Top 5 Tropical Slots of All Time

by GemBet

Get ready to don your virtual flip-flops and embark on a gaming adventure that’s hotter than a sun-soaked beach! Tropical online slots games are like a one-way ticket to paradise; you can bet we have the most popular ones just waiting for you!

These five games bring the sunshine vibes, swaying palms, and the promise of incredible wins to your screen. Whether you’re sipping a coconut cocktail or bundled up in your favorite hoodie, tropical slots whisk you away to a world where the party never stops, and the jackpots are ripe for the picking. 

And here’s the best part: while most online casinos only have several, our GemBet online casino has all the tropical slots you could ever imagine. So, why wait? 

Dive into the crystal-clear waters of fun and fortune in a reputable Malaysia online casino; these slots are calling your name, and you’d be bananas not to answer!


Keep ’em Cool (Hacksaw Gaming)

Keep ’Em Cool is a fabulous online casino slot created by the greats from Hacksaw Gaming, released on March 9, 2023, and ever since its release, online casinos have been going crazy over it.

This slot has everything you need for a suitably fun gaming experience (it’s definitely one of our most popular games), and it revolves around fruity symbols that need to be constantly cooled.

Keep ’Em Cool has five reels and five rows, and it’s important to point out that this game doesn’t have paylines, and wins are made by landing symbols in a cluster. You’ll need five or more symbols for a win, which can be connected horizontally or vertically. 

The max win for this slot is 5,000x the bet, while the default RTP is set at 96.19%, which makes it a medium-volatility game. 

Atmosphere & Graphics

Like all self-respected tropical online slots, Keep ‘Em Cool takes place on a beach and features a cute baby pig with a snorkel chilling out. There are also palm trees and swimming gear, pretty much everything you need to relax. 

Symbols & Extra Features

The lower-paying symbols include apples, bananas, oranges, and cherries, and a five-symbol win can get you from 0.1x to 0.3x the bet. Hitting 21 or more low-paying symbols awards players 400x to 800x the stake. 

The premium symbols include a plum, dragon fruit, and strawberry; five pay from 0.5x to 1x the bet, and 21 of them can get you up to 5,000x.

Keep ‘Em Cool doesn’t have a Wild but has three Scatter Symbols: the cocktail glass, blender, and picnic basket.

Here are the main extra features of this fantastic slot. Each symbol in the game can appear unfrozen, semi-frozen, or fully frozen. While unfrozen ones disappear from the reels after every win, semi-frozen and fully frozen symbols remain on the grid and can contribute to additional wins. 

The Cascades feature functions by removing the winning symbols after every win, with the exception of some fully frozen symbols that will remain on the reels. If the new setup brings a new win, the cascades will continuously repeat for the remainder of that spin. 

Also, when a Cocktail Glass lands, all of the symbols on the grid become frozen. At the same time, the Blender Scatter Symbol randomly chooses a symbol and sucks all of the symbols of that kind into it. This process continues until there are no more symbols to absorb. 

Finally, the Picnic Basket Scatter Symbol can land during the base game. Collecting three baskets in the same round will trigger between 9 and 15 Free Spins, which is the ultimate treat for fans of online casinos.


Tropicool 2 (ELK Studios)

Tropicool 2 is an awesome sequel to the original Tropicool slot, which remains one of the most popular online slots games our reputable Malaysia online casino has to offer.

This game reunites us with our bird buddies Tony Toucan and Fiona Flamingo, but this time, they’re brought another friend, none other than Elmo the Sloth.

As a fan-favorite in most online casinos, this game features a six-by-six grid, 46,656 ways to win, and a 94% highly volatile RTP. The grid itself has a regular lower region and the Cool Reel above it. To get a win, you’ll need at least 3 symbols to land on two consecutive reels, while the symbols are removed by the avalanche mechanics. 

Atmosphere & Graphics

Like the original, both slots games have a casual and inviting atmosphere. In the foreground sits a relaxing beach bar, while the iceberg in the background provides an interesting twist. The animal hosts also contribute to the positive mood and serenity of the game, making Tropicool 2 a perfect place to chill out. 

