Live Casino Guide: What Is Sic Bo? [Basic Rules & Popular Variants]

by GemBet

If you enjoy thrilling table games, you’ll love this one! It originates from Asia and has a rich history. So, what is Sic Bo, and how to play it?

In short, it’s the most popular three dice game of our time. Seasoned players must have stumbled upon it before. If that’s your case, buckle up because you’re about to expand your knowledge! And if this is your first encounter with this legendary live casino treat, this comprehensive guide is all you’ll ever need to master it.

By the time you finish reading, you’ll be chomping at the bit to play Sic Bo online in our Live Casino. Let’s make the dice roll and real money spill! 


A Brief History of Sic Bo

Before getting into the basic rules and exploring a proven Sic Bo strategy or two, we’ll look back at the game’s origin story. Sic Bo (roughly translated as precious dice) is a three dice game that dates back centuries. It’s commonly known that it originated in ancient China and started spreading to the Western World in the early 20th Century. Back then, players used items like shells, rocks, or small animal bones with engraved markings to play it.

As more Asian immigrants began to move to Western civilizations, particularly to the USA, they brought along their heritage and favorite pastimes. That’s why the Sic Bo table game is the most  prominent pastime you’ll find in countless brick-and-mortar casinos in the USA, UK, and Canada.

Sic Bo is also available in top-ranked online casinos today, especially taking Southeast Asia live casino sites by storm! This timeless classic is now a staple of our Singapore online casino casino game offer, thrilling both seasoned players and beginners. 


Modern-Day Live Casino Games: Sic Bo in Today’s Casinos

Despite spreading to all continents and regions, today’s Sic Bo is still most prevalent in Asia. However, its popularity keeps growing daily because of modern online casinos. Experts and seasoned players see multiple similarities between Sic Bo and Roulette. Many think that the ancient dice game inspired newer live casino games.

Sic Bo has come a long way since its humble beginnings, producing automatic shakers and cutting-edge live tables. These modern-day features and flashy extras contribute to the traditional game’s thrill, prompting land-based casinos to move Sic Bo from the Asian Rooms onto their main venue.

Enjoy Sic Bo Online with Live Casino Dealers

Sic Bo casinos have moved into the digital world, combining the aesthetics of land-based casinos with players’ need for convenience and comfort. Sic Bo online casinos successfully mimic traditional establishments, encouraging their social component by introducing visitors to live chats and building global communities. The round-the-clock support helps players make the most of online casino games and dodge potential issues, making live casino platforms secure and lucrative.

Sic Bo online features live dealers, entertaining players through HD streams. And finally, iGaming platforms that offer live-dealer games often have numerous variants of every popular game created by the best software providers to yield more fun and profits.

If you join our Singapore online casino, you’ll enjoy all these perks and refill your balance effortlessly with generous incentives and rewards! 


Sic Bo Betting Options

Compared to some popular live casino games, Sic Bo online has fewer variants. Whichever variation you choose to play, standard betting options will apply. These are the main Sic Bo bets you must keep in mind and their respective payout odds: 

Small/Big Bet – 1:1 Payout

This bet has the lowest odds of all the Sic Bo bets. A ‘small bet’ covers an outcome of 4-10, whereas a ‘big bet’ covers 11-17.

  • Sum of 4 or 17 – 60:1 Payout
  • Sum of 5 or 16 – 30:1 Payout
  • Sum of 6 or 15 – 17:1 Payout
  • Sum of 7 or 14 – 12:1 Payout
  • Sum of 8 or 13 – 8:1 Payout
  • Sum of 9 or 12 – 6:1 Payout
  • Sum of 10 or 11 – 6:1 Payout

These bets are known as a ‘three dice total.’ Their payouts adjust based on the chances of the stated combinations. Each combination has two possible outcomes too.

  • Single Dice Bet – 1:1, 2:1, 3:1 Payout
  • Double Bet – 10:1 Payout
  • Any Triple Bet – 30:1 Payout

We’ve grouped these bets as they all focus on the same thing. You are betting that a specific number will show on one, two, or three dice. 

Specific Triple Bet – 180:1 Payout

The ‘specific triple bet’ is the most adventurous bet you can make when playing Sic Bo online in a live casino. You would try to predict all three numbers shown on the three dice. Since you have a 1:180 chance to guess the outcome, the payout potential is also massive, allowing you to aim for a 180:1 cash-out!

