A New Champ Gets the SGD 1,000 Win of the Week Bonus

by GemBet

Enter the electrifying world of sports betting at a reputable online casino in Singapore, where one seasoned bettor recently had a fantastic payday.

With a modest SGD 10 bet, this individual transformed thrill into gain, scooping an impressive SGD 815 winnings.

This player also secured the prestigious Win of the Week champion title, pocketing an additional SGD 1,000 for their incredible success.

The weekly competition is one of the top-notch promos of our online betting site. It celebrates the fun of risky betting by awarding SGD 1,000 for the highest-odds win on a multiple bet and SGD 500 for the highest-odds single bet.

Our champ’s strategy revolved around predicting the outcomes of six football matches from J2 League and K League 1, resulting in an exceptional total odds of 81.

This supercharged bet shows that big wins are just a step away for players who choose to play at a premium Singapore sports bookie. 


Tokyo Verdy vs JEF United Ichihara Chiba: A Goal-Filled Matchup

In a thrilling football encounter between Tokyo Verdy and JEF United Chiba, the final score of 3-2 in Verdy’s favor left online betting fans on the edge of their seats.

JEF United Chiba came out of the gate with a powerful display, thanks to their most popular player, Dudu, who quickly netted two remarkable goals in the 19th and 22nd minutes.

However, the game took a dramatic turn at the beginning of the second half when Dudu missed a penalty in the 57th minute. This unexpected turn of events offered Tokyo Verdy a much-needed opportunity to regain their footing. And retrieve it they did.

In the 79th minute, Tatsuya Hasegawa found the back of the net, igniting Verdy’s comeback. Itsuki Someno then stepped up to the plate, securing the equalizer.

The match continued to deliver intense moments, and as the clock neared its final moments, Hikaru Nakahara seized the opportunity and scored a dramatic goal in the 92nd minute.

These late-game heroics gave Verdy a well-deserved victory over their opponents, leaving betting fans of our Singapore online casino with a match to remember. 

Match Result (W1)

As the first successful match-result bet, our star bettor wagered on Tokyo Verdy’s win with a solid 2.59 odds. Considering it was a very close game, it’s safe to say that he was very fortunate. 


Zweigen Kanazawa vs Montedio Yamagata: A Lukewarm Game

In a highly anticipated clash between Zweigen Kanazawa and Montedio Yamagata, the final score of 0-1 in favor of Yamagata left spectators wanting more.

While the matchup promised excitement, it unfortunately failed to deliver a captivating showdown. Despite the commendable efforts from both sides, the sole successful attempt came in the 14th minute, courtesy of Shuto Minami, brilliantly assisted by Ten Miyagi.

From the moment Montedio Yamagata took the lead, they asserted control and dictated the tempo. Zweigen Kanazawa, despite their valiant attempts, struggled to catch up throughout the game.

Zweigen Kanazawa currently finds themselves at the bottom of the standings, yet to secure a victory this season. At the same time, Montedio Yamagata maintains a solid eighth place in the rankings.

Match Result (W2)

Betting in Montedio Yamagata’s favor, our weekly winner was lucky as the game featured a single goal in the first half. As for the odds, they were a solid 2.39


Roasso Kumamoto vs FC Machida Zelvia: An Easy Victory 

In a showdown between Roasso Kumamoto and Machida Zelvia, the final score of 0-3 was nothing short of a jaw-dropping outcome, and the extent of their domination left everyone in awe.

Despite Roasso Kumamoto maintaining 55% ball possession throughout the game, Machida Zelvia showcased aggression right from the get-go. Their first goal, courtesy of Zento Uno in the 44th minute, was a testament to their unwavering determination.

The second half followed suit, as Daigo Takahashi opened it with a phenomenal strike in the 52nd minute.

With a commanding 2-0 lead, Machida Zelvia continued their supremacy with ease, and Shimoda delivered the final blow in the 61st minute.

This victory was no surprise, as FC Machida Zelvia had triumphed over Roasso Kumamoto three times in the last six years, while the Kumamoto team had yet to secure a single victory.