Symbols & Extra Features

Just like most online slots, Tropicool 2 also features low and high-paying symbols. Low include berries (purple, green, orange, and red), while iced-out watermelons, limes, pineapples, coconuts, and strawberries are high-paying. The Tony and Fiona symbols provide scatter pay as long as three or more same symbols are on the reels. 

One of the most important features is the Cool Reel, which has 3 rows. When the avalanche mechanic drops the feature symbols onto the main reels, this in favor activates them.

These symbols include the Wild (which substitutes all paying symbols except birds), the Locked Wild (the same as a regular Wild, but for 3 minutes straight), the Mystery (revealing the same-pay symbols at the end of a drop), and the Row Swap (replacing all other symbols on the rows except for Wilds and Elmo’s).

Another crazy feature that online casinos enthusiasts are going bonkers over is the Elmo Redrops. When Elmo pops down from the Cool Reel, he can land in either 1×1 or 1×2 size. While inactive in his 1×1 size, he can grow into 1×2 once the space opens up, beginning to replace all bird symbols with Wilds and Locked Wilds or starting to trigger Elmo Redrops. 

Finally, all pay and feature symbols can appear as 2×2 or 3×3 Big Symbols, and they pay the number of the position they cover. 


Tropical Tiki (Pragmatic Play)

GemBet online casino is proud to present Tropical Tiki, which is set in a lush exotic forest and transports fans of online casinos into a soothing jungle world of six reels and three rows in the base game, while the bonus game brings the number of rows up to five. 

With 6,400 ways to win, this online slot produces wins by landing 3 or more symbols on adjacent reels.

Tropical Tiki has three different RTPs to choose from (96.43%, 95.39%, and 94.40%), making it one of the high-volatility online slots games.

Atmosphere & Graphics

Inspired by the ancient Maori Tiki masks, the game takes place in a vibrant jungle setting with huge plants and butterflies, and the entire scenery oozes peacefulness and relaxation. 

The visual elements are very well executed, while the accompanying music adds an additional layer of serenity to the mix. 

Symbols & Extra Features

Low-paying symbols of this game are card-based and include 10, J, Q, K, and A (which pay from 0.16x to 0.28x), while the “upper echelon” symbols include brown, green, and pink fruits, which pay from 0.4x to 0.8x the bet.

Tropical Tiki also has three top symbols, which are the Tiki masks, and there are blue, green, and red ones. Getting six such symbols is worth from 1x to 2x the bet, while the golden Tiki mask is the scatter. 

As for extra features, the Winning Symbols Tumble is the first important one. After each win, the winning combination and the scatter symbol remain on the reels. If the new symbols generate a win, this causes a new tumble, and this goes on as long as new wins continue to be generated. 

Another fantastic feature is the Free Spins, which gets activated when 4 or more scatters appear at the same time. If the scatters have landed on the second, third, fourth, or fifth reel, 8 free spins are awarded. Finally, depending on how many scatters have landed, an instant win from 5x to 35x occurs.


Sloth Tumble (Relax Gaming)

GemBet online casino players, prepare to journey into uncharted gaming territory with Sloth Tumble, the brainchild of a groundbreaking collaboration between Relax Gaming and Aboutslots. 

Released on July 25, 2023 across most top online casinos, this game boasts a 6×6 reel grid that pushes the boundaries of slot excitement. A default RTP of 96.11% sets the stage for thrilling play just above the industry’s average returns. 

But here’s where it gets wild: Sloth Tumble operates at high volatility, offering a hit frequency of 23.67%. Brace yourself for the chance to bag an astonishing 100,000x your bet in jaw-dropping wins. This game is not just a slot; it’s an adventure waiting to unfold!

Atmosphere & Graphics

A tiny sloth named Chip carved out his niche in an enchanting tropical realm. While his fellow sloths reveled in playful activities, Chip was quite the exception. He found solace in simplicity, perched next to his wooden box, immersed in the melodies of his mixtape. His sanctuary was a spot beneath a tree, and under its welcoming shade, Chip spent his days spinning the reels of adventure and finding joy in the gentle sway of leaves.