However, the odds of getting an even or odd number score are over 48% each, so it’s often better to play it safe as the dice roll and opt for one of these Sic Bo bets. 


Best Sic Bo Strategies: Learn How to Play Like a Pro

Finding the best Sic Bo strategy that matches your masteries, aims, and budget is paramount, bolding the fine line between scooping an astronomical cash prize and leaving empty-handed. As the game’s concept is simple and your mission is to follow as the three dice roll, guessing the ultimate score, the most tested tactics for a successful start are quite straightforward: 

  • Play the game’s demo version for free before betting real money,
  • Set your betting limit and stick to it,
  • Predetermine your bet amounts per hand. 

Apart from these basic strategies for beating this popular three dice game, you should grasp a few more advanced tactics to help you harvest more substantial games and bolster your lucky stars with hands-on live casino knowledge. 

Know the Odds and Probabilities

We’ve covered the basic Sic Bo rules, betting options, and outcomes. Still, to get headstart when the dice roll, you must dive deeper into the odds and probabilities. Big and small bets come with the highest percentage of success, while the totals promise a substantially lower chance of winning. You could go for 5 and 16, snatching a 32:1 payout but with only a 2.78% probability.

Doubles and triples yield cash-outs of up to 8:1 and 33:1, but ridiculously high house edges may prompt you to seek a betting shelter under the safe odd number total score. 

Focus on the Big and Small Bets

Playing either the big or small bets may easily give you the edge, even if you’re a seasoned pro. With a probability of up to 48.6%, these will put you up against the lowest house edge, minimizing it to 2.78%. That way, you would go for an even or odd number total, and if somehow you manage to get all three dice showing the same number, you’d be a certified live casino unicorn, as labeling these outcomes as rare would be a major understatement. 

Keep it Simple With Single and Double Bets

If you bet that the total score of the dice roll is from 4 to 10 or from 11 to 17, your chances of acing a Sic Bo game are greater. The trick with single and double bets is to keep it simple, aiming at the 1:1 payout in most cases, 2:1 for two, or 3:1 if you get the three dice total right. Granted, this method won’t skyrocket your profits in a snap, but its low house edge and steady pace will prevent you from striking out. 


The Most Popular Variants of This Live Casino Game

Now that we have covered how to play Sic Bo online and what its basic betting options entail, it’s time to explore this live casino game’s most popular variants. You’ll find three phenomenal Sic Bo variants in the best online casinos worldwide. These include releases by the top-notch iGaming providers – Evolution, Pragmatic Play, and BGaming. Explore them now and play these exciting live casino games in our reputable Singapore online casino. 

Super Sic Bo (Evolution)

Evolution Gaming is a superstar among slot and live casino game providers. So you can imagine the quality of their Super Sic Bo game before you even try it. And since this industry giant offers a live Sic Bo experience, you are up close and personal when playing this variant. While the game follows the standard Sic Bo rules, it has one key twist.

When assessing your bets, Evolution Gaming adds random multipliers between 2x and 1,000x to the board, maximizing the payout potential. If you predict the outcome, you’ll get the subsequent cash-out according to the stated multiplier. 

Mega Sic Bo (Pragmatic Play Live)

Pragmatic Play is another standout provider, launching remarkable live casino games, online slots, jackpots, and more and granting unforgettable experiences to everyone visiting online casinos. Their massive hit, Mega Sic Bo, also has unique traits and random multipliers that guarantee whopping profits!

These special features are ‘Mega Multipliers,’ and they can be as high as 1,000x, much like the alternative supplied by Evolution Gaming. You can also view the results of previous rounds while engaging in the in-game chat box if you wish.

Sic Bo Macau (BGaming)

This final variation by BGaming brings us back to a computer-generated adaptation of Sic Bo. More specifically, Sic Bo Macau isn’t a typical live casino game. Instead, its outcomes are based on RNG software.

This variant is the closest to the original Sic Bo version. The only new detail is its interface, designed to resemble classic casinos in Macau — hence the game’s name. All of the standard Sic Bo betting options apply here, and once you hit the roll button, you will know the outcome within a few seconds!

So if you enjoy fast-paced casino games, Sic Bo Macau offers a spotless RNG-based experience.


Play Sic Bo in GemBet Online Casino & Collect Massive Winnings!

If you haven’t played this popular three dice game before – now is the perfect time to roll and make a haul! The Sic Bo table game never goes out of style, entertaining players in brick-and-mortar establishments and top-ranked live casino platforms.

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