Match Result (W2)

Even though the sports odds were a solid 2.06, the game was a complete blowout, and our experienced bettor didn’t have any problems securing a win in this matchup. 


Tokushima Vortis vs Jubilo Iwata: Complete Domination

In a clash between Tokushima Vortis and Jubilo Iwata, the final score of 0-3 was nothing short of sensational. The match, played on the 22nd of October 2023, had all the elements of an extraordinary contest.

Despite Tokushima’s ball possession dominance, the Iwata team emerged as the game’s true stars, executing a remarkable display that left their opponents in awe. 

Dudu set the tone early, breaking the deadlock with a brilliant goal in just the seventh minute. The thrills continued as Uehara added another fantastic goal to the tally in the 13th minute, solidifying Jubilo’s lead.

The second half brought no respite for Tokushima as Jubilo Iwata maintained their attack. Masaya Matsumoto unleashed an incredible shot in the 47th minute, increasing the lead to a formidable 3-0. With this three-goal cushion, Jubilo Iwata held steadfast, refusing to let their advantage slip away.

This victory will undoubtedly be etched in the memories of the Jubilo Iwata squad and sports betting fans alike, as it marked a historic moment for them. It was the first time they had tasted victory against Tokushima in several years. 

Match Result (W2)

Despite the fact that Jubilo Iwata hadn’t won against Tokushima in a long time, our bettor took a chance with 1.70 odds, and with four successful matches under his belt, he was getting close to completing his multi bet at our trusted online casino Singapore. 


Jeju United FC vs Suwon Bluewings: A Captivating Win

In a face-off between Jeju United and Suwon Bluewings, the final score of 2-0 was a tribute to the anticipated winner’s first-class performance, setting the stage for an impressive playoff campaign.

While Suwon Bluewings held a historical advantage with more victories in this matchup over the last six years, leading ten to eight, Jeju United emerged victorious on this occasion.

The game’s fireworks all erupted within the first half, as Kim Geon-Ung set the tone in the 4th minute with an astounding strike that stunned the goalkeeper.

Jeju United’s standout player, Yuri, left his indelible mark in the 25th minute with a brilliant finish, thanks to a fabulous assist from Gi-Hyuk. From that moment on, the team held a firm grip on the match.

Despite Suwon Bluewings creating numerous opportunities throughout the game, they faltered when capitalizing on them.

Match Result (W1)

Jeju United’s solid 2-0 win was anticipated by our weekly champion, who placed a match result bet in favor of the team. His fifth match held a substantial 1.99 odds, propelling him further towards the title. 


FC Seoul vs Gangwon FC: A Very Close Call

In a dramatic showdown between FC Seoul and Gangwon, the final score of 2-1 marked a significant turning point for FC Seoul in the relegation part of the playoff.

The match lived up to its reputation as a close contest, as stats reveal a near-even rivalry between the two teams. FC Seoul had won six games, Gangwon seven, and they’d battled to a remarkable ten draws over the past six years.

The first half of the game was lackluster in excitement, but it was a case of “saving the best for last.” The second half kicked off with a bang. The shooting extravaganza began when Seoul’s Na Sang-Ho delivered a remarkable goal in the 53rd minute, setting the stadium alight.

However, Gangwon fought back, with Vitor Gabriel producing an impressive strike in the 77th minute to level the score. When it seemed the game might end in a deadlock, FC Seoul had other plans. In a twist of fate, Dong-Won Ji netted the winning goal three minutes later.

It was a victory for FC Seoul that carried them one step closer to their playoff goals, while Gangwon fought valiantly but fell short.

Match Result (W1)

As the final game at a first-class Singapore sports bookie, this match surely produced a lot of excitement for our bettor since FC Seoul’s deciding goal happened late in the game. The 1.88-odds game was the final stroke of genius, giving him winnings of over SGD 800 and, at the same time, providing our star player with Free SGD 1,000 in bonus money!


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