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qatar 2022 best players

The World Cup is the biggest tournament in football. It’s been every player’s dream of winning since they were kids. Since it only comes once every four years, the pressure is on when this event arrives. Yet from a fan’s perspective, it’s also the tournament that guarantees to show the world’s best players in action. Whether it’s midfield, defense, goalkeepers, or strikers – the best talent from all corners of the globe will be there.

So, what does all of this mean for the Qatar 2022 World Cup? Well, it means that the top players will put their skills to the test. The goal is obviously to win the tournament, but this is an honor reserved for just one lucky team. But who are these top players, and what makes them so engaging to watch? See the list below to find out more.


Lionel Messi – Argentina’s Sensational Striker

Messi is in the latter stages of his career, much like his main rival, Cristiano Ronaldo. However, the great Argentinian is still capable of some incredible football. We are putting him under the spotlight as this could be the last World Cup he ever plays. Of course, this puts added pressure on Messi to perform his best for Argentina 

Should he play anywhere near his potential, he will almost certainly net a goal or two. Messi still has one of the best left boots in the game, if not the best. Adding to his striking abilities, his sheer creativity with the ball at his feet has transformed him into a legend. He skims past opponents like they’re not even there at times, and he is a crucial player for Argentina in Qatar 2022.


Cristiano Ronaldo – Portugal’s Star Man

If you compare Messi and Ronaldo when it comes to international football, it’s clear that Messi has a better team around him. But this hasn’t stopped Ronaldo from producing unreal national team performances. He has been the most pivotal player for Portugal over the last 15 years or so. And much like Messi, his dribbling skills can just wreak havoc with opponents on the pitch. 

Even at 37 years of age, Ronaldo’s skill and threat in front of the goal still cause nightmares for even the best defensive teams. Portugal has a somewhat easier group compared to other favorites, too. So, Ronaldo has a chance to start the tournament in style. The 2022 World Cup might also be the final one this legend plays in. Therefore, he will be eager to try and lead his country to glory for one last time.


Neymar – Brazil’s Best Goalscorer

Neymar is in fantastic form at the moment for his club, PSG. As it happens, he tends to play up-front for PSG alongside one of the other legends mentioned here – Lionel Messi. Neymar is now 30 years of age, still at the peak of his career. We expect plenty of energy and class from Neymar at the 2022 World Cup.  

We are sure he will play an important role in Brazil’s ultimate success in the competition. If Neymar carries on his current form to Qatar, we can expect plenty of goals and top-notch dribbling. However, it’s left to be seen whether Neymar can handle the expectations placed on his shoulders and stay injury-free throughout the event. 

Other than these three superstars, many more quality players will play against each other in the group stages. Plenty of matches are well worth watching – don’t forget to tune in.



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