Which Team is Favored to Win the World Cup 2022?

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World cup possible winners

Who’s your pick for the 2022 World Cup? Will you take a chance on Harry Kane’s England or Mbappé’s France? Maybe you think this will be Portugal’s year to shine or that Belgium’s team of aging superstars will finally achieve a glorious victory over the rest.

For most players, critics, and bookmakers, the 2022 World Cup is all about Brazil. The competition’s most successful team is the favorite once again, getting the nod ahead of France, Argentina, and England.

So, what’s the reasoning behind this, and will 2022 be Brazil’s year?


Eras of Dominance

The last time Brazil won the World Cup was in 2002. It was a golden era for the Canarinhos, with legends like Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho, Robert Carlos, and Cafu guiding the team to glory.

2002 marked the third tournament in a row where Brazil had made the final. Their World Cup appearance in 1994 resulted in a win but was defeated in 1998’s final match.  2002 was also the end of a majestic track record for the team in yellow and blue.

But, of course, that wasn’t the first golden era or even the biggest one. After all, we’re talking about a team that made three finals in the 1950s and won two of them. It’s also a team that fielded the best player in history – Pele.


A New Golden Era?

The current Brazil team isn’t a patch on the one that won in 2002 or dominated during the 1950s, but it’s still one of the best we’ve seen in years.

Alisson is currently one of the world’s best goalkeepers. Casemiro is solid in a holding position, while Guimarães and Paquetá are unstoppable, exciting, and young forces. Richarlison is unstoppable on his good days, and a mix of pure talent and field control of Vinicius Júnior, Raphinha, and Antony will surely outweigh many matches in their favor.

And that’s before we even get to Neymar, one of the world’s best strikers, and Firmino, who has plenty of experience supplying world-class strikers.

Of course, there are holes in the team, especially its defense. Thiago Silva is brilliant, but he’s also 38, and if you take him out of the equation, it’s far from the best defense in the world.


Recent Results

Brazil finished top of its World Cup Qualifying group without losing a single game. The team also won the Copa America in 2019 and finished as the runner-up in 2021. All things considered, it’s easy to see why Brazil is leading the market on this one.


2022 World Cup Favorites

Whatever the final results, Brazil is one of the teams to watch in the 2022 Qatar World Cup. It’s also a great chance to see Neymar in action for what might be his last peak-form World Cup, as well as an opportunity to see some rising stars strut their stuff on the biggest stage of all.




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