Weekly Slot Tournament

by GemBet

It’s an exciting time for GemBet players, as we recently launched our newest promotion – the Weekly Slots Tournament!

As you will learn from this blog post, this tournament is a fantastic opportunity for slot players to earn valuable cash prizes.

In a nutshell, the Weekly Slot Tournament offers players a chance to play three selected slots games each week to win Free Cash, and the prize pool of SGD 2,000 resets every week. 

The top 50 tournament players will win prizes, while the 1st prize for the week’s best player is SGD 500. It’s important to note that all prizes have a low 1x turnover requirement.

This article will cover every essential tournament aspect, including how it works, who can participate, prize details, and much more. So let’s begin!


What is the Weekly Slot Tournament

The Weekly Slot Tournament is a recurring 7-day competition that features 3 Games of the Week. The online slots games will change weekly, allowing our players to try their luck and play online casino games that are immensely entertaining.

To participate, players must bet a minimum of SGD 0.50, and each SGD 0.50 bet equals 1 point. At the end of the Weekly Tournament, the fifty top players with the highest points will receive cash prizes!

The prizes are as follows: 1st place gets SGD 500, 2nd place SGD 300, 3rd place SGD 200, 4th-5th place SGD 100, 6th-10th place SGD 50, 11th-20th place SGD 25, and 21st-50th place SGD 10. 

It’s vital to mention that only real money bets contribute to the tournament points. In contrast, bonus money bets do not contribute. 

If you collect enough points to be one of the winners, all prizes are issued once the Weekly Tournament is over. Head to the bonus section every Monday from 4 PM SGT to claim your cash reward if you’re one of the 50 winners.

Also, the Weekly Tournament is open to all Singaporean players, especially those interested in online slots games.


How to Enter the Weekly Slot Tournament

Entering the tournament is extremely simple, and here’s how to do it.

You can access the eligible tournament slots games either on the Slots page or the Weekly Slot Tournament page, where you can see the available online slots for the week. 

Once you’ve chosen the game you want to play, place bets of SGD 0.50 or more to become eligible for the tournament prizes by collecting tournament points. 

Each SGD 0.50 bet is worth 1 point, and the 50 players that amass the highest number of points will receive cash prizes. 


Why You Should Join the Tournament

Playing in the Weekly Slots Tournament offers numerous benefits, and the main ones include: 

  • A chance to win premium prizes. Participating in the tournament offers players an opportunity to collect massive cash prizes. As the prize pool of SGD 2,000 is refilled every week, your chances of being one of the 50 winners are high. 
  • An extra chance to win. Unlike traditional online slots games, collecting points by playing our selected tournament slots provides a thrilling new avenue for earning money. You can enjoy and play online casino games while competing for the top spot, which adds a layer of excitement to the overall experience.
  • Explore new games. Participating in our weekly tournament allows players to explore new gaming options. With a wide selection of games available, players can try out titles they’ve never played before. In addition to the potential for premium cash prizes, trying out new games can be a fun and exciting experience. Who knows, you may even discover a new favorite slot! Our tournament provides a platform for players to expand their horizons, and each week brings a unique opportunity to try new online slots and potentially win big.
  • An immersive gaming experience. Engaging in a competitive environment with other players while playing our premium games gives a new twist to slot gaming. Participating in these tournaments allows players to showcase their skills while getting additional excitement that would be a shame to miss out on.

Participating in the Weekly Slot Tournament brings plenty of advantages, so take a chance and see if you have what it takes to be one of the winners! 


Play Slot Games on a Trusted Online Casino Singapore

Playing at a reputable Singapore online casino offers numerous benefits, but player safety is among the most important. Our players can be confident knowing that their personal and financial information is 100% secure and that the games are absolutely fair and reliable.

The Weekly Slot Tournament is an incredible opportunity for players to potentially win substantial cash prizes. They can compete in a seven-day competition featuring three selected online casino games and a prize pool of SGD 2,000. 

This structure allows you to continuously try your luck at winning big, making the tournament a must-try experience!

To recap, the 50 top players will receive cash prizes each week, while the number 1 weekly player gets a whopping SGD 500 bonus!

Place an SGD 0.50 or higher bet to join the fun – and seize the moment and become one of the prize winners!


The promotions mentioned in this blog post are not always representative of the current offers on GemBet. Please check the Promo page for the latest promotions available in your region. Terms and conditions may change without notice. We recommend reviewing the current promotions before participating. We are not liable for actions based on this information. Contact customer support for assistance.


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