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The International 2023 South America Qualification is one of the most popular Dota 2 tournaments, gathering stellar players from around the continent and prompting them to aim for the top while thrilling audiences. Last week, eSports fans and sports betting enthusiasts had a chance to feast their eyes on three compelling face-offs, with one lucky bettor beating the high odds and collecting a Free SGD 100 Win of the Week bonus in our trusted online casino in Singapore! 

This online betting master collected a whopping SGD 5,703 with an SGD 100 wager, winning this multiple bet with 57.03 total odds. The extra cash flew right into his hands as our brand-new Win of the Week promo rewards vast sports knowledge and risky moves!

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The International SA Qualification: Mad Kings – Lava Esports

A famous Peruvian eSports organization, Mad Kings, smashed its opponent in the latest clash on August 24. They’ve finished a Dota 2 showdown against Lava Esports with 2:1, granting fans and sports betting enthusiasts an exciting duel. This International South American Qualification matchup marked the fifth consecutive time Mad Kings have prevailed over Lava Esports in various competitions in 2023.

The triumphant squad has an ENSI rank of 34 with a 1,532 score, while Lava Esports ranks 44 in the Ensiplay Dota 2 table. Despite this Mad Kings’ success, they failed to qualify for the TI12. 

Betting Market and Selection: Correct Score (2:1)

The odds in favor of the Mad Kings were 3.38, making this selection quite difficult to win. However, as they had a history of favorable results against Lava Esports, a knowledgeable devotee had no hard time foreseeing the game’s wrap-up. 

Beating the high betting odds and finding a trustworthy Singapore sports bookie paid off on multiple levels to one fortunate bettor as Mad Kings’ victory brought him a step closer to the earnings and bonus money. 


The International SA Qualification: Qhali – Universitario Esports

Qhali, another successful Peruvian squad formerly known as South Team, carried the day in a showdown against Universitario Esports. They finished the encounter 2:1, securing a smooth win in TI 2023 South America Qualification, Lower Bracket, Round 2, exactly as the skillful sports betting fan predicted. 

While Qhali managed to demonstrate its superiority by outdoing the generally higher-up opponents, they lost a few hours later from Thunder Awaken in Round 3. Right now, the matchup’s winning team stands as #98 in the Ensiplay Dota 2 ranking with a 1,351 score, while their beaten rivals take the 69th spot with an ENSI score of 1,405 and a 50% win rate in the last ten games. 

Betting Market and Selection: Correct Score (2:1)

The recent Qhali vs. Universitario Esports mano-a-mano was undoubtedly the trickiest selection to predict. The odds of Qhali’s ultimate win were 4.7, but as they bounced back from a severely misfortunate streak, winning three of the last five games in multiple competitions, giving them the headstart was worth a shot. 

Still, the seasoned bettor showed remarkable sports betting skills, guessing the final score and walking out of our reputable online casino with hefty winnings! Despite Qhali’s lower ENSI rank and score, he relied on the teams’ recent achievements and head-to-head stats, surpassing the second obstacle toward the ultimate prize without breaking a sweat. 


The International SA Qualification: AcatSuki – Infinity Esports

AcatSuki’s unexpected 2:1 triumph over the more powerful Infinity Esports granted them the seventh victory in the last 30 days and the second prevalence since the SA Qualification’s beginning. It also rewarded one fortuitous bettor with a successful spree in our Singapore online casino. Infinity Esports sits in 59th place in the Ensiplay Dota 2 Ranking with an Ensi. Score of 1,418, displaying better results compared to their opponents, but failing to obtain an effortless win. 

The upcoming rematch is booked for September 5, giving Infinity Esports a second chance to thrill fans and online betting enthusiasts. The two South American Dota masters will clash again on September 11, 2023. 

Betting Market and Selection: Correct Score (2:1)

As most fans and sportsbooks favored Infinity Esports, the odds of AcatSuki winning were 3.59. Although these sports betting odds make it the easiest selection in this multiple bet, guessing the correct score was no picnic based on both teams’ previous results. Still, with Infinity’s 30.00 % win rate in the last ten games, a true-blue Dota 2 fan could smell AcatSuki’s ascendancy. 

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