making up for a 0.97 : 1 payout for the most likely scenario.

If you were brave enough to choose the rarest betting outcome, you could walk out with the mind-blowing 2,850,000x winnings, as tie bets yield 2.85 : 1 cashouts!

Experience XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat’s unique appeal and discover more 2023 live dealer games from GemBet’s New Games section


Prosperity Tree Baccarat by Evolution

Prosperity Tree Baccarat is named after its signature bonus round, tailored by Evolution’s live casino experts to engage and award players. It borrows the idea from the original online baccarat, refreshing it with a profit-yielding multiplier variation. This hot take on the live casino classic guarantees success, adding eight random Prosperity Cards to juice up gameplay.

Like in other popular variants, this amazing game is played with eight decks of cards and features all standard Baccarat rules, card values, and betting options. You’ll have the two regular playing positions with three side bet options at your disposal – Banker or Player Pair and a Tie bet. But the game’s key benefit is that it offers payouts increased by up to 27x thanks to the multiplier cards, promising maximum winnings of 27 : 1. Winning a Tie Bet allows you to scoop a maximum of 3645 : 1, while the two Pairs Bets pay up to 90 : 1.

After the fixed 15-second betting time, the Prosperity Round starts immediately fascinating players with the Prosperity Cards falling from the AR-animated golden tree. The hypnotizing visual effects will get your motors running, but this extra feature’s rewarding nature will impress you more! The host will draw eight randomly generated Prosperity Cards from a 52-card deck, each holding 2x or 3x payout multipliers. That way, if a hand carries 2x and 3x multipliers, the total payout value would amount to 6x.

Once this round’s over, the next one starts. Participants then get ready for The Deal, a new round where the player and banker are dealt two or three cards according to their initial two cards’ value, as the basic rules of any variant suggest. At this point, all Prosperity Cards are highlighted when a matching card is dealt, announcing the multiplied profits in a celebratory fashion.

Finally, Evolution added a First Person Version to this mesmerizing game, allowing players to enjoy the RNG-based gameplay at their own tempo. The fun starts upon clicking the ‘Deal’ button, and a 3D chip stack will serve to place bets.

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Golden Wealth Baccarat by Evolution

Evolution seems to be on a mission to shower players with multipliers and lofty payouts, and Golden Wealth Baccarat testifies to it. This fresh take on the always-in-demand online baccarat upgrades the familiar gameplay, adding five Golden Cards to every round and enabling players to hit the bonanza! The game’s straightforward concept entails eight decks of cards and all the standard card values and rules, where the hand nearest to or equaling nine wins. The player and the banker hand trigger a 1 : 1 payout, with a 5% commission on the banker win, while betting on a tie pays 5 : 1.

The game’s bonus feature presents the Golden Round, where the Golden Cards carry multipliers of 2x, 3x, 5x, or 8x. This bedazzling round starts as soon as the betting time is over, including five randomly generated cards with extra value picked from the regular 52-card deck. Apart from the prospect of landing a whopping payout, this mesmerizing feature boosts the overall feel by using AR stardust, turning players’ screens into a radiant and lavishing playground. The maximum winnings for a tie bet with six Golden Cards each carrying 8x multipliers gives a 262,144x total, making this online baccarat variant exquisitely rewarding!

Additionally, you can choose to play baccarat online in the first-person RNG version, still making the most of its signature Golden Card multipliers that appear frequently and the stardust-filled magical pot. Evolution has other First Person games in store, offering players a one-of-a-kind experience complete with stunning visuals, 3D animation, and simplistic gameplay.

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Play the Best Real Money Baccarat Variants on GemBet!

Evolution managed to outshine most live casino game providers, granting tons of fun and lavish payouts by relying on cutting-edge technology and adding dazzling new features to a well-known card game. If you’re one of the countless players worldwide who list online baccarat games as their favorite pastimes, you can’t afford to miss these innovative variants available in our real money live casino!

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