Symbols & Extra Features

In the whimsical world of Chip’s slot adventure, the lower-paying symbols are geometric shapes – blue squares, green triangles, yellow rhombuses, and red stars – yet don’t be fooled. Even a modest combination of 6 such symbols can set the reels ablaze, rewarding you with a delightful 0.4x your bet. 

But here’s where the fun begins: enter the higher-paying symbols, where square-shaped grapes, juicy watermelons, tangy oranges, and succulent strawberries share the spotlight with the lovable Chip the Sloth himself. While the initial payouts might appear modest, the multipliers add a thrilling twist, making each spin a quest for hidden treasures.

The game also features a variety of extra features. In this adventure, Wild symbols are the ultimate game-changers, expanding to conquer entire reels with a 6x multiplier, although they absorb other multipliers on their landing reel. 

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. Enter the Avalanche feature, where every symbol in a winning combo vanishes, creating space for fresh symbols to cascade down. 

And those pesky Wooden Blocker symbols? They stand no chance against your wins. Just form a connection, and they’re history, clearing the way for actual symbols to fall. But here’s where the thrills peak: obliterate all the wooden blockers, and you could snag 6 to 12 Free Spins, unlocking the full grid for an unrivaled spinning spree. 


Sex on the Beach (Espresso Games)

If you’re in the mood for a sizzling and sultry tropical slot adventure, look no further than Sex on the Beach. While it may have a medium-level variance and an RTP of 93.26% (slightly below the industry average), don’t let the numbers fool you. This game is all about fun and has the potential for seriously impressive wins, which is why so many of the most popular online casinos carry it.

Atmosphere & Graphics

With its seductive theme, Sex on the Beach unfolds against sun-kissed beaches, swaying palm trees, and a tranquil sea where sailboats gracefully glide. But that’s not all. Two enchanting beach vixens stand by the reels, luring players into the game’s desirable embrace. The graphics are exquisite, and the animations and symbols accompanying winning combinations add an extra layer of allure. 

Symbols & Extra Features

In the exciting world of this slot, symbols take on a whole new level of attraction. From classic card symbols adorned in vibrant tropical shades, they are dishing out rewards for combinations of three to the sultry-themed symbols that raise the temperature with their seductive poses. 

These beach beauties payout with just a pair, and then there’s the iconic Sex on the Beach symbol, delivering wins whenever it graces the first reel. And if you thought that was hot, the cocktail Wild symbol joins the party, not only standing in for other symbols but also offering its own payout when it lands on the first reel. 

But there’s more! Online casinos fans will adore the special symbols that amp up the excitement: the 69 unlocks free spins, the alluring sexy lip serves as the Scatter, and the daring Miss Wet T-Shirt unleashes the bonus game, each adding layers of thrill to this scorching adventure.

Finally, here are the bonus features of this game. The Scatter is your ticket to a multiplier extravaganza, offering the tantalizing prospect of 100x your winnings. The multiplier magic unfolds based on the number of Scatter symbols adorning your reels:

  • Three symbols trigger a 5x multiplier.
  • Four symbols unleash a generous 25x multiplier.
  • A dazzling five symbols set the stage for the electrifying 100x multiplier.

And if that’s not enough, the 69 symbols usher in the Free Spins feature. Three of these symbols earn you five free spins, while a lineup of five symbols catapults you into a jaw-dropping 100 free spins spree.

But the pièce de résistance is the Wet T-Shirt Bonus, triggered by three or more Miss Wet T-shirt symbols. Here, you’ll find yourself faced with five enticing ladies, each waiting for a splash of water. Choose wisely; your selection reveals a multiplier that amplifies your winnings, calculated based on your initial bet. 


Play the Best Slot Games at an Online Casino Malaysia

So many people love to play online casino games, and on GemBet online casino you truly have the opportunity to play all of the most popular and well-known slots games from the top gaming providers.

If a tropical relaxing vibe is what you’re looking for, the slots we’ve carefully selected for this article will undoubtedly dazzle and entertain you, so make sure to give them a try and have loads of fun while winning big!

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