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Are you ready for the thrilling eSports encounters? If you’re a true sports betting enthusiast, these fast-paced competitions will put a cherry on top of your usual betting session. As one thrilling tournament reached its grand finale and brought several twists and turns, the other is in full swing! One lucky bettor already made a haul wagering on the outcomes, grabbing an SGD 1,722.76 win with an SGD 38stake. Moreover, they seized two extra SGD 100 Free Cash with 1x turnover as part of a sizzling hot Win of the Week promotion! The player managed to snatch both Win of the Week titles: the Highest Win Amount and the Highest Odds Win!

Learn all about the exciting eSports events behind us, and see how an experienced bettor hit the bonanza with a total odds of 45.33. Make a risky sports bet on GemBet & aim to be the next headline maker!


Riyadh Masters: Team Liquid VS. Team Spirit

Team Spirit, a Russian eSports organization based in Serbia, has had its ups and downs but still excelled against Team Liquid in a thrilling Dota 2 matchup. They outplayed their famous opponents in Game 2 on Riyadh Masters, justifying our lucky bettor’s trust and bringing him closer to a hefty cash-in. Ultimately, Team Spirit walked out as the tournament’s champion, collecting a jaw-dropping 5 million dollar prize

The clash happened on July 30, the closing night of a well-known Saudi eSports tournament that featured 20 stellar teams from all over the world. Despite Team Liquid’s 60 pro players on board and a nearly impeccable record, their determined rival got the better of them at a crucial point for the apt bettor. 

Game 2 Winner: W2

Just like its powerful rival, Team Spirit rarely steers clear from the very top. This skillful crew ranks third in the Dota 2 worldwide table right now. However, the epic win in the Riyadh Masters secured them eternal fame. 

Team Liquid currently sits in second place in the global Dota 2 table, with three victories from the last five encounters. They played 46 matches over the past three months and carried the day in 68% of them. Right now, the only squad casting a shadow over the Sweden team’s success is GG Gaimin Gladiators, with more triumphant outcomes and a whopping $2.5M earned. 

Guessing the ultimate winner was a tough call, as both organizations showcased phenomenal results so far. Still, the bettor relied on Team Spirit’s lucky streak of four wins in a row, trusting their aptitude and placing money on their triumph with 2.02 odds in their favor. 


IEM Cologne: Natus Vincere VS. MOUZ

IEM Cologne is one of the hottest eSports contests in the world. Hosted in Lanxess Arena, this dynamic tournament started on July 26 and will reach its climax on August 6. The championship welcomes 24 pro CS:GO teams, with a dazzling $1 million prize pool waiting for the top players.

The famous German crew MOUZ challenged Natus Vincere in the first group stage series, ultimately triumphing over them. The legendary Ukrainian “born to win” squad was more experienced and packed with motivation, favored by both spectators and sports bookies. Nevertheless, MOUZ showed to be a worthy opponent, displaying new strength gathered after a remarkable 2-0 victory over Ninjas in Pyjamas that launched them to the top-16 stage! 

Match Winner: W2

MOUZ is currently ninth in the CS:GO World Ranking by ESL, with 372.4 points and 56% matchups won in the past month. Despite their recent losses to Vitality and Astralis, this crew smashed the match against Natus Vincere with 2.18 odds in their favor! 

The more successful opponent is now ranked seventh, falling from grace since May 2023. Their best rank so far was the second place they occupied in October 2022, and their average rank is the fifth spot in the ESL table. Since it was founded in Kyiv in 2009, NaVi has won one CS:GO major. 

The latest duel between these two crews was tense, and guessing the winner wasn’t easy, even for the most seasoned sports betting fans. Still, our bettor managed to nail this tough selection and get closer to the reward. 


IEM Cologne: Heroic VS. Mongolz

Heroic, a successful eSports crew from Oslo, Norway, has been sitting at the CS:GO ESL table #1 spot for almost 40 days. They recently crushed Ancient and Anubis in breathtaking showdowns, while their rivals prevailed over Vertigo and Nuke. 

Heroic defeated the Mongolz in IEM Cologne Group A upper bracket semifinals. This nail-biting victory thrilled audiences and its progression took one fortunate bettor a huge step closer to winning. The players described this match as a tough back-and-forth battle, with Mongolz missing a perfect chance to close the series out in two maps. 

Map 1 Total Rounds: Over 26.5

The trip to the Inferno erased Mongolz’s chances of crashing Heroic’s hopes, with the Map’s unfolding at 16-10 final result. Heroic has shown superior gameplay in the Mirage opener, followed by another tight yet satisfactory success in  Overpass.

While this matchup didn’t reach the maximum number of 36 rounds, it has surpassed 26 action-packed segments, just as the bettor predicted, winning another selection with 2.13 odds


IEM Cologne: ENCE eSports VS. 9INE

According to CS:GO rankings, ENCE comes in fourth, right after Heroic, Team Vitality, and last year’s defending champion FaZe Clan. The Polish team 9INE, on the other hand, sits in the twelfth position, with 292 points and a 53.6% average winning rate.

The Group A Upper Bracket Quarter Final duel between these two squads ended in ENCE’s advantage, achieving a 2 – 1 triumph after a rocky start for the favorite. 

Map 2 Rounds Handicap: Ence eSports (- 2,5)

As a largely favored team, ENCE eSports had better prospects of winning. The odds of them triumphing with a map difference of three were 1.69, as the knowledgeable bettor suggested ahead of the clash. This selection was quite easy, and sports betting fans who rely on the teams’ previous performances and official rankings could guess the outcome effortlessly. 


Riyadh Masters: Gamin Gladiators VS. Talon Esports

Gamin Gladiators is the ultimate Dota 2 champion, holding the first spot in the global table and reigning supremely with an Ensi. Score of 1845. Talon Esports, an eSports organization from the Philippines, ranks fourth, with 500 pro circuit points in the latest Riyadh Masters competition. 

Still, they overcame the seemingly invincible Gladiators in Riyadh Masters, making their way toward a spot in the top three teams in this tournament and snatching a lofty $1.7 million prize. Gamin Gladiators’ defeat cost them their sixth title in professional Dota 2 but brought the fortunate bettor a Win of the Week! 

Match Winner: W2

Talon Esports won three out of the last six games in Dreamleague S20, losing to Gamin Gladiators twice. But the tables have turned in the Riyadh Masters lower bracket semifinals, as the underdog rewrote history with 2.86 odds in favor of their victory. Unfortunately, Team Liquid crushed Talon’s dreams later, yanking the upper bracket series out of their hands. Still, their unforgettable triumph over the unbeatable Gladiators positioned them as one of the strongest contenders for good. 

The Gamin Gladiators had three majors won in 2023, with a record streak of 13 consecutive victories. Their overall winning rate is around 59%, whereas their triumphant rival has a 50% win ratio in the latest games. Talon eSports comes in fifth in the Ensiplay Dota 2 Ranking. 


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