Join the Most Unforgettable Christmas Giveaway Experience of Your Life on GemBet

by GemBet

Dear valued players, are you ready to make all your Christmas wishes come true? Brace yourselves for a merry Christmas at your favorite online casino in Singapore with our ultimate SGD 100,000/MYR 340,000 Christmas Giveaway! We’re thrilled to unveil a true Christmas Wonderland, offering you the chance to compete for increasingly huge cash prizes.

These prizes get bigger with each passing week, and during the third week, ten lucky players will walk away with massive cash rewards of SGD 2,000, or MYR 6,800.

But the festive surprises don’t end there! In the grand Final Raffle, the players of our online casino in Singapore and Malaysia are in for a treat with the opportunity to win incredible real-life prizes. Picture this: MacBooks, iPhones, iPads, and the cherry on top—three superb Rolex watches!

Yes, you read that correctly. Participating in our SGD 100,000/MYR 340,000 Christmas Giveaway offers a shot at colossal cash prizes, exclusive timepieces, and so much more. The best part? Joining is a breeze.

To participate in the giveaway, simply collect tickets by indulging in your favorite Sports, Slots, or Live Casino games. For every SGD 500/MYR 1,500 accumulated in real money turnover, you earn a raffle ticket, and there’s no limit to how many tickets you can collect.

Collecting tickets throughout each week qualifies you for three Weekly Raffle rounds where you can snag up to SGD 2,000/MYR 6,800. Plus, the tickets gathered over the entire duration of the giveaway make you eligible for the Final Raffle featuring unbelievable real-life prizes!

The more raffle tickets you collect, the more your chances of securing the greatest prizes increase. Don’t miss out on this incredible holiday opportunity—collect those tickets and make this merry Christmas the one you’ll remember for the rest of your life by playing at the best online casino in Malaysia!


Win the Best Casino Bonuses: Rolex Watches, Massive Cash Prizes, and Many More Real-Life Rewards

As we already mentioned, our Christmas Wonderland will blow you away with its fantastic online casino bonuses and prizes, giving you a perfect chance to win first-class Christmas gifts while having so much fun! You can expect three weeks filled with massive cash prizes that increase every new week. 

During this time, the players at our trusted online casino in Singapore will get the chance to collect raffle tickets during each individual week and win SGD 500 during the first raffle, SGD 1,000 in the second, and a huge prize of SGD 2,000 in the third raffle round.

On the other hand, the players of our online casino in Malaysia are also eligible to participate in this promotion, and they will have a chance to win MYR 1,700 in the first round, MYR 3,400 in the second, and MYR 6,800 in the third raffle round.

It’s important to point out that we’re giving out ten cash prizes during each Weekly Raffle round, so you’ll have numerous chances to make your Christmas wishes come to life. 

Here, you can view all three raffle rounds and their precise durations:

    • 1st Round: December 1st at 12 AM – December 8th at 5:59 PM SGT/MYT 
    • 2nd Round: December 8th at 6 PM – December 15th at 5:59 PM SGT/MYT 
    • 3rd Round: December 15th at 6 PM – December 22nd at 5:59 PM SGT/MYT
    • Real Prizes Christmas Giveaway: Dec 1st, 12 AM SGT – Dec 25th, 11:59 PM SGT (Final Raffle)

A raffle where winners are randomly selected will happen every week on our GemChat Telegram channel on Fridays at 9 PM SGT/MYT. You can keep track of how many tickets you have collected (for both the Weekly Raffles and the Final Raffle) in our Official Announcements Channel on Telegram. 

All cash prizes come with just 1x turnover requirement and will be issued on Fridays (8th, 15th, and 22nd) after the 9 PM raffle. They will be available on the Bonus page (for both Singapore and Malaysia). 

Score Incredible Real-Life Prizes During the Final Raffle of the Christmas Giveaway

Here comes the good part—let’s talk about the real-life prizes you can win! Collecting raffle tickets from December 1st to December 25th also makes you eligible for the Final Raffle, where all the best prizes will be given out to randomly selected winners.

Even though winners are 100% randomly selected, you can still boost your chances of winning by collecting more raffle tickets than other players.

We have already mentioned some of the premium rewards, but here you can see all ten real-life rewards you can score in the Final Raffle on our premium online casino in Malaysia:

  • Rolex Green Submarine
  • Rolex Datejust Oyster
  • Rolex OP Green
  • Aftershock Gaming PC
  • MacBook 14” Pro M3 Max
  • iPad 12.9” Pro
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max
  • MYR 8,500 Airlines Gift Voucher
  • PlayStation 5 Disc Edition

With incredible prizes like this, it’s very hard not to participate in the SGD 100,000/MYR 340,000 Christmas Giveaway because you have the chance to win massive cash prizes every week, and playing also gives you a shot at scoring the best Christmas prizes ever!

Additional Information About This Fantastic Promo That You Should Be Aware Of

You can collect tickets for the Final Raffle from December 1st, 12 AM SGT/MYT, until December 25th, 11:59 PM SGT/MYT. As for selecting the lucky winners, they will be drawn during the live stream on December 26th at 8 PM SGT/MYT. 

It’s important to point out that the Rolex watches cannot be exchanged for Free Cash, while all other real-life prizes can be exchanged for 90% of their value into Free Cash.

Finally, players at our online casino in Singapore can win just one real-life prize during the SGD 100,000/MYR 340,000 Christmas Giveaway, and if you become one of our winners, you will be contacted within 48 hours after the end of the live stream for the delivery of your Christmas gift.


How to Participate in the Ultimate Singapore Online Casino Promotion and Win the Best Prizes for Yourself

To have a shot at winning the SGD 100,000/MYR 340,000 Christmas Giveaway’s incredible cash and real-life prizes, all you have to do is collect raffle tickets. Even one ticket is enough to join the giveaway, but you boost your chances of winning by having more tickets than the other players. 

In order to earn a ticket, our Singaporean players need to accumulate SGD 500 in real money turnover by betting on Sports or playing with real money bets on their favorite Slots or Live Casino games. 

It’s essential to point out that there is no limit to the number of tickets you can collect, so if you want to have a real fighting chance at the best prizes of the giveaway, start playing right away and collect as many tickets as possible!

In contrast, the players of our legit online casino in Malaysia can also collect raffle tickets in the same manner; they only need to accumulate MYR 1,500 in real money turnover to earn one ticket.

How to Win Amazing Prizes for Each of the Giveaway Raffles: Everything You Need to Know

As we already covered, the first three weeks of the giveaway feature ten cash prizes at the end of each week. To win these prizes in the weekly raffles, players need to earn a raffle ticket during that specific week.

For example, if you want to join the third round of the giveaway (which begins on December 15th and ends on December 22nd), you will need to accumulate a raffle ticket during this exact time period.

Finally, all tickets that you earn by playing from December 1st to December 25th will allow you to participate in the Final Raffle, where the best ten prizes of the giveaway will be given out. The Final Raffle will take place on December 26th on our official online casino Singapore live stream via Twitch, and all the winners will be randomly selected. 


Enjoy the Perfect Christmas at a Reputable Online Casino and Make All Your Wishes Come True

The SGD 100,000/MYR 340,000 Christmas Giveaway at our legit online casino promises an extraordinary season filled with unparalleled excitement that can make all your Christmas wishes come true.

With each passing week, the stakes grow higher, and the chances to secure incredible cash prizes become more stimulating. The prospect of winning real-life gems, including MacBooks, iPhones, iPads, and luxurious watches, adds an unparalleled thrill to this excellent Christmas Wonderland.

Since collecting raffle tickets only requires having fun on your favorite Sports, Slots, or Live Casino action, take advantage of this outstanding promotion and scoop the best prizes for yourself. Whether chasing the substantial weekly cash prizes or dreaming of claiming one of the ten coveted real-life rewards in the Final Raffle, now is the time to dive into the festivities at our credible online casino in Malaysia.

Don’t miss your chance to make this merry Christmas merrier than ever—participate in the SGD 100,000/MYR 340,000 Christmas Giveaway to win the best prizes you’ve ever seen and skyrocket your holiday season to enviable heights!